Tour of my hostel in London: St. Christopher’s at the Inn – London Bridge! I stayed at the St. Christopher’s hostel in London for a week while in the UK for a conference. This is one of the best London hostels according to, and after spending seven days there, I definitely see why!

I always travel using hostels and For my stay in London, UK, I booked my accomodations at St. Christopher’s in London Bridge because of its proximity to my conference location and tourist activities (cmon, London Bridge is in the name), as well as its cool social vibe since it’s right above a traditional English pub. In this London hostel tour, I’ll share some of the great amenities that are included in your stay, as well as a few tips and fun bits (for example, if you book directly thorugh the St. Christopher’s website and not Hostelworld, you can get free breakfast included).

Cheers to St. Christopher’s at the Inn at London Bridge!

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oh my gosh double dick your real life London what's up travel friends in today's video I am taking you on a quick hostel tour around the place that I was staying out for my last six nights while I was at a conference in London now for this trip I stayed at st. Christopher's in at London Bridge Secret Service has hustles around Europe and they have several throughout London but I decided on this one because it was actually about 15 minutes away from my conference location and it's also just a very central location so the hustle zone is actually directly above a traditional English pub with just a ton of different beer selections and discounts that they offer for people who stay or who are staying at the hostage there are some drinks that you can buy two for the price of one which is pretty cool and it's also really great for a meeting it has live music every night starting at 11 p.m. which is really cool and it's also from what I've heard one of the only place actually open fairly legal to am aramis area so there's a lot of locals that actually come here and it's just I love it so much because everyone's just you know there's a guy playing his guitar and singing and people are singing along and drinking and marrying it's absolutely fantastic and to be honest I've been at this conference for about 12 hours each day between the different speakers and networking events that are happening afterwards and happy hours so I was getting back home pretty late I didn't really want to explore London too much because I was exhausted so it was really nice to just be able to go downstairs and meet people and have a good time and it's a really cool area in general just to stay out so it was really grateful for that and it's also a five minute walk away from the tube so it's really easy for doing like you know the touristy things when you booked directly through their website and not hostile world you can actually get free breakfast for your stay otherwise it's three pounds at least when I'm visiting it so definitely look online to get the best deal which I didn't do so learn from my rookie mistake your bed is also made when you arrive instead of if you check out my other video on where hostels really like why go into off hostels don't actually make your bed for you they just give you the sheets and you have to put everything on you know put on the pillowcase and put on the covers and everything so it's made which is really nice because for me it took me a basically a full day to get here from Seattle so it was really nice to just be able to get there at 1:00 p.m. drop my stuff off and get into bed and not have to make my bed it actually felt like a total luxury to just be able to lay down and take a nap when I finally got to live off school all right enough blabbering I'm gonna tickets I know so we've got the section when you walk in and it's also a far which is pretty cool and it extends all the way down there which is fantastic it's only 5:35 right now but it's already as you can tell there's aside from the breakfast or the hostel specifically there's also food because it is a pub so you can get your lunch or dinner as well makes things really easy not to not believe and there's also free luggage sort which is pretty convenient if you need to arrive early but you can't check in yet or you need to check out for your flight or your transportation and it's not until later is about that's always a fun so we're gonna go upstairs there's only one flight of stairs lovely unlike the laptop so I started which was the third flight which really sucks what you have a suitcase that you're trying to cover so only one flight of stairs here I have a six-person bedroom so that's what the bet looks like when you come in so you've already got your blankets and your pillow and all you have to do is get in bed and you don't need to make it I am up here it's got this really cool brick exterior you've got a full-length mirror which is nice for when I was picking out my outfits for the conference and then there are three bunks in this room so it's a six person shared room below each bunk there's a set of lockers for you to use just be sure to bring your own lock or I guess they have some to rent downstairs that's where I'm keeping my stuff personally cuz I take security very seriously and this is probably my favorite thing with each bed you get one of these little light strips so it's actually so you've got a light there's two USB chargers and there's outlets for both UK and European style plugs which is pretty convenient if you do not have a you case plug so this is super nice because I can charge not just my cell phone not just my portable charger not just my laptop or my camera battery but all of these things at once and use my light and it's just super convenient because you can charge multiple things out of time which is really nice when you compare it to some other hostels up my only have one or two outlets and I'm actually gonna show you the bathroom too because I feel like that's important the bathrooms are not in the room but that's okay they're shared but you get shower and toilet so there's no one in here hurry we're not invading anyone space there's a hairdryer we're just pretty cool so you don't have to bring your own toilet obviously a showers kind of funky looking makes me feel like I actually live in like a UK place and I think this is really funny because I'm actually vlogging in the bathroom right now but this is kind of interesting thing that you're there that you've got British people do is they have one faucet for cold water and wipe off it from our hot water instead of combining them so not unique to us awesome definitely unique to the UK not sure why they do it but there's that thanks for coming to the bathroom with me I hope into weird it's very intimate I feel like to take people in the bathroom right so that's the tour I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did like the video please hit that thumbs up button or leave a comment below that really helps my channel out yeah yeah it's that subscribe button for more videos like this and if you've never stayed at a hostel before or you're curious what they're like be sure to check out my what are hostels like video for some insights about what to expect y'all that good if you've never stayed at a hostel before oh my god they're so loud it really did feel like a luxury after a long time of chopper love being able to go down to water oh hey hey how you doing you need to be let up okay you just bought you such a blogger a Oh

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I am planning to visit London for the 2nd time. In my 1st time, I stayed in Air B&B apartment which was good, but being solo traveler, I spent most of the time alone which was boring for me. So I am thinking to stay in a hostel during my next visit, do you think St Christopher Inn Village is the best option in London?

  2. Thanks for the insight!

    Only critique: maybe don't shy away from shots that don't include you. If you have a tight shot (like in a bathroom) where your head is probably going to get in the way of all relevant matter, maybe just take a panoramic shot sans selfie? You don't HAVE to be in literally every second of every shot. You could take overview shots of areas, and then use the selfie/headshot format to describe them. Descriptions and impressions are great, but not when a 10 second sweeping shot could do a better job than two minutes of oral exposition.

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