Join Si and Steve aka the Hovercraft History Hunters as they make truely epic discoveries which could change history. This is no exaggeration. Watch as they find a pair of Roman shoes which they take to the museum. Not only this, they find potentially Iron Age and Roman Pottery, and an 18th Century grenade! Enjoy Bonus footage of a walk around the Museum of London too!

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destroy what I'm saying so here we are hovercraft HQ just getting ready to go out take a lot of maintenance these things because you've got these scars of air inside and they tend to blow out you've got a cable going around the inside that holds them all in fact sometimes they come loose so go do a little bit of a TLC make sure to make sure she's all shipshape Bristol fashion see you on the marina [Applause] all my lover's around the hovercraft again of crafty Sehun is coming at ya who's Steve the main pilot mechanic and know-it-all basically with the whole crop or hovercraft things and today we're looking for bit of roaming out from the estuary far out and it says you can only get these places while hovercraft the Matthews treacherous people get stuck out here the only way out is by off craft you have you under to see what you can find and hopefully show some good bits these all the a deal Marlowe pop pretty cold as if you haven't been it's over here as well right so yeah a little cluster of marmalade pots to see around you look one c3 don't know where they're coming from right there straight out at the mud I'm not going to pull it out ladies chef peepee these guys proper feet round here I say for about six months to light due to the erosion that probably would have been a whole pot there what's this do now show you little bit I've just found this came burnished where would you say six months ago that would have been probably the whole pot stick it out yeah we're trying to catch them for they all right out record it all with the museum this is time team style excavation their travels lovers call this wine no wonder it is s we're going to be more gentle how to stop a finger in oh wow I mean that's lovely that's a piece of art in there really there you go two thousand years here someone touch that look like held buried treasure well necessary buried but just treasure so you'll know a lot more balls are Sadie this one's broken there look but nice little medicine ball and I'm sure there's anything written on it it's a little hip flask playing one marmalade pot central is weird what is it he with her makers mark on a big think the other months even think we're like it's a normal age are three here small example death right you know you quite far out with this jellyfish all right this is gonna be quite Roman heavy video so yeah I'm expensive we just gotta find picking for days but still amazing thing there so that been the road is washed out to sea we haven't been on this particular area for about two maybe three years and there was Rome in there before or maybe even Iron Age this stuff and I'll show you a video a few photos that stuff it found here as well just so you know why we came back it's really interesting place for the surf is getting eroded gonna get washed out somewhere out there we'll never see again so we conserving this stuff and taking a few pieces back to record and saving it before it gets washed out to sea forever that's a nice piece c-span a few good examples yes put your base of a black burnished where rim this is really cool when you watch archaeological programs and they find the smallest piece of pottery like this ya know you can definitely imagine that kind here what was said to stay be no you're not have a big piece of Roman yep love a little bit all artillery shell I mean yeah artillery uh fast : okay bullish detonated yeah cuz you got the numbers around the side there now have been primed to Darfur five ten twenty seconds and then explode and the aircraft show I believe tip maybe small around here oh my god pair of shoes well guys you find it very show you what this I thought be a base term stays demography is a special to find out shortly sighs papi you should just take that from Ryan Danny it's a whole lot the heel you just sittin right it's nice I might follow up reserved the month doesn't do a great job of preserving these things till though he won't clean them too much here moving about in fact HQ Romina cob house in the box out here oh my god – driver Balaam shoes here brightly shake what please take this is very delicate where it's been exposed huh please go straight to the museum mom's enemies hand it's alright no I'm just pretending oh yeah your hope notes that yeah you're right unbelievable that they rushed in helping you sailor fantastic wait don't just get one you get paid bring handlers who we found it's not a lot left just to kill but we have found a shoe trick sweet I'll put a yeah hope nobody's do there it's to the record I'm claiming this can I still get Rome in there cap bottle over there just are probably gonna break in extra plate pipe as well all right spot the find and zoom in slowly see ya teacup completely fuel tanks Oh in the toilet look at that and that that is about that convenience they get cope show out yeah what do you want in a hovercraft really I do just cut off with maxi commode Qi quite just well now what the heck was that useful well so here we have a little worm no bottle can read now it would men wearing is it mister Mannering life isn't it feels like a cannonball it's quite a salt wait – it feels solid I might say that I own crack open in their comfort of across HQ feels like a solid mass oh yeah interesting stay tuned when we get it home and crack it open we go Simon this is the moment of truth yes I think this is possibly a cannibal it's after I open and see what's inside like a big scotch egg and a foreigner just completely at home I've used the core of an old cannibal get that right away you should still come out ran though why'd you small saw water up in the estuary in here well I'm the temp you comes out the modern English for your show it's like the site was a cannonball but he was a cannonball oh no no no it was good it was a good night look at that yeah that was a good idea laughing everyone off that's it yeah that's what the inside of it of a grenade looks like is it right definitely you reckon yeah didn't 100% average grenade you don't throw them out before everyone it's not what the inside of you grave looks like now you don't so we've cleaned up our shots and hobnail boot and made some interesting discoveries so off to the find of the day this is one of the suspected Roman of now boots as you can see is very it's in a very poor state but we're gonna hand this into the museum this week so that I can preserve it and record it we were cleaning it a lot of the leathers just literally falling off in our hand so we think we did the right thing by saving before it got crushed by a boat or just got washed out entirely this wooden st. very long juice the amount of erosion that's happening around the area but this is just a close-up of them one of the hobnails on the individual hobnails i would have helped them prolong the life at airshows and when they were marching they could be heard all over the place marching with the hobnailed boots on I still don't know why they were too boots so close together be the mystery that one so all this to be sent off to the museum that's it so they can analyze it we've cleaned one just to see what he was like and we lift the other exactly how we found it so then they could clean that if they want me to see an analyze maybe the mud around it who knows but yeah this is the result one clean that's the base the bottom you're looking out there move it onto the Roman shards of pot this is probably Kent burnish where it's really nice examples here nice big bits and all different sizes one day we will find the complete pot so keep watching we'll keep going out there and we'll find I'm sure the whole pot you wrote now that we can say before it reaches this condition a few more bits of Roman over here I'm in red where we think again we'll pass a lot to the museum and they can decide what they want to record and keep there's some lovely pieces there but the best piece of pottery was that pot that came out unfortunately it took a bit of a bump in the hovercraft but because look how thin is it's literally like two to three millimeters thick it's so fine and delicate but this isn't Roman with we think this is Iron Age the 10:1 era so that what day it's a 350 to 500 BC that's really exciting in fact we did find we think there was Iron Age stuff we found previously around the area so that links it in really well and again we'll pass this off to the museum so they can record it and if you have a little bits that we found much more modern obviously but you saw these come up the time a fuse on a world war 2 and the aircraft show you can see the timer there so they've been set so however many seconds before it's detonated so that's quite nice and finally a little oil cap and that reads use only on recommended grade so pretty car for modern boat engine we reckon so there we go we'll let you know what the museum said and hopefully they can record it and sell some records on the pass system so eventually we'll put that in the description below when you're finally goes through their process issues when it's going to be recorded so this is the bit of paperwork you get when you hand in anything to be recorded with the Museum of London this is your receipt to put your name there and your date and your item there to shoes didn't say they were Roman or not but shits be decided in the signature and just differs yeah so this is my receipt so if they ever come back to me this is my proof now I've put them in the museum to go along with my or Martha receipts to get to keep this so and gave me a folder of all the other fines I've recorded a float to the shoes very excited about so now we'll wait and see if they come back as Roman in the meantime it's a little in a museum Bronze Age Spears and swords yeah Roman teams them there's a collection of Roman shoes they got here maybe they'll add hours to the collection there's a Roman Bowman counters gaming pieces may come up now to get on the Thames so these are Roman heavens and I believe that one there was found by chasing sandy what life these are ramen all lamps and added city famine as well not sure if it varies in this collection but they do pop the teams in science time so these Roman coins were found via fincher Street Station Waterfalls recall coins lethal partly rich in roman wall around London it's only garrison here's some good inspiration for the garnets did set them in the silver brooch is Saxon ones these are pilgrims batches use sentence findings in the terms not in as good condition another problem on i spare chain maille there and lay on this is really known I found a few of these in the tens before you know quite a bit it's more chainmail slightly smaller this iron is a nice tough any of green blazing for shortly and the sweet things able to come from I started Baker's by that also for medieval futile and we found a few of these fish traps didn't intense interesting these are 1,400 to 1,500 and they're still in there and there's any wall for its counter yours well it's not what about fines that you can pick up there's also stuff here this in city that's pretty cool and this is basket or maybe a fish fish trap it's really old weaker there and as I said you know that's but that's fallen off but everybody goes quite deep and I imagine that could even be like maybe evil possibly even earlier really made and I think one of our friends is positively recorded these fish traps for us as well shoutouts Island but a Murphy Murphy is recalled a lot these bits and bobs down here sigh Museum know about these things which is really cool say some mod locking clients medieval London is free Russia's done refuse another filth alpha disease River despite the place rubbish also fun part their makeup on the timber revetments archaeologist and Tim Sadiq faces a moat searches some tasteful short about thousands of smaller objects including toys official eight seals from the cloth badges and jewelry so these are some of things that mud locks are found in the inner Museum is a pure saw a play toy jugs so I'm really called buying is that and as a little late case loaded newly teeny tiny dose a note found near London Bridge and there was use the gambling chinder so these little bone dice were found in a pewter container they all forger than three have only high numbers three only low the rest are waiting with mercury and it's full the same way every time more more people pilgrimages this is high up on my wish list so final Thames so cool these are the better mine poreless we find fragments lows in the teens thanks ed watch him keep that bangs on the air Roman shoes cheering next time for small Ellen I know it is because I've watched YouTube with my kids click Subscribe and like and the Bell button as well Oh in the Bell barn for notifications see you next time peace out

42 thoughts on “Hovercraft History Hunters find ROMAN SHOES, 18th C GRENADE and more!

  1. I'm from New England and spent a summer in London in 1980. If I had known you could find so much in the Thames estuary, I would have been there all the time. It is archaeology without the back ache. The cache of Roman pottery together like that in one area was probably part of an ancient burial ground. That might explain the pair of shoes together as well.

  2. Hi Si…just watching ya videos again…i absolutely love them…love history….
    The things you find like roman…is it the law you have to hand them in…which i think is great for people to see…🙂🙂

  3. Hello Si 🙂 I was wondering if you sold any of the little blue poison bottles that you find mud-larking? The ones that say "Not To Be Taken" on them ? How much would it cost to ship one as far as western Canada? I think it was great that you took the Roman shoes to the museum 🙂

  4. Great video, Si! The marmalade pots are amazing – all the things one could do with them. And thanks for the tour of the Museum. I could spend days there.

  5. So, with the Roman shoes…Some soldiers were out paddling around in a boat, and the sergeant says to the private, why don't you hop out and see if you can snag us some swan's eggs for tea? And the lad jumps out of the boat, he sinks in the mud up to his calves, and never sees his shoes again.

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