Health Secretary Matt Hancock visited Croydon Health Services on 20 May 2019 to officially open the borough’s £21m Emergency Department. The brand new facility is dedicated to two beloved nurses who, having sadly passed away, have inspired other generations to join the NHS (BBC London News 20.05.2019)

the government's has launched a new system which will share crucial information between the NHS and social care services it's hoped it'll better protect vulnerable children and those caught up in knife crime the health secretary unveiled the system at the official opening of a new emergency department at Croydon University Hospital earlier today Sanya Jessup reports smiles from one of the youngest patients today for the health Secretary's photo call he was at Croydon University Hospital to tour their new A&E and to roll out a new system across London aimed at protecting vulnerable children when somebody arrives in hospital with a knife injury then they're at a moment that they are receptive to support counselling to all the wider support that's needed to if they're involved in a gang to get them out of again get them out of knife crime it works by automatically alerting social services as soon as a vulnerable child turns up in A&E this emergency department opened in December costing 21 million pounds it's 30 percent bigger than their old site and designed by the doctors and nurses most emergency departments can't have a lot of windows because of privacy and dignity but where we've managed to we've dragged in as much in that natural light you can come to work in an emergency department and not know what's going on outside from the minute you walk into the minute you leave and shift can be up to 12 hours long so that's an awfully long time so we tried to give it space the department's dedicated to two former nurses has seen a foul and Audrey cross both lost their lives to cancer but have inspired others to follow in their footsteps I've been a nurse for me eight years now and I've taken it from my mum and dad both nurses and seeing how much they enjoyed it I think that's what's made me become a nurse but even this brand new department is already struggling to meet demand you have to go back and then build it again then we probably the sweetest experience treating thousands of extra patients a month after opening waiting times actually got worse the Trust says it's improving there's more to be done the numbers of patients coming to the hospital and being seen in emergency care is going up over 10 percent increase in that and obviously we've got to respond to that with staff and facilities now we've got a bigger department we now need to make sure we get the staffing to support that after three years on a temporary site staff say the new building is a joy that convince patients will benefit to Sonya Jessup BBC London News now it's a votes very few expect

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