One of London’s best museums is The Horniman. In this London Guide, Joolz is shown around The Horniman Museum by its curator, Poalo Viscardi. Situated in Forest Hill, South London The Horniman Museum is the perfect place for a day out with the kids.


There’s natural history, anthropology, musical instruments and aquarium and acres of gardens with a wonderful view of London.
Frederick John Horniman, was a tea trader in the 19th century and began collecting objects, specimens and artefacts ‘illustrating natural history and the arts and handicrafts of various peoples of the world’ from around 1860. He wanted to ‘bring the world to Forest Hill’ and educate and enrich the lives of the local community who didn’t have the chance or money to go travelling and see these amazing things.

He travelled to Egypt, Sri Lanka, Burma, China, Japan, Canada and the United States collecting objects. Mr Horniman’s interest as a collector was well known and many travellers approached him with specimens and curiosities.

By the end of the century, he had accumulated so much stuff that he gave up the whole house to the collections’.

His wife said ‘either the collection goes or we do’ so the family moved to Surrey Mount the grounds of which adjoined those of the former residence.

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now some people think you'll get a nosebleed if you go south of a river but in fact some of Britain's greatest treasures are here at the Horniman Museum Paulo Frederick John Horniman was a tea trader who traveled all around the world collecting amazing stuff which he kept in his house since it his wife got a bit fed up with it and he got all this stuff together and donated the whole lot to the public so they would have a free museum where they could come to learn about this massive wonderful wide world these days turned to David Attenborough but when this museum was established there was no TV it's still nice to see them up close oh it's fantastic this is the tip of the iceberg got the aye-aye down here the moon rats brilliant as well recent fronts either and Carlee drop them dock at all you'll be tricky they tell me that was wrong it's a third to as the overstuffed walrus and I think the taxidermist has probably never seen a walrus before to see these lines all around the body where they would have been rolls or fast so we've had a facelift really kind of yeah it's just pulled a bit tight it's the sort of thing that I find really interesting probably just toys that he was a magnificent specimen we've got poured million objects in Natural History alone a hyena tooth scarab beetle the mermaid that we've got in the collection really really cool object one of the largest miss question elections in Europe and ivory they're all in there what's your favorite part okay the music area really like the piano with the painting in it we have musically anthropology we have Natural History then we put the aquarium downstairs very well-respected really really cool space we love that one Museum you get different things out of it each time which is nice yeah as they grow up and we've got about 16 acres of garden this is great on a clear day like today it really is one of the best views of London you can get just glorious not just saying this become boo thank you for about 43 million years old more importantly is the first thing I acquired when I started working museum very very pleased about that best thing I got all its equipment so much

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  1. I grew up in Peckham in the sixties and often walked up to the museum. The statue of Kali & Shiva is one of my favourite exhibits. I can agree with what was said about the view, it's awesome!

  2. this museum is so amazing-wish I had heard of it before. I am determined to make my way back to England in the not too distant future. These videos are just super. Thank you so much.

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