Video exploring the facts why London phd are paying the congestion charge.

good morning and welcome to another video okay this video is going to be a really comprehensive video actually a lot to go through okay firstly yesterday you had a massive demonstration organized all by IWGP union with their members demonstrating outside Blackfriars road a good turnout probably over a thousand now I want to say something about this ok it is a good turnout that's no doubt about it but considering this congestion charge which this videos are about which is going to affect every single over 50,000 probably our drivers in London it's about tonight it's and it just shows what this industry is all about there is too many freeloaders drivers that just wants something for nothing they don't want to go about demonstrating for the cause that's going to affect every single one of them why do you have you said that they're very vocal on social media you know let's not get that wrong and it's not just a private hard industry it's a black cab industry they have the same problem as well if we seen last year there were none dressed demonstration twice there again a lot of the drivers didn't turn up you know they thought he was a good day to actually gone drunken and a lot more extra money than while the others try and do something for the trade and it's the same thing that's happened yesterday regarding this now let's talk about the congestion charge obviously TfL drivers were exempt from that but from 8th of April a couple of months away they'll have to pay it there's some exception to this ruling from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. which which is going to affect I suppose most of their day drivers and now drivers in certain cases as well and if their work we so want to come out there will be imposed to the 11.50 congestion charge now there is a lot of money you know let's just work around that finger first you know that's over 80 pound a week if you work seven days a week in a 350 pound a month that is you know that's a lot of money you know I feel under yearly right here that's over 4100 pound which could easily gone towards a new car you know your family the whole lot let's not kid around that's a lot of money that that's gonna go away from your pocket okay now obviously TfL want rubriz well I want everyone to be fully electric by 2025 the only exemption from now up to October 2000 2021 is another exceptional exemption right now is if you if you're fully electric firstly and if you also got a plug-in version now obviously a Toyota do a plug-in version but that will be ruled out come 2021 because they want to go fully electric by 2025 so if you in market to looking to buy a car that's going to be exempt from congestion charge the plug-in version does it but you'll only do it for a couple of years time 2021 then obviously that will be employed with the congestion charge as well on top of that you know you got the EULA's ultra low emission zone that comes in as well from 8th of April so if you own pre you know six diesel or you know for petrol you'll be liable to pay that as well so you're talking about you know 1150 then 1250 that's 24 pound a day you know that's gonna come out of your pocket that is a lot of money you know and what these guys today have been yesterday have been demonstrating towards just you know does they cancel understand that I don't I personally don't think they do you know so we'll talk a bit about that so this all stems back to when uber initially lost his licence you probably all remember that now if you listen to my videos and everything you'll always agree that I've always maintained that Weber no matter what was gonna get the license back you know no matter what the black cab were instigating at that time in my mind there's no doubt that he was gonna get lost like now so obviously what they did was he issued them with the temporary license and what that really meant issuing a temporary license was they wanted to buy time TfL were confronted kwok-wai with a new puzzle you know this is an app company that's making billions is that about to take over London in the taxes right so they just issued them with a temporary license while they could decide what to do now the thing is right then they dead and decide what to do and really meant how do we make money out of it you know and so that was the main criteria for them how do we actually make money out of them rather than everything else what the black cab were trying to say to the public about rape they start and everything you know TF all's main concern is to make money out of you BAE right so what they did then was they increased the operator's license fee now they were paying something ridiculously small before Karim of actual figures was now is a few thousand for a four years license and what they did was they bumped that up to about three million pound now that's a lot of money for the coffers but uber on the other hand was quite happy with this you know it benefited them three million was nothing really you know drop in the ocean for them and and they've also realized a lot of other bases I mean this wasn't going to be just in employed to them it's going to be employed to every other taxi basis and so you know a lot of these bases would have struggled to pay that operators licence fee and so Ament really taking our competition so when they actually came to renew the temporary license and this is where he's guessing three interesting actually uber TfL really caught up to this now and they're saying look we can make some serious amount of money and they even sidelined the main guy Tom Elmbridge and said to them said to you burr you know something bring us your leader now you know we want to talk to your CEO daraa Shahi and you know and just as a hint tell him to bring some pot of gold for us if he wants the license back now you've seen on the previous video as well how I told that how I mentioned the word when daraa Shahi went and got the license back he actually sold the soul of the drivers right now so here we are now in the office of TfL and Dora Shahi you know and Darsh telling the you know story to TfL how London can be used as a example to other cities you know with all this clean air and everything like that and this this is this is really really important to understand he suggested this was released by the Guardian newspaper as well that the private hire drivers pay congestion charge this is uber this is our company the one we work for and you could do a quick calculation if you want you know if you got 50,000 drivers in London right now and are paying 1150 a day you know that's nearly six hundred thousand pound a day and even if half of them actually came into the center zone one congestion charge area I still equate to quarter of a million pound daily for TfL so that's one thing that's suggested and but the problem here is uber told TfL because you have the actual local licensing authority you know you are the one that has to imply that charge we can't say to the drivers look you need to pack and just in charge is you as the licensing authority and obviously that money there you could use to fund other things and then obviously TfL agree to that and this is the reason you're seeing the demo now with IWW gb all at the TfL surface and not ubers office who has a lot of money and said he can obviously the mayor of London and we all know you could do with a bit of money now is gay enough problems with the life crimes and everything in London now and so all this money could actually contribute a lot to recruiting police officers and everything all for his benefit really you know for the benefit of the Lord Mayor of London so now obviously Donna Shaw is about to go out of the door and TfL obviously noticed something at the back pocket of dollar sorry and said Daraa Daraa before you live what's there hanging back of your pocket mighty have you just forgot to give us something else you know just give us a bit more you know we gained we're quite happy with you right now you know have you got anything else to offer us so dollar sign saying well we got something else you know it's a bit of a scam really and what is that well it's a project called Clean Air Fund and what we're gonna propose is that 50 ppm aisle for any drivers that takes a trip into London we're gonna keep that separate not give the money to the driver so I could buy his own car anything which would be too fair you know we're gonna tell all our punters you know let's get the punters in there and now as well while we're taking you know the drivers for a ride let's take the punters for a ride as well you know we're gonna charge them 50 P a mile for driving into London and what we'll do will you know do some consultation everything make it all look good and we call in quality we're saving it as a fund for the drivers so after three years and they could accumulate up to I think three thousand pound towards the new electric car and you know other electric related projects in incentives for London as well but here it is TfL let me tell you a lot of these drivers ain't gonna make this whatever they charge fifteen PM all accumulated over the years will be worth hundreds of millions pound few drivers will obviously scape through the net and actually claim the three thousand pound you know we'll try our best to either sack them before they get their three thousand pound and you know yourself a lot of these drivers are all part-timers so then gonna make it you know whatever is worth two after three years it's gonna be tippin's anyway especially when you're talking about your brand-new electric car you know it's a lot of money brand-new electric cars and obvious and you know yourself as well a lot of these guys who do work uber aqua entrepreneurial you know a lot of these guys will be gone by the time three years so whatever's they accumulated it's fifteen PM all we get to keep and then we'll give it to you and you can do some nice projects to do with it are you happy with that TfL and guys this is what I'm saying TfL love you bear there's no doubt about it and I've just shown you a quick illustration of why and how they love you bear so let's fish this video off now okay let's get to what the actual hidden truth of this congestion charge which has been put it on to the private hire drivers okay so we've concluded 1150 congestion charge brings in millions for TfL the EULA is at 12:15 bringing in millions again for TfL the cleaner tax at fifteen p amal bringing in again millions for TfL now this is quite a dangerous game we was playing here a lot of these charges are going to be a lot of money for a lot of drivers it's a it's a big burden a lot of expense and there might be even some casualties in this primarily people who are part-timers people are doing this on the side and I know you mask some of the Magus oh well that's probably a good thing actually get rid of all the ones that doesn't want to take this game seriously and there's a bit of truth in that actually like a boy that but there wasn't a need for this you know if you were controlled the intake of Java's combined it with the pay which needed to be adequate for this industry there wasn't even a need for people to leave this trade because they probably wouldn't have entered this trade initially so so we've discuss all this and he looks like ste FL is getting a good bargain on all of this but what is it info over here and that is the actual truth of this video the actual hidden truth of this is they want to conquer central London yes Uber's objective is to conquer central London and this is a perfect plan where TfL are so happy with the amount of money they're getting in they will just leave it open for uber to do whatever they want and Ebers hand I mean he got the likes of Vere van who are really starting to get a move on in central London they're expanding again obviously got the likes of Ola coming soon as well which will be another main contender I know some of my fellow youtubers are flying the flag for my whip I personally don't even think I will succeed probably give it a year to after he's been launched and they've been trying to launch for the last year or so and what I mean by that is when a guy when a driver actually drops in London and he's got a congestion charge is paying 1150 and he might be driving a diesel which is going to enquire another 1250 so that you know you money and when he's dropping inside London on a 15 pound fare he's actually making a loss on that job so what is he is he gonna try and do he's gonna try and recruit that and also make it worthwhile while he's in there and this is falling in for the uber trap and this is what they wanted to do this is why they are willing to give so much money to TfL when the driver goes in he's gonna stay in there do three four five jobs which he probably wouldn't have done anyway because he just doesn't want to drop work around London is too congested but now he's gone our choice he has to stay there to make it worthwhile and that is the main reason why TfL is getting a lot of money and uber will succeed very very easily you could say because they've just got the go-ahead to do anything they want thank you very much sorry about this long-winded video I'll try and make the next one a bit more shorter thanks I'll catch you guys later Bona

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  1. u uber drivers have no qualifaction 2 ferry public about ur standard of driving is questionable u threaten the london black cab trade and u think u can do without paying ur greedy mayor get real get paying or get the f k out the game and leave public 2 get real TAXIS not fly by nights

  2. Why would you protest?? Just make the riders/Customers pay the CC! Uber needs to put that fee on the top of the normal fee. If a rider wants to get to London by car pay the fucking CC or get a train! Simple

  3. Sounds like a steal to me £11.50 x 5 x 48 weeks =£2760 per year + licence fee
    New York allows drivers to ultimately buck the system and just drive a cab, but you pay for the privilege.

  4. TFL fatcats need to go to jail as the regulator has turned corrupt for the brown envelopes. Uber is basically a money laundering scam and lose 3 billion a year! I HAVE SAID IT BEFORE BUT NO UBERSLAVE WILL LOOK AT THE REALITY THAT UBER WILL CRASH IN AN IPO. Biggest worldwide scam in history to date and tfl are reaping their own corrupt benefits whilst they can….. not long to go before they go market son!Get a proper job and stop fooling yourselves!

  5. Hope you guys win your argument, the government do give a generous subsidy off of E cars, look at the Kia Niro EV etc, all subsidised by th government as it is, so does that mean a further three grand also comes off the price of a new EV as well, that’s roughly £6k off with both subsidies but with rent to buy companies that 1k to 3k comes as a deposit against the rent to buy? Good luck guys

  6. Long and short of it, drivers need to decline trips into the congestion zone. Once the public kick off about it maybe then would TFL listen. But let’s face it, that will never happen.

  7. Uber’s business model is dependent on its drivers expense that’s how it sustaining its growth by keeping drivers paying for its profit margins. Asking Uber to be in favour of its drivers is never gonna happen as there’s endless drivers willing to join so Uber has no concern to listen unless it’s the law of the land then they have no choice

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