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Hellboy comes to England, where he must defeat Nimue, Merlin’s consort and the Blood Queen. But their battle will bring about the end of the world, a fate he desperately tries to turn away.

Hellboy (2019) is the new action movie starring David Harbour, Ian McShane and Milla Jovovich.

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on an island off the coast of Scotland something was summoned from the depths of hell something that would end mankind you sir thing worried about today show up you did we face every breath there is and yet you take me in hello son made me a weapon where's my fire there mr. Loeb ladies in general out there there's a fifth-century sorceress who want to bring down the curtain on London and the world great homework why do you fight for those who hates and fear you you are meant for this the ashes okay I'd appreciate a prophecy with more relatable steaks saving the world or something yeah okay come on let's get you in free stuff yeah come on let's do this be my king we belong together here in time we do but this is not gonna work you know cuz I'm a Capricorn and you're not do you recall the Osiris Club oh yeah sit down Julie now the other one the British are called Society phone in 1866 by the ranking members of the Helio pick brotherhood of rah-rah a mera once in the underworld use the glow Stalker you know like us they fight against the forces of darkness and our organizations have a long-standing relationship there are old friends of mine and they've requested your assistance with a giant problem well more flop giants you think you're going to give back to a new world water innocent people why do you fight for this who hates of fear you all I wanted was revenge until I saw you you can usher in the apocalypse out of the ashes a new Eden will emerge leave this frail that's humans behind be my kid be revered for who you really are where are we trick-or-treating or hunting Giants tradition one of the brave Huntsman who come before from the pig stickers another tradition used by giants Slayers throughout the ages with a he modern modifications of course five times as potent as an electric chair not enough to kill a giant mind you but still quite handy in subduing the creatures would you care for one that's all right I got positions a mile oh good afterward I had to I you know we're very well aware of your distaste for horns it's my honor its master of the hunt to wear the headdress mmm she's the queen of blood and the fucking good reason all right we need L boy about goddamn time to discover the hell with this have you got to be saving the world or something good eat are my job is to protect the world from Cookie Monster he will need sections of your maids bones of your enemies until shit done if you're gonna make a helped one movie you have to embrace the comic this Hellboy is based in the comic The Wild Hunt it's so exciting when you hear somebody's gonna make a movie close to my material in this dome in particular there are so many moments directly from the comic the focus is one story but bringing in enough elements that you get a look at a big health away world the fact that I get to be part of Hellboy and I sort of got to pinch myself I can't believe it he's unlike any other superhero I knew the comments very well and I love this real dark foreboding our world with these big cathedrals epic king arthur tombs in this gothic world of monsters oh yeah the comics still many people read them since they were 10 years old I'm just so excited to make something really fun everyone illustrations are phenomenal had great action and really interesting characters I was so excited to see the Blood Queen and grew GOC monster and this incredible giant fight we've had a lot of fun going back to this great comic well that Mike Mignola created we wanted to push into a deeper darker place I think it would be a very impressive spectacle somebody was summoned from the depths of hell something that would end mankind when the Sur thing didn't show up oh yes you did we fight against the forces of darkness come on kids face off Cal Poly these are our April 12 financing this cookie straight we did a lot of practical stuff one seven we wanted to use makeup and costumes as much as possible we're really lucky to have the Academy Award winning makeup artist Joel Harlow working on this movie he's a genius don't you look lovely we were going to break new ground with prosthetics and performance who doesn't want to see a good old-fashioned monster fight I like price me everything just has a more real effect to it when it's practical I can see it all the work that's been done on this movie it's sign boggling you have to see it to believe it he warned us that something was coming if there is ever an end in this forever war it will be because of you and your strong right hand where the line in the sand we fight against the forces of darkness this is the expecting a sign that says secret headquarters oh I need some ID love um are you serious made me a damn weapon I just wanted to help you become the best you [Applause] some dads get their kids Legos you saving the world or something does it do anything special yeah it smashes things real good you are mankind's best and only hope especially fighting monsters not working with you calling monster pal you looking at me recently these are just inside you

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