Brought to you by, this Professor Chas preview of Harry Potter Places Book One gives you a taste of the many Harry Potter Places we’ll help you visit in London and nearby London. Visit our website for free samples and extra information. Enjoy! #harrypotter #hogwarts

I hello and welcome to the professor Chas preview of Harry Potter places book 1 London and London side along operations London has 18 Harry Potter places and another 10 London said long operation sites Potter places you can quickly reach from central London visit then return to central London in the same day have you ever wanted to see the real-life place where Harry discovered the magical powers if you do will guide you through central London to the little whinging zoo in September in november 2001 the fictional little whinging zoo scenes were filmed inside the reptile house at the London Zoo the building's exterior and interior look exactly the same as what appeared on screen it's easy to imagine Dudley Dursley dumped in a snake tank close by is guy the gorilla the imposing bronze statue seen as zoo-goers fled from the enormous snake accidentally released by Harry's newfound magic the London Zoo also has a basilisk but not anything like the basileus seen in the chamber of secrets if you want to know what a real-life basileus looks like the London Zoo is the place to go once you finish your visit to the harry potter places within the zoo let us guide you to other Potter places nearby or how about some iconic London sites within a leisurely walk from the zoo or perhaps you'd rather perform a site along apparation two leaves 'don the site of the hottest harry potter tour to date warner brothers studio tour london the making of Harry Potter is a must if you're planning a trip in or around London Leavesden studios have been the site of much filmmaking but none so popular is Harry Potter many of the original costumes sets and set pieces have been preserved for the studio tour and you can experience such familiar surroundings as the Hogwarts Great Hall the Gryffindor common room the potions classroom and hag tough in addition to catching the fabulous warner brothers studio tour harry potter places book one will have you visiting platform nine and three-quarters seeking out the red phone box entrance to the ministry of magic and watching for Death Eaters while cruising along the Thames thank you for visiting my classroom today join us for the next professor Chas chat where we'll introduce you to harry potter blazes book two owls Oxford Wizarding locations and happy pottering

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