Jackson is Jimmy Brandon and the main man Daniel Rollins thank you very much Kevin let's get straight into the to team we're starting with the Greater London leopards and they may be giving up their title tonight but at least they have a chance to influence its destination and it's more importantly though for the big cats they can pick up two more valuable points in their hunt for that top war finish looking in the starting five Rashad Johnson passed a late fitness test on it literally strand right ball ankle am will start he of course made his debut in the Cup final against Sheffield and has been a major factor in their return to form this year looking to the Sheffield Sharks then and when Sheffield last won the title there form in the final month was anything but championship they can perhaps though afford only one board defeat if they want to win the ultimate prize Conlan and Myers in the back part grab most of the headlines but the likes of Johnson and corn inside tonight will be key as they look to contain the duo of Youngblood and Tim Moore one of only four guys in the league to averaged a double-double ever we're ready to go then it's the Leopards against the shot and it will be Youngblood against Johnson Youngblood wins the tip is back to parts and Rashad Johnson thought about a wooden tree and decided against it does look like to to get up three up early if he possibly [Applause] works to youngblood way outside lobbed inside to Tim more Tim more conversions with two nights but in more and the bookie say tonight that the chefs are gonna win this one drive is calling him with the three to get the shorts off the mall and old charm is calling with the steel as well onesie back to Terrell Myers home bye great and a quick quick small play by the shark sir yeah you know the Bullock Venus Florida his Burke's looking inside to Youngblood Youngblood chasers and down then gives it back to him good defensive Johnson to make it difficult being blood in the post there's Tim Moore lining up in three two more off right rebound Oh John condom with a quick beam to call Thorne back out to mayest scan to Bri the veteran in the chuckles up top for my is getting the better of Berks and the low post good boots of Johnson it was a bit low still Johnson steps through yes good interior play that box a coin out buzzes amigo let's go to step it up by the loose ball finger said the pain was one of the funnest Republican rebounders Julie any balls at once then bomb coming off the screen through the km holds up a to nine feet for a nice jump shot yeah very nice sunshine we were short Johnson's going after the steel but your minds just kept it away from the cold cold hit this room behind you TC that's what the space that's what he does so well other big man he really welcome to jump shot the last few years and now one the better three questions in the league he's an example the player maybe that's not his main asset for the add that to his arsenal shuffle the best 3-point shooting team in the league Youngberg going to work in the low post – athlete – double-double he really goes after the offensive is it more than exceptional player really really goes after and so a jump brother formidable God's hand of inside it you know we've got to give the drug courts the game go on again for three yes – or two from deep [Applause] nice little sweet place pops up let's do too much if the guy comes out I maybe go by kicks that burglary put them into the sound taco phone if we see Sheffield perfect in the first three three-point shots for tonight younger just having a word with the referee very emotional game and adds up to any birds to take control of that early the sorry and debate wish you were here more driving through the middle draws the foul and it is on scans over yesterday's the blocking foul on Petes Canterbury just no quite got the quick enough feet there to go with the big man it'll be a sideline Bolger Burks [Applause] and the foul quarter will Johnson underneath pushing foul he's having to work with the referee wasn't too sure about that one tends to have some sort of blood on me on a shirt net I'm not sure whether it's he or or another play that's bleeding it's all happy to eat that basket hey maybe holy feeling God he was deep on that one visit beautiful rainbow jump shot but he's gonna knock down but good shooters an outsider none glad again good defense in the post to pound from 16 short on that one and there is a foul on the rebound it was on brother Youngblood holding fascism every that's what those things you don't want you don't get the ref too much jargon because you might remember you see one or two players of the foul to get you is coming off the baseline found by scam to bring those Johnson they are some buyers got another dribble Lions pulls up the three will say [Applause] Johnson wanted to back out their 103 the truth partner knocking it down baby look at that stuff bang to the basket and you're looking for the first got on the court he's so quick he has so many different things that he does one of my friends the treatment there is in the pointiest are high points already [Applause] ouch Terry bouncing records look – Billy MEMS as he calls a play and they reset they slid two more to the three spot trying to give them a little bit of advantage against their maybe Peter scanner boy they haven't taken advantage over yet looking at it now it's where they go two more inside shot clock down to one he's got to go anything [Applause] he's still been sick on purpose on jobs he's if he has elections Billy Billy was before these Plains fun [Applause] saying was the cleaner still with the referee is he's pulled a time and you can see he's asking that was a clean still not a foul but he has full the time spend a lot of them talking to the referee here but now it goes back to the total he'll go down and take a listen to his time out you know what so far guys leave it in a breath all family per week with Russia yellow team please play nobody needs pressure tonight there's been no pressure I don't why with pressing the Senate looked at them we drugged eight out of anything they swing the ball up you get what you want bank but you so far get it back they come out to bring out this run you get in that time Jim is he's not happy with the aggression on the defense and if we look at the shooting five or seven seven from Sheffield is tremendous shooting but they have had good looks at it yeah we always say the code is Dean I'll never let the guy have you know two certainly three shots in a row open if he's gonna hit the first one and two at least and just make it do something different inside to Johnson celsa faked and Paul went out from poor take and had nowhere to go but foul will Johnson it's physical in there told you but the memphis pumped up his knee maybe we need to get him in the paint there there it is now going up swadden will will Johnson very smart dips and dips a shoulder gets the foul young players out there if you under the basket and other players jumpy the blocking shot you know and they're leaning towards you just jump up dip your shoulders slide to get the body contact you get a foul and hopefully in-1 once the guys in the air it's always gonna be his file that's right thank you thank coach Brandon next time you see it's a nice role on the second Eric Birds bringing it back for the leopards [Applause] folks trying to get it inside too young but they've had difficulty getting that locos passing though on that side this to get more whaling on the turnaround jump shot and it was knocked out of bounds by Terrell Myers [Applause] Johnson good packet penetration King hurts mom's trying decided he had to hit a shot that with Peter stand alone right back that's a birthday you think that look on my back this is stoppage in plays – well Myers ties up his shoelaces it'll be a Lefferts ball at the other end there is Myers just turn up these boots Sheffield's most dangerous after you've just done something great offensive they come right back at you they don't let you take pictures as we say it's always the best way when they're fed celebrating a big shot taking pictures yeah they're looking up to the big screen above us if there's a replay the replay house Cavalry's bad they're making away great pass Romberg so and it's missed underneath by Rashad Johnson trade myself amend Asst one-handed fast trademark pass before he whips it he they you know they know that the defense is not looking hey the guys got his own kick credit two jars of catching it was a bullet wasn't it it was a bullet star game last weekend Tony Lewis of all people is Tim Moore goes to the basket draws the foul of the hang time by more see that he was up there he was moving around a little gray I thought his fan of the backboard trying to dry it a little bit it's up there who's around waited to draw the foul and yet when she drew it tried to convert a three-point play couldn't get the shot to go but makes the first from the foul line [Applause] they might at Ted berry Tipperary does that for me up to nedra he goes up and has lunch and then he comes down Ted Depp Ted Barrett pretty much does everything all day there's a bit of everything sellin topical attending terrific all back on the shores and they lead by four with just over three to play here in the first quarter Bill Johnson gonna work Oh Lulu Conlon chasing him down but eventually Johnson got their first hit more often won't be from Johnson more spinning on scans we could feed to been below it gotta make that one Johnson thought about gaming inside some young blood young blood back out to Johnson nice pass Wow in the corner for three oh hey Julie Hardee's does have a nice touch the big map understand to brief or three pieces South the three the government now we wins Canterbury came in and replaced Macau do about knee injury a lot of people thought that would take away from the Sheffield they'd lost the Roman Scouts has done a great job there because he's a veteran he knows that do many things remember you know you know veterans really know how to do things better than leave themselves and they were younger and I saw you what he put a professionalism in a digital they already had to the cheese we had that tremendous game up against Manchester that menu were the penetration here Burke's goes to the buckets so good at this you know now he's added a jump shot to his game berg so you gotta respect it and there is no chance to penetrate but yeah you gotta remember to though scandal buries back in this town the governor's back in London Tim more driving through the subject the chef who fires all half of the lamb on their shorts and they've done that in that sort of memory to Macau do they think it was a all have them on it and respect for a look at that three Audi oh that's a great free Dubai quite privy on there is the edge because a big part of that team for the first half season white chevron something that's always open looked about sure one of the reasons why they've always been such a good team is but they've always been close-knit they've tried to recruit that way they build and bond where's our personality characters and the poor and they do a lot of different things to do that and that's why they they do it when the chips are down good hands from Carlo man to knock it loose that will have a lot of respect he come riding between each other there's another look bounce pass was there but Kahneman just got his hand in the passing lane back court yeah Johnson with his foot on the line where that's a lack of concentration now you should be doing now that's an obvious one get your feet planted know where you are certainly shouldn't be doing that on your own home court gauntlet round the high screen for 3-way all of butters of Hawthorne with the save trying to turn off the legs of Youngblood baby listen I finally got a rebound in there he's been he's been aching with that he's not checking it right now though the diffuse and specular vapors coming in as well buxom bound to instead we're a bank oppression to the game to quell diamond guards gonna beat each other our dead boy Baker gets a McKinney two more spinning baseline on window nice moles from ten more along the baseline [Applause] kicks it out to cool for the chickeny grounds and mckinney in the corner inside the core for now shot-clock into single figures Oh hey big boy oh say and he's the first man into double figures over louder report [Applause] now the jort like turn around our fadeaway [Applause] Depp is given some space there is faint sharp and deathless his bombs away now 52 point scored the first quarter and ain't over straight off the bench and hits a big three how about that absolutely that's his job Don he does it well he's been he has a brother who does it pretty well too I tell you about twin brother they're looking to tick it down here Sheffield mr. Windell Cawthorne Hawthorne for three that one short DEP is trying to fight for it save not of the first quarter is taught for four stunning shooting he's got 11 points here in the first quarter at the end of one it's the Greater London leopards 25 the Sheffield sharks 30 we'll be right back after this live Cup football coming up for you in the next few days here on Sky Sports on Sunday afternoon from one o'clock while Sky Sports to Manchester United take on Chelsea in the sixth round of the FA Cup Monday night Sky Sports one from seven mist accent from the fifth round of the Scottish FA Cup as green at 40 take more selfies the Greater London leprous throw the Sheffield sharks by five it looks like pod cords won't enjoy this 9 daybreak let's get back to Daniel three-point shooting is impressive by both teams but chef Zimmerman at 11 is really good shoes yeah they're both feeling welcome to point live a chef who gets six more shots than leopards and you know it's not leaving quad one open if we look at the page where the rebounds are you might see why they get some more and mind you look at the winner truck one is about the board the chef hasn't had to get me be balanced or going in right now they've been shooting the ball very well so they're on that many rebounds in the game thus far look out for the matchups of in scoring – both teams have guys who draw up the bench and score some points how come the two teams that for the second quarter Italy will Johnson against rubber Youngblood once again for the Jumbo Youngblood tips it back Institute the first quarter with the exception of corn has taken itself a brain for the slam ten more Slippery they call him and he was slippery on that play wasn't he slippery and Powell quick is that the finish is always a thunderstorm with some more more times we met they're not running we come up with three-point shots fouling the post on Robert Youngblood you were talking about Ian McKinnon in McKinney Mike Payne the two best three-point shooters in the league so far this season this is a replay here trying to get inside the guys in the paint we can't quite see really battling it but steady Baker sticking to in McKinney cousin not a great shooter he is very is finding on that show speaking of the devil Vega I'd like to know what he's shooting we're shooting 70% of the three-point line which is phenomenal at one point the season dropped to 61 J foul called underneath um we'll jump always had a good eye for for sure they knew the new development to one also owns the record nominee even though he became the only directive the longest shot ever made of records believers are to be placed there be played they're going up my sister on the Battle of the paint as I said it's gonna it's gonna make the difference tonight but on the record for longest shot ever how was their is amazing how far was it it was incredible as longer than a basketball court ten more off right I just been told it's 95 95 feet just a bit longer than the court that's right it makes the second I tried a couple – off the two high screens now he's double-teamed and he's somehow hands on to the ball before getting into window Maya's driving through the middle get the foul no sure if it was before the shot or not yes it was said the referee it'll be an endline ball [Applause] quick lob into Mike Payne smart oh great play by Terrell Myers just call the left–it to sleep Debbie's had the big pillow out on that one and just over the time Michael Payne six six and a half shooter just jumped up grabbed the boiler down shot it back deckers called for the foul as well so the three-point play you know the baby mice over there here and there doing in this game the little heads up things a little little heady things and things that you know the cunning of the game they're really really good at finding plenty of small plays already tonight Johnson knew that one was going off and went to chase it down itself came all the way out to sted Roy Baker Oh yum Blatz got a got a young fellow and I'm surprised and go back down to it Richard Wendell that young fella that's going young yeah Maya's coming back quickly stilt around – all the way off the glass a little too strong and Youngblood came up with it Baker spies a gap when he sees it filled by three shots defenders looking for boring the low post no way to go there make the pickup [Applause] against Youngblood out hi time ticking down on the left its offices Johnson pulls up for three short that not wanting these he'd gone to the bucket you know he he I think the switch on the pill take the roles to protect onto the bucket ride the pill for the jumping to get that anywhere McKinney good defense from bacon to deny and open shot now he finds it in the cornea McKinney Shore and Johnson and Wendell are having some pushes and shoves there there's a height difference but for short Johnson wasn't gonna back that down yeah and well there's a double power cord on the two players well now you know why they call him Richard window I mean he he could he can handle himself in the paint for sure Sheffield lad he doesn't he likes it nice and nice and rough down there Johnson and now window comes in the referee just telling them to cut it out let's get home for the game and you know give em some credit which one oh um he's a young fella in there just winding the veterans up believe it keeps a calm face he knows his role if he can wide jump blood and then Johnson I hit yourself to the Seawind so you know a very smart intelligent head savvy head on a young guy children football violation on Tyrell Mize the 10 seconds that are ticked off the 30-second clock I put back on as it's reset Chris Finch very quiet on the bench tonight he hasn't yet doesn't come up off the seat oh we gotta see that one again go past him and then just like I don't know and the Leopards trim it till three that's their closest they've been since the start of the game Tim more they've scored the last six points from the floor for the leopards that was a monstrous dog Johnson now going to the bench after picking up found up at three here early in the second quarter and pretty stuff we won't see in the second half now yeah but you know get an interesting thing about this game is the chess game as between Billy men's and kiss bench both of them have big players who I mean leopards have Aqualand goodbye Danya [Applause] to get on the floor tick-borne obviously audio on the floor just in case there was a confusion on that one for our art burke's is the man to replace Johnson wake up but three nobody in there but Wendell to rebound and hence he came up in it both men shaking his head probably about the one they wanted home one older the soft touch the holes of the push Baker runnin it back now he's in trouble as Conlan comes over we'll take a jump ball says that keep it simple and keep his head up because they've run hit doubling them is it yeah he's guys coming out on if you can just keep his head and find the open man if you're alright there's Brian Morgan British champion another sharpshooter guy he can really stick it to the outside Travis Conlon wins the jump ball I'm sure he doesn't win that many this season although he doesn't face too many guys and smallest a boy Baker you show up along from scam to break Tobago so mine is coming in made it a little bit more difficult than perhaps it needed to be Mya's my is under pressure from Burke's rebounds Cantabria hands and I think that's the second time he's just going in little things the little things of the game he said to bet you put around both cap we're in England's history just such a small player assistant coaching one out for England so now you can tell everybody to pass the ball sit Bourget nice pass inside to parks on Oh long on the shore miss lips in here Colin than Burke's on them running it back now still Travis Cole I think she's ever awake at the same thought on you on that College in we're building them to look up seconds he's saying that they're not calling them both ways that way I mean there's some situation game you would say now if our sometimes a bow or what have you call keep it there keep therefore whole game belly members caught a timeout let's go down and take a listen collectively couple of individual flavors are we play it so mentally mistakes all over the park mistakes on defense the snakes are often mistakes in transit who would block it out beat scandal bury that last layup for giving a ride over the threes and easy layups and turning the ball over the last three plays the four plays event rich and Wendell Gordon rubber gun good guys for one died guys we're gonna lap it if you shut out blood shut out Tim we're gonna take jump shots we're gonna get beat we have got to take advantage of every single possession all right next she was saying there was happy scans we nobody was blocking him out as he went in for that rebound second-chance points now if we look at the the stats we have here it's actually left it to have done quite well on the old second checkpoint so they got a top five rebounds yeah yeah but you know the chef won't hurt because they're shitty you know better and uh I think the most important thing he's saying is that you know they're not being spineless it's the part of the backboard they got mismatches down low with Jennifer against more I think you've been more young but against it with the window and they haven't even gone to what's going on here that's what Billy said in his time out there we've got to go into blood if he's being guarded by Richard window we'll see if they do on this trip and the further point guards have to wake up there's a tee the lady in the a gross you know that barks now for the leopards there are they all going into Youngblood now he goes to work on window and that's exactly what exactly and Billick turns to his bench and says see I told you good steel there's a first turnover of the game for the Sheffield shots 15 minutes in Brian Mooar goes baseline and suddenly it's a three-point game hey [Applause] that that you know that I think they're playing extra knows better than leopards and then they're not winning by month I mean that's what Billy was shining his time out Chris Finch's wife she said enough he's offering calling it conversation in a minute first of all we're gonna go down but listen Mike's a more precise to say to his team you move over you got more right now you still that boy you got Youngblood you got all right listen just want to take your time I don't want to get him on any ride and get on any run all right I fix your location get nothing real quick down there okay we get anything we want against them really weekend all right okay all right let's make up or down here defensively we broke it to give money easy basket with the baseline spins we can't have that [Applause] all gone that we got his points by quarter hair he had that good 11 points in the first quarter he excursion in the Secretariat just know he had the butcher he's not done I think he's gonna step up in my thought that he's not a salvage player he'll he'll step up when he needs to very unselfish play and another thing is whatever he's scarred or injured or gotta be wrapped on him Oh daddy keep playing the game he's got some Vaseline there just in between his eyes whoo bandages as well when Aaron Burt's brings it back a chance for leopards to tie or possibly gain their first lead of the ball game thus fall Youngblood had it knocked away comes back great deeds backwaters talk that away stamps inside too poor 400 and that's what I mean the little heads-up things that the easy things just backdoor the Scots are pivoting the polls look towards the basket to see what says so many guys just stop playing with the ball the car turns and just hits his man cutting underneath the basket so many big man just stop bouncing that ball and banging it back towards and that's such an unintelligent way to play the phone certainly sometimes we have to look up and see if the other players are doing down there make some boat some good free-throw shooting tonight don't like me sure last week the all-star game when there was money on the line that puts the extra pressure on but there's a lot of money there not enough let's figure – Kevin Cato earlier put some big money and I think you see a different type of all-star game 25 pounds ago they were off the last week it sparks with you should have told me I want to come down you had a cleaned it out Jim you are a good free price remember back in the day Conlon for deep yeah Travis Coleman from way out for three gets the applause of his coach and suddenly the Sharks are back up by 7 – to reply back to back Conlan's three runs makes it happen with the penetration and kick back out to Sheffield as usual not quite those from Travis Conlan in the corner Brian Moore back out to death within one three of three from deep repeated Efes tonight that is one of those guys once he makes one he'll make three on you absolutely my own nice you're okay though feed out to bang out of lead now on short rebound cool phone gotta buzz out Mike Payne window pane Oh long on the three there Burke's eventually in the corner comes up with it he's pointing to Depp is trying to get him open Oh another good pass Oh where to stay with the Youngblood the first lead since the opening score of the game and they saw him to get some noise in the house tonight they liked this move by Robert Young go up with a great team yeah my beautiful tip the stayed with it didn't give up on it you know missed it so white got it back Mya's for three yes to row Maya's [Applause] realistic on the sideline said he missed that that blocking laid one is made out for me to get my eyes open say hello phones they track now they switched you know windows out again caught on and it caught on as a smart defender he knows he can't bang with young good so he just gets his hand in there tips it out or gets him away from the basket as much as he can says play let's defend why stop and we don't want you don't let me get the ball here he is now with the ball shot clock ticking down on the left it's it's round 2 more debris as he pulls up for too short tip fish underneath levels again McCrory a with Sheffield short time led by as many as old weapon in the first period [Applause] that looks adventure look the dippers in the benches now look a chef who's been sitting down and quiet my eyes Oh broken up by Myers to great place back to back since around Myers the movie spinning his cool form to scan to hurry and he's forced to come out pain might look said it stance re going after it Youngblood with the Pope back [Applause] the Leopards Oh to my pain go back Adam mine is from way out short Hawthorne going after it pushes it all the way back to my halfway line there my has been the fencin look at the turnover count seven to one over the Sharks after laser that's in the destitution you always talk about it and you know for me a lot of players talked about you know looking fancy and having to look nice I like the exclusion I like fundamental basketball it wins championships tipped away by Travis Connelly [Applause] and it'll be okay Scheffer but they almost expect to win I mean is it leopard vs gaga few minutes go up to the fifth nothing smelly Johnny Depp fish again for three yes a big shot to see the damage here's another look Jim absolutely the Blues Brothers did so well will here's Pat bang Hetson he's always got to be a definition London damn fish for or for from the three-point line the rest of his team shooting just 25% blue 7 is the call underneath on deadly and with he's just having a chat with the referee on that pool is painted that fish too well might as well sit down for the final five seconds here is Ian McKinney jets into the ball game [Applause] oh I got a surprise coming for you we got we got we got the shootout the shootout in the end the nduna ball final next week absolutely charmingly leisurely men's who think he's gonna take to this day he's second definitely that one who are you taking works on the buzzer with a huge spin and the tremendous finish there with Eric works on that spin but it's the Sharks who lead it thank you very much Kevin it's been a bit of a heavyweight slug out here tonight they've been named big bombs going inside for the slabs as we get underway with the third a gym yeah we just blow me up for next weekend yeah probably feel the Lewes scam to worry to the low post broken up by more but scans regarding back [Applause] [Applause] Conlon Conlon inside is short on the jump shot chipped away and it'll be a leopards ball Cawthorne got the last touch and there's another little shot by coming in the paint yes that's the work through the battle going on in there they're all inside that touch light brown area that beige area nearest you called affectionately the paint lopped inside to this hit more could pass he's got 17 old already tonight miss just a couple of shots and will level at 55 Maya's mines kicked out two core thorn Belle's good call he tried to get the Hollywood on the bump away and didn't move his feet quick to make a substitution is Rashad Johnson picks up foul number four when Brian Moore will check in to replace him he has a bit the factor that get than the fact that he is effectively in this game Johnson he's been in foul trouble he spent a lot of the second quarter on three and he's picked up four or is the heavyweights here here we go traveling violation Johnson in the pose [Applause] locked into the ground to walk from behind my stands are a pulled back on with a big rebound I call phone Oh will Johnson backing in on Youngblood again this time he's too strong [Applause] Bert's to definition pulled about enough of threes yet to miss one tonight oh good look we got the big pass at Broadmoor the corner [Applause] more put it on the floor definitely oh and he's miss one at last first one he's missed from deep from death [Applause] looking simple down but now find scantily as cooling in the low post if he wants it stator goes to Myers Myers a couple of fates oh good still before penny finishing up his Conlon's stole him right back from him bit of a drought here lady go thorn loses it gets it back off PAGASA we got a school we've only had a couple of scores in three minutes yeah there's a hundred points in the first thing but as I said you know book on know when to score he knows when to put first out that the first quarter he definitely needed it and he came up with ten bullet to Eric Burks of the cut off the back of the Ring with the rebound [Applause] gone on had it not lose got it back Johnson shot second shot very scrappy yeah very snappy we left from Aquinas or stuff from the end of the second quarter to bit of scrappy this here lobbed into Terrell Myers – Hammond because he goes to the basket and Brian Morris call for the jomblo was kind of lucky to get the foul on him his there's an interested man in the house tonight memory the assistant coaches and Joseph University and Tyrell – who went to such as I was talking them before the game said this guy taught him everything he knows on the court you mean so Johnson as well chance they'll be makes it up the two night coach better to us to class young man and they've added a lot to chef Jose Sharks as well as the entire league by the present pretty decent College Hooters of university yet very decent you know that burger program that produces the burger players great fundamentals down closer duty see Tyrell – one of those fundamentally sound plays makes the free throw gives the shoulders back a three-point advantage moaning about I'm not sure if you're allowed to do that oh yeah you know I was a back there you go bring the basket down a little bit I just lost a couple I got Bob lost couple inches there well the referees didn't see it so whether it's legal or not it counts Johnson in the pose Johnson looking to spin on Youngblood for secrets down there good job going here [Applause] well mines gonna be quiet for long beautiful what a rainbow beautiful jump shot he's got another one of those bullet passes from Eric Burks and Debbie's just couldn't hang on it was that quick you know we said earlier thing about that is you gotta be able to catch it Maya shells to fake – driving through the middle dishes it to call for loose ball off Youngblood short call Billie men's Billie misses on the laughs about that well he's laughing but he's not laughing inside man on the way up to commentary booth he just looks absolutely irate there half times they go tell her about the moving screens and all the stuff that's happened out that we feel when I get the call Brian Moore call for the foul there let's see that again the column push him off that Myers pushy Lily Mims dropped his head when that call was made there is another look at Soph my used to be as much a guilty for pushing there maybe maybe Billy had a little bit of a point then don't let against done cause gonna get spurts now they switched up there Burke so no no that was a good calling Burke's knew that he had a post player on and then he's out of position really bit of trouble there's another look at it has switched up cold front always going to work on bars Geneva on the steel there's another foul on Brian Mooar footrace a bump foul and he's got another one in a hurry look at that fifteen thousand we all hide the leopards I think though what we have to do in situations like this and Billy probably tell me at the time out is whether you think that's going your way or not just play your girl you only can affect the things that you can affect that's how you play Pixar found them before he's only been on the court for ten minutes and Rashad Johnson who's also on for files only played 13 minutes so his two guys in the guard position taking up really quick fashion and he's been playing well you know two outside shooters and they need those guys out there except 25 pounds no I missed the first one go you gotta make them in a room you gotta make it old backcourt stolen away by its Canterbury still sky would expect it that dances with dark boy certainly didn't expect the door – Brian Mooar in the court of the three tipped away jumble said the referee didn't quite know who it came off yeah that was it jumbo as we call the parachute fall there his steroid bakery into the game for every perks impressively enough Billy meant leaving Brian Mooar Apple cordless fiber back he's on four fouls here with 14 and a half minutes still to play in this game ten more wins the Jumbo list and the ring [Applause] the old night bass or a gotta fire to that fish for the score certainly with this lineup that the lovers have they're looking to get it down low good backdoor though by deputy give a little different twist to the offense curls around its guests is caught for one once it's gotten a whale to do John today but steroid bait passes one you want for Mary perks there with that little zing pass into the low post absolutely that fish can't convert the three-point play core phones stumbling the managers together demeyers steady Baker one of the many many for the products that came out of God rich the basketball club Brixton boys makeup flying all around two dead fish that fish for three again love the back the ring push in the back by – well Myers to clear out robber Youngblood and the foul is called it's got the applause of everybody on the Leopards bench there there couple of sarcasm there we finally got one there's already got one is it still Saturday night sorry perch on the bench age in there but why and Johnson on the bench with four fouls you think they can leave brunch on the bench for too long too long I don't know whether maybe pulling that happy with his reforms that he's got five you know so the party prayer especially as you carrying Brian Mooar at the defensive end in the fact that he felt fooled by design areas playing defense on bikini Calma back in you know great move from Conlon he was found by Baker first and will go to line for a couple chef Joe spot toasting up Colin against the smaller steady Baker's on a goat in straight away Karma's a good poke playful regard Richard window checking back into the game for will Johnson [Applause] the struggle from the foul line here in the second half of it shepherding yeah then go kick themselves could open it up a little get until the pushin I think nothing's new spec Holton into this quarter [Applause] and then miss six now it'd be a nine-point lead if they'd made all that free price stolen away almost ten more somehow came up with it fix it keeps us a nice and strong elevation stick that beat four guys amount of tips in Windows for three now in short in that picture earlier this season mckinney Padrino good day by more was good d by both either we don't that pre-specified that fish on the fresh one of the girls points without reply great shot off the glass wasn't confirmation of that eight in the road for the incident without the cheese sorting words and listen mr. big time span to be trying to couple it with a we're going the shots come out called Courtland Courtland under pressure boots in the way out of there enough somebody's labels Collins leg [Applause] let it fall from the end scheme has changed it's a flow become very gritty hesitant Sheffield missed their last five shots they haven't been very they weren't very good shots though Jim whether there's last by this make the world they're trying to do get the foul count up so maybe it helped him in the third fourth quarter but just not going down Oh window window hold rebound sadist Anthony common thread million chewing up to block and there was a forum or he's gone now that coated on Youngblood they've quoted on Youngblood so Brian Mooar stays alive he's still in this game there's another look as common goes through who is it gets the foul I think young Hawk got in front yeah gone with the body and then very smart by Carlin they've been trying to get to the bucket and Dawson powders for the Leopards tweet be on guard and three four will Johnson at the other end of the coil s sensible if you don't hit the three makes it a while having missed three straight [Applause] and is the free-throw shooter I mean leopards 60% they have only been there five times but now that could be legitimate below today and he leads all scorers with 25 look at this shoots and misses the cousins behold he's such a quick jump before powerful guys look and there he is with the defense at the other end terrific Lucien Todd Hoffman and 25 points 7 rebounds were still in the third quarter what a great performance from Tim Moore thus far sure is [Applause] poor phone and it will be ten more of course would have been in the old star game last week we didn't see him he went home he's just having to come upon they went home hope for the all-star break to go see say his new child mr. more qualified it's great being a dad Sheffield got the ball back really just explaining things to step way back there telling steady steady on it's hard to make the move inside [Applause] I'm ticking time down the Leopards will still get an offense back though Conlon king's ransom of kill rude fake is more when flying the kidney short gets his own boards now – : and now they can take the shot if they want to Wow big shot that really Shepard to do that he's offensive rebound – OH – cool board for two and Kearney that last play there – Tyrell Mize everybody was looking for the three he's ended in to taunt or thought but the left hoods have really come back here in the third they Levi – don't go away we'll be right back after this we'll get straight into the magistrata gym and take a look at these shooting in you can see Shepard as Kevin said only 12 in that third period and their shooting took a dive with it yeah the point is not to fix our shooting and they have an advantage they have what 14 more shots at the basket from the foul line then left resonate well they're not taken advantage of you know missing some that they should have knocked down if we look at the rebounding Wow pretty strong up 39:21 yeah you know it's funny though because a lot of a lot of the second ones about Tim Moore getting his own rebound and tipping a bet sometimes myself done 24 points coming off the bench as well for the Leopards a lot of that is Peter deaf issue as 18 as we get underway here with the fool that it broke still out the game and Brian Moore still in it Rashad Johnson Eric broke the two guys who started in the backcourt not on the board at the minute Brian Moore who has four fouls is as his stead boy Baker piece Canterbury now the short to Myers on the shorts often oh oh yes damn sabrage back out to Colcord chocolate and they'll slow down while they know the way that comes deficit deficit Debbie spelled buddy won't go and he'll go to the line files on Todd : what do you make sure this leaving the two starting guards are on the fence is he walking for the to bring them in at the end for a perfect well it doesn't you know really doesn't matter who starts and doesn't who's the star right now they're playing well so stay with them I mean you know I guess if I you and I that they made a couple buggers he leave us hey you know it it matters who's hot you know different so it seems teams are teams you know coaches like to stay well who's hot and a lot of times when you're more prominent players out there you you know on the bench and your team's playing well you leave them you know and if the guys are winners over there understand [Applause] comes a point deeply that you have to bring in your shorty does that oh that guy say you'll bring the back eventually but why now everything's going okay what's the point signed up we'll keep an eye on that to see how long it is before or potato the two sauces come back on because this Jim said they're in the lead so don't need to change things at the minute great tip Johnson I think it was underneath as a matter of fact he principally you look at that big Baker and more will be taken advantage by admirers and and Carlin they're probably the most tight on defenses the inside guys will not really are stopping the men right now they are both playing good defense boring Baker Brian Mooar that is there's ten more the games leading scorer trying to get it into Youngblood and does so Youngblood over Johnson too long Depp is chasing it who did touch last referee said Myers do a good job going to the boards are visiting he's got a few this today there's another look at this I'm not sure this still come off – Lance tough to see but the left has got the ball anyway more spinning out to the other more bright more in the corner for three long rebound world Johnson they advise offensive foul is the call it's on will jumps and a moving screen and that's the core Billy ministers been looking for okay yes Billy father got his cook hey there it is there it is what happens it's it comes to leaves that's a leaner easy we always say I'd say six screens with it with your feet and get your feet that looks less like a foul found them before that on will Johnson he's the first shocked into foul traitor as Youngblood goes blue seven is before Peter death wish cold for the foul they don't get a score who soon left first you'll see those guards coming back in what's amazing we had over a hundred points in the first half and then both teams here in the second half have forgot to put the ball in the hole together it's a typical team being able to adapt to both ways to play minds with the quick release for three off the back of the Ring Tim Moore will chase it down Tim more under all sorts of pressure gets his own rebound again stand to bring out that away here's another look at it was that a foul nope not look like these on that ball Billy didn't think so though this is surprised efficient along the baseline trying to get it to Youngblood does cook beautiful ball movement [Applause] Hawthorne driving through the middle and foul Billy was looking for a travel and we'll take another look at it that was definitely a foul he got on the farm he's obstructing his path to the basket is the official line in the manual not that we use it much here come them to starting or today there are super short Johnson give the support guy credit let those guys rest now that fresh the chef no God should be a bit winded now they should take the baton to you know from Billy's point of view I trying to attack instead the short struggle from the foul line likewise Finch is getting up quality medicine Richard window resting will Johnson so you know both both coaches with a good job using appengine [Applause] there's Johnson back into the game I think we'll see you McKinney and Michael paid for this games overgrow Tetris driving baseline nice move he's doing some stuff I don't think he could do really Mya's Maya's driving baseline had it knocked away sparks his Johnson ahead of him round the back to tippi's deadlies booked by Colcord and the Leopards won the basket to count they thought that was a goaltend referee said nope that'll be just a foul there's another look at it yeah is he coming at him burst of the patented wraparound pass caught on it was close what was it close it was close to being on the ball well yeah it showed he didn't look like he found them when he was shooting maybe after he released it but you know Billy and leopards dealt with you know what they thought was you know inconsistent and little bit biasness called and now scheffel's after the same thing and and stick with and be smart [Applause] the pendulum has swung the calls we've been talking about the low score in here in the second half they made the points per quarter coming up right now in a second will happen after this offense is poor phone lines up at three that's in and out that fish Wendell saves it back out to core form ransom Meyers double is for three short Debra playing a great game do a lot of different things known for being shoe to be really getting on the board child today barks loses the handle stand to be running in back Oh another doe just the layout this time from pedes Canterbury here it is what I was talking about how low-scoring is Bing here in the second half 1612 from five old Jim after after 20s and 30s in the first half it's amazing how slow they've been scoring in this second half I think I think the beginning that some of the all-stars are think about the all-star game no thief certainly shoot him up and Olay the word of the day Matador defense it's a two-point lefferts lead that lost to Sheffield mine average of 30 points in the two league games so far this season bound for three off the mall and we rebound but by Stansberry although that was before the addition of Rashad Johnson it has to be say Conlon with Meyers coming around place line my is for three in and out there's a foul underneath pretentious applausing it don't blow the he's upset about that last shot take it down there thought he was the good one the foul was on been bound it's his fresh personal foul they comes into Kenny's and said that comes Tim more than the Leopards and steady Baker comes in the game as well with Eric birch going to take a breather yeah I think that Jeff has done a good job trying to attack the bass tonight with the coming out with the with the results they want to maybe do that and kick it a little bit down to the bomb squad the McKinney in pain there's Eric burns having the world but Billy Menzies just come out of the game forced Edward Baker Conlan fires up the three Sheffield short on that one they've struggled with that three-point shooting in the second half as well as that free throw shooting chef Neil Van Johnson lines up for three that one short rebound Richard window Billy Mims looks at Michoud Johnson and says come on let's move the ball about they're going a little bit into little individualistic foul on stead boy Baker as my eyes went through the middle hair hard to say from man I know party see and I baited up calls night there's another one of them if it comes down Lord like that don't warmly corner – spinning baseline and then coming all the way back it's a McKinney for phone call for bacteria now to Carmen Coleman rides up Oh and the rebound for the shots is gonna win this game Jamison oh not you show us can do by our seven of them is the bookies supposedly the experts settings gonna go we still haven't answered the question who's gonna win Jim I don't know at all there's no fence it again 32 three-point shots for the Sheffield shots but they really struck the window where the medal is fouled so Jimmy we're just about to tell me who you thought was gonna win this photo you guys oppressing me is like full court pressure I think I think that certainly lovelyz have momentum they can stay smiling like the shots does Esterly take it I'm gonna go to Sheffield Jim Lyman looking for the comeback is Ritchie window trims it to four he's the foul trouble which may come into effect certainly on the leopard side whole poster names there oh just will Johnson pool the other one tipped away by Robert Youngblood got up to knock it off the ring once it's hit the ring its wine Johnson to Baker belly men's calling one in his players responding to that looking to perhaps take some time off the pot-bellied by four here [Applause] definite [Applause] bacon with the short clock ticking down to ten more on the buzzer for three deaf bitch though Jonah go after it bake up step down a quart and it's your chef for a bowl a credit to Debbie's really in that paint which is not necessary his forte being a team player is doing something that's not really what he does wrong with the job tonight we've gone into that Windell going inside is in the under all sorts of pressure his mind to coral and poor form through the middle thrown away broken up and comes up with two more well the tough one and the leopard he could be ready to do manchester hyung trevor you know really you look at you talked about birds and dancing being off the focus of my will johnson and Peter scandal burn off the court for a long time two guys would make it happen book what by Cawthorne rebound again might in Lauren he's fouled and Tim more as his customary double-double already tonight 25 points 11 rebounds but a tremendous offensive rebound Chris Finch and his title chasing Sheffield shots are in danger of slipping to defeat here at the feet they can ill-afford Chris Finch is caught a timeout let's go down okay Chris Finch in there and the timeout here to me this could be a very big game in terms of the title race right here yeah it could be and it could be a big game far as the positioning as far as the top eight you know leopards if they win this damn Billy opens that up for themselves and moves up the tape a little bit we look out to lose last night but you know this this good timeout Tony what you want to do I think you go to zone press to put some pressure on their ball handlers a little bit not necessary looking all that great it's loads of time that two minutes and 18 is an eternity and out from Tim Moore what did leopards have Manchester coming up soon so they could they could they could change around this Thursday they play Manchester algae's if I saw that game up there wherever it took a Tony Hawley shot in the buzzer to win this is from both Sheffield come up with it exactly I think just to give them a purse though you know really first confidence that they can if they can win this the other odds are ten minutes and of course if they don't quite get that top four finish there's a possibility of a playoff matchup corkle for three misses there chef no ball Debra Vega diving on the floor to get it but couldn't quite keep it in bounds his popcorn – come on Lee common going strong blocked by Youngblood Travis Coleman going after it this is the one is one two two zone taps bake up under pressure gets it to Johnson Johnson double-team to defin but they don't want to do here is give any left foot borrow give any powers away leopards trying to play keep-away they lead by two with a minute and a half to go [Applause] shot clock down to six bacon four three misses with a push big big push off they got to be bound Tim more going back riding on the way to more some miss Johnson he misses rebound Myers are back on the Sharks I'm minute of the show on disciplines of tie or possibly take the lead as we're inside the final money – from day to take the lead oh there's an elevator out there did he get up Chris Finch is not looking very happy he's been very stoic today anyway very unchristian slightly very animated guy just looking up at the scoreboard above us and he sees his team trailing by two with 49 seconds to go there's the three from Myers look I'm wow he was up there Billy Billy Billy's over there bartering I think brother Billy's been asking for a service really looks like the Amana had a Middle East market Eric Waddell dissing call SOT Eric Cartman there's so much joseph has some blood on his face or something and they've got to make yourself for that raise I it'll be two starts the teams on the penalty the bus comes in for Johnson ten more will go to the foul line for two missed lasted and you what you're complaining about you everyone was saying well should you know should that they have left either Billy left the guards I was so long but you know is God's a little more fresh every shot to know they haven't got much as much of a breather this a big shot is to make it a two shot game here if Tim Moore can make this free throw cuts it to a two point game with 41 seconds to go and there's a quick Oh Travis condom that will send Eric Burks a 74% free throw shooter on the season to the foul line he's really worked on that three first Kimberly wasn't a great foul shot shooter you know credit to him for really getting in the gym and the offseason working on that quickly found good thing to buy common thing look like Mars or McKinney one of them picked it off [Applause] murk misses the first some good news for Sheffield fans Manchester lead by only one up at but Manchester dance Newcastle with three and a half minutes to go they yield like they were cruising and at halftime but it's 84 83 right now Eric Cooke's gets a breather after making that Michoud Johnson comes on their spirits Finch will he look for a three to tie it or cook to 41 seconds on the clock might go for quicken I don't know no most Gnostic loved way by the SHA Johnson bounce a quarter this is pork here's another look as Johnson knocked it away I think it is you think so I think you just came off this way Debbie's gone to the line this is good he's still he's still asking the referee why that was a foul board he said I didn't touch the gold wouldn't it and last but we got a timeout for Chris Finch 30 seconds to go his team trail bike three let's go to quickly and go all in the rack with it and get in quick all right don't play around with it we're not looking for threes and that's the clap we get something quickly goes off the basket that's what we want okay they're not a good free-throw shooting team we'll keep filing in the for team on the line if we get it open three yes okay and we want to take the ball rack and add a quick foul all right same thing here not a good free-throw shooting team and as we see the shooting 10% below their season average but the guy they're sending to the line now is the best free-throw shooter on the left–it steam shooting six percent this season yeah I think they were traveling over him physically in the next 30 seconds too much take to bake take it to the buck to get the ball moving with chef feels well-known for get the quick easy shot he's an 86% shooter on the season but only 60% tonight but that's a big free throw that is a big Fritos defeated dentist and what has been a big game for him 27 points tonight and he makes him own two big free plays it's a five-point game Shepherds gonna look for a quick one annotation score let your Christmases face [Applause] Youngblood sorry but stole it away Batman is coming running it back Cumberland Timaeus the three short tip the way back out Timaeus my is under pressure throws it away say by Johnson no Johnson comes up with a shot he's up and running in these fouls by Travis Conlon but with less than five to play his over game time he's certainly over we might a seven-point spread the other way yeah how big how big a result each dish for the Sheffield Sharks first of all you who just huge are maybe they'll win it and fall asleep they finally got the token they've been won for many many years and [Applause] you know a little let down enough giving our metrics a chance to to get the double and conversely how big a result is this for leopards has really got to boost their ambitions for that top three play as well their deep team that let it seem you know Billy's a great coach they've got an opportunity to put himself in position maybe when Wimbley how high do you think they can finish the leopards I didn't finish this top four if they keep winner me you know anything possible the other team do they play some big games against teams that need to play you know do they have to do the sky's the limit Oh Johnson fouling out tonight he's had seven rebounds as well they're waving goodbye as he goes to the bench that Sheffield of course in that first quarter looked to be cruising when they're up a lemon but what will you have a new setting you know the foul shots that came out to haunt them did they'd hit some of those wards penetrating the boughs of guinea fowl one-shot game they led by seven in the third quarter Sheffield but back came the leopards and they played smart basketball down the stretch in and they gym [Applause] Rashaad Johnson just looking to ice the victory here with a final point check this base you're gonna run out the time one last shot what a huge mims in his he's out on celebrating of emotion the guys we got to talk about how about a tremendous scored for winning got loose balls got rebounds just some things that he's not really known for doing or customs doing this team did a great job all around game Youngblood points as well Youngblood you know really hit the board's vocals guys 24 points to mourn he 24 boards in the game I think they dominate the paint so it's been a very very big win hey for the Greater London leopards and a big defeat for the Sheffield sharks

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