HB9MZI, Amateur Radio Station, Giubiasco, Switzerland, JN46ME: Kenwood TS-440S, Kenwood TS790E, Force12 C-3SS 10-15-20m, Jbeam Quad 4el. 2m, Inverter V 30-40m, Log poriodic 130…1300MHz

2 thoughts on “HB9MZI Amateur Radio Station

  1. I also have the force 12 c3ss… excellent antenna i have worked all over the world on it.. have it on a 60ft tower along with a 6m beam and colinear for 2 and 70cms.. great antenna and works well.. its also very very strong.. even in a really bad winter with lots of snow it still was fine, a little droppy but there again it did have 5 inch of ice on it… lol nice video thanks for sharing it.. James de G0SEC

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