Highgrove House is the family residence of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, situated south west of Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England. Built in the late 18th century, Highgrove and its estate was owned by various families until it was purchased in 1980 by the Duchy of Cornwall from Maurice Macmillan. Charles remodelled the Georgian house with neo-classical additions in 1987. The duchy manages the estate and the nearby Duchy Home Farm. The house is noted for its extensive gardens which receive more than 30,000 visitors a year. The house and gardens are run according to Charles’ environmental principles, and have been the subject of several books and television programmes. Charles frequently hosts various charitable events at the house.

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  1. oh lordy if my mom wasn't already in heaven I would bring her here to this awesome breathtaking masterpiece! She was the gardener and her family she had the biggest Greenthumb ever she loved planting things she loved giving things to others to plant or going there and planting them for them and she just had a wonderful sense as well a placing them where they would look the best her name was Easter she was born on Easter in 1920 and she passed away in 2005 so I suppose she's looking down on this Garden Highgrove as I'm looking at this video that I am thoroughly thoroughly enjoying and learning so much from so enjoy it Mama you can see it anytime can't you much love to you your Royal Highness he would have gotten along well with her

  2. I love to see/hear Prince Charles in this way. I have never been fond of him at all. This helps me to see what really is inside of him. What a beautiful place and i am so happy is has opened it to share with the people.

  3. I cannot imagine the wasted financial resources and tax payers money that have gone into those gardens in a private land. Even worse, only a handful of ordinary British citizens will ever get access.

  4. There are tops on line at gardening sites for starting a small compost bucket for small gardens or houseplants. Always start with egg shells, potato and carrot peaks and tea and coffee grounds. You can add grass clippings but try not to add weeds because the compost will actually germinate the weeds and you will just be adding them to your garden.

  5. Great to see Prince Charles thinking about the plant. The local council in Australia could take a leaf out of his example with developers who just knock things down to build flats that a high rise ugly buildings all looking into one another near train stations particularly

  6. Diana hated the place and deliberately decorated it to annoy Charles. The main parlor was done in black leather furniture, glass and chrome, against solid white walls and carpet.😨 It was hideous until Milla put it right. Nothing like a good hearted ho to fix things.

  7. Congratulations Prince Charles. You have created a thing of great beauty and I pray it is a joy to you and all who have the wonder of seeing it and may your brilliant ideas continue to go from a dream to reality.Ich dien Indeed.

  8. I have always supported the Prince even though the media thought he was mad regarding organic! Now my dream is about to be realised I am going to HighGrove to look around the garden so excitedπŸ‘πŸ‘ To much to hope I’ll meet the man himself but you never know! 😊

  9. HRH reminds me of my dad, they look so much a like it is uncanny. I really enjoyed this. This shows the real Prince Charles. I've always admired and liked him, now I do even more. It was an absolute pleasure to watch this. Thank you for the upload.

  10. what a beautiful place as England should be .The pure beauty of it all brought me to tears . Prince Charles is a wonderful man and I hope he keeps going for many years with this beautiful place.

  11. Such a stunning house and garden. I recall how passionate Prince Charles was about organic gardening and I would imagine he has done a great deal to promote it. Lovely that he has opened up the grounds for public tours. I'm wondering if it is a National Trust property, or simply the Prince's private residence, or both….I'd love to see it!

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