Find out where and when you need to pay the congestion charge in London, and the best ways to pay it.

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The Congestion Charge is a daily charge for driving a vehicle in the centre of London between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. The charge was introduced in 1993 to reduce heavy traffic, encourage people to use public transport and improve air quality in the centre of the capital. It’s easy to spot when you’re entering and leaving the Charge Zone. To be certain you don’t get fined, you can pre-pay when you collect your hire car. All you need is your car registration, your licence and a payment card. If you’re staying more than a week consider AutoPay – there’s a fee to join but you get discounted rate. It’s important you don’t forget to pay – if you do you’ll get a fine which doubles if unpaid after 14 days, and goes up again if left for over 28 days. Remember the charge is your responsibility, and we have to pass on any fines plus our administration costs. The Congestion Charge in 60 seconds, brought to you by Hertz.

7 thoughts on “Hertz in 60 seconds – London – What is Congestion Charge?

  1. Nanny. State telling us our freedom of movement has been trampled on.its not about the environment, its about milking the poor out of hard earned money, to pay for privately owned companies fleet of busses. That they should pay for!after all they keep their profits from bus fairs.

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