While airports dedicated to business aviation are generally considered a great boon to private travelers, they don’t always enjoy the best of relations with their neighbors. The threat to close the Los Angeles-area Santa Monica Airport is a prime example of this dilemma, but it doesn’t have to be this way, as we found while visiting london.

Biggin Hill Airport enjoys a prime location, within easy reach the heart of the U.K. capital, and offers six-minute helicopter shuttle transfers into the city. It competes with other London area airports, including Farnborough, Luton, London City, Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow.

The airport needed the support of the local community in what is a densely populated London suburb to get permission to extend hours, and it doesn’t take that for granted. The prospect of creating more local jobs was a big factor, and that in part came from the opening of new aircraft maintenance facilities, including Bombardier’s new European service center.

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while airports dedicated to business aviation are generally considered a great boon to private travelers they don't always enjoy the best of relations with their neighbors the threat to close the Los Angeles area Santa Monica Airport is a prime example of this dilemma but it doesn't have to be this way as we found while visiting London welcome to London Biggin Hill Airport we pride ourselves on being the only business aviation Airport that's actually in London the differentiate here are big and Hill no scheduled flights we're here exclusively for corporate and private aviation what our customers are enjoy is discretion a hassle-free experience no slot restrictions our own border force facility here it's just the best way of getting into London we like to call ourselves London Biggin Hill London's fast-track gateway the airport is work closely with helicopter operator castle air to offer a rapid transfers in and out of the city landing here at Beacon Hill is the closest airport into central London so first of all you're saving a lot of time by being closer than all the other competitors but also the six minute transfer into London is the quickest by far from any other airport within London 15 minutes is sort of the maximum from farm burrows or Luton we're six minutes you're into central London straight away having landed in Neil jet saves about an hour in the car transatlantic flights make up a significant part of biggan Hills traffic and a similar helicopter shuttle between Manhattan and Teterboro Airport was recently set up to complete the link between the two major financial centres of New York and London getting permission to extend the opening hours at the airport to between 6:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. on weekdays has allowed big email to fulfill its potential it competes with other London area airports including Farnborough Luton London City Stansted Gatwick and Heathrow unlike some of our competitors you can be here at big another 6:30 in the morning when we're open and getting to London via the London heavy shuttle by 7:00 and other airports just can't offer you that facility the airport needed the support of the local community in what is a densely populated London suburb to get permission to extend ours and it doesn't take that for granted the local committees integral to everything that we do it's a key part of the future of Biggin Hill Airport we promise the local community that if we were able to extend the opening hours that the jobs would come just in the last year alone we've gone from 1,000 jobs to 1,250 and we've achieved that because as soon as the opening hours were extended organizations such as Bombardier Pilates and Textron moved straight in what we'd like to see here is that it's a place where generations of the same family can have jobs and so I'm delighted to announce that working with our local authority and with the mayor of London we've been given a grant of nearly 12 million dollars to open an aerospace college here sorry in a couple of years time we'll start growing engineers that's our commitment to the local community and if you find yourself traveling through begin help make sure to visit the heritage hammer and take a journey back to the Battle of Britain you'll find a variety of air worthy Spitfires hurricanes and more you can even take a flight in a dual cockpit Spitfire if you've enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up share it and subscribe to our channel also visit AI an online comm and check out our e-newsletters for all the latest on the aviation industry

9 thoughts on “How Biggin Hill Airport Connects Passengers to London and Gets Along with its Neighbors – AINtv

  1. Biggin Hill offers a poor service- there is no way to get to London apart from via helicopter or a 1.5 hour drive. They have an abysmal relationship with neighbours and provide relatively no jobs in comparison to the tens of thousands of homes polluted and disturbed by

  2. Biggin Hill welcomes the jets, but the one thing they no longer want to be involved in is the training of pilots. I got my PPL there, but if training at Biggin Hill hadn't been available, my PPL would never have happened – the alternative airfields were too far away from where I lived. OK, I would have been no great loss to aviation, but someone has to pilot those jets, and if training is difficult to obtain, then people are less likely to become jet pilots.

  3. They need to upgrade airport so as to handle ACJs. The chopper setting works best with these type of aircrafts which are normally used for international long distance flights. The current infra can handle max something like G450/500.

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