Hey there today i talked about History of Tower of London?

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you hey there this is the groovy his story today I shall be talking about that how of London a brief history tell London was built in the later years of William the Conqueror in ye of 1066 and this was Papa norman conquests and the early years this was built as a grand palace for Richard the Lionheart Henry the third and Edward the first and the tower was used in place as a reverend crucial point of simple power and siblings and all national unity culture heritage and things that was used replaced was the armory the Treasury the malaria and roll miss and artillery but this how the complex looks like and the full Toby use and seen briefly of tower London now talk about some purposes of the console it was such a very complex crossover caused add two wars around it's very complex building the palace and a mode and that various different types of artillery but fruity 16th century century this will use the prison for such as Queens with the first and many other prisons and people being tortured and all sorts and as well through the Tudor period it or not he uses much as a palace only because those outdated and artillery by the townland has always been hauled in charity and his mouth of the world in charity society and this episode important cause of his turnigy museum and account side of the rope ace and as we're being pulled apart and the towels London is very big symbolism of the great William conquer conquest and HD now is change throughout the time World at One World War two as we made your perso 3d Middle Ages early modern period danger vironment and edge industry so it's with leap off the last thousand years of British heritage hope you enjoyed it come on particular video story check out my site fish grease under creampies perhaps subscribe to means they groove everyone

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