Find out about the Congestion Charge, avoiding bus lanes, taking care on red routes and where to park.

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get the knowledge about driving in London driving is a good way to explore most of London going to the centre between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. and you'll have to pay the congestion charge to avoid this just steer clear of areas marked with the see also bus lanes are usually only open to buses taxis and bikes during working hours check the signs for times and vehicles to ensure you don't get fined take care when driving on red routes easily spotted by the red road markings as they carry over 30% of London's traffic and need to keep moving so check for signs when parking or loading and don't stop on yellow box junctions or take banned turns if you park on the street look out for paying display machines to buy a ticket to display on the cars – or windscreen to avoid a fine or clamping or download the app from ncpo UK for help finding over a hundred london car parks break the rules and you'll get a fine which doubles if unpaid after 14 days remember Hertz will take any finding of charges from your payment card plus our costs finally it's easy to get lost in London local taxi drivers can take up to 11 years to learn all of the streets Hertz never lost can help you avoid a magical mystery tour driving around London in 60 seconds brought to you by Hertz you

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