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Looking for something a little different to see in London. I was introduced to Highgate Cemetery. Somewhere I would have never thought to visit.
Highgate Cemetery is an important cemetery that was built in Victorian times. A privately owned burial site that became the final home to many rich and famous people. Today there is still room for more bodies.
Famous people buried here include Karl Marx, Jeremy Beadle, and George Michael.

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highlight hipsters it's the day after the blog Awards and we're now heading up to Highgate Cemetery of course when in London what else you do you go to this cemetery Lucas – Cemetery so just walked up how you get hill and I walking through the park on down a hill sigh get cemetery is divided up into two passes that you side which is over there as the west side over here the west side is okay to torch we're gonna go and do now chapel bell tower because the family who are buried here the Mia's family who were the owners of the Whitechapel Bell foundry listen the family mausoleum of Serge envelope – solely because well miss Bianca was a Russian intelligence agent and he ran he decided that he had enough cards here to London very close but they look like catacombs [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well I've got a bit what I thought it's gonna be a bit of a weird day out walking around a cemetery that's been quite nice it's quite a pleasant walk there as well maintains loss like gardens and interesting things to see the guided tour and you get to see a lot of famous people through history and their graves and there is a lot of famous people in here hopefully have to capture a few graves that you'll recognize the names of and the one that stood out for me bizarrely was there Jeremy Beadle but apparently also George Michaels grave is hidden in here somewhere but anyway that's the end of our video if you enjoyed it give a thumbs up if you've ever been to Highgate Cemetery let us know and thank you very much for watching goodbye

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