The Greater London Authority (GLA) is a strategic authority with a London-wide role to design a better future for the capital. It supports the work of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly in representing the interests of Londoners.

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good morning I've got a ticket shopping locally based on of authority forget it thankfully hunter a few so I bailed on the internets reports the show you value that everyone has used the status at some point in the past so it is can reach shops predominantly today we're going to values of examine someone you didn't any problems we find with pivotal moment and I'll give you a background to fig we are first of all the intelligence unit which is what we work basically invade up now on the tax management analysis group or demand some of you might have come across this in part because you can plunder for your country map in the past and now we also cooperate your economics and as about 40 * for the unit there's only one about five 540 different unions than others in terms of putting reports together okay so we're a team research analyst so we cover lots of difficulty areas include about communication pride becoming simply research I work in general statistics and which works here in crime data team what we tend to do is supply a lot of data to the mayor to the assembly into the boroughs and some public as well also public bodies thing kinds academics really so really wide range of different organizations our analysis loop is normally that's based such certainly that angular bread will be fact that space it would be political and policy level policy bits and pieces in it anything to potential political or policy would be basically internal use only see would get to see that product analysis anyway so really analysis that we come out with volume on our website is really for anybody to use for their own their own kind of policy and idea development within their own organizations are committed up this imminent at disseminating out later is food blogger make school website and data stores be like them for just over two years opened in January 2010 there's a screenshot of wonder one of the pages of the data store so that I'm there's the area of Europe as well known page basically the data stores have lots and lots of data raising to London most events at our level or school area level such as walls a mr. Wright editorial so we're going to catering for London boroughs and those who speak were planning for monitoring local what's going on between native 11 come from data as my 5-wood data sets on the data store so the spec takes a lot keeping up to date it's all about giving free and full access to the data to room very much into open data anything to that page and of course that isn't other data still tends to be heavily license therefore we can't get the latest or so we might have to put things like percentages into the service reports but then not be able to put those into savings spreadsheets where we're going to keep the full data set that's period under license the reasons otherwise very very possibly making absolutely full access in against on spreadsheets as well as very possible instances analysis reports okay so we do for Tommy for sale for saving time and reaches for other longer bodies so we do think one from running on the bar they are doing things days where 40 times hopefully you actually say the wonderful the London taxpayer we help both private and public organizations to develop policy and ideas beards and announce we are charged by the way the private subsection C the dangerous all absolutely free from of them TV playing angles make products which make them money that's absolutely fine with us so really one of our main aims and we use to get out work a high profile yeah one of the key reason to use the others because it happened such a lot place where one go house lots lots of different geographies so we miss Shelley showing emissary little birds as they be shown Ward level unassailable actually show different levels of shopping in and up kids as well so you nursing slit on the top of one of the toggle buttons at the top of page 11 jog raphy one so you can handle different levels within the same a book actually really useful to us the only slight drawback of some of these ones where you have maybe between a hundred or three hundred different indicators and school area every lightest away is it can take a long time to load up that so see how that's my own website now takes about up to a minutes alone on some people's machines that's one of the slider backs when we tend to try and keep them as long as possible so we might go into the in say fifteen seconds and pretend to be ok two ducks I mean it's a bit too long okay the other thing is thats only broke us was to download any extra farmers with legislators changing settings we actually ran the page to like a data store page to the last one the last one you saw the date school we need to see the same reading black and gray band near the top like a database itself that's that's really important to us okay so we can display the patterns in detective Allen further need for analysis further- Zurich analysis would be winter perhaps actually if we draw out certain aspects of the data we might actually need to us being the cuckoo for Bart's little bias for certified more personality just show the data and make the elect let people make their own judgments from promoting SATA show in the patent on the bar chart on the line chart on that we almost have a few episodes fiscal needs on small area data so people seem to their own normally borrow that the Estonian before that's also really important than people can on these ones they can use a Google the google map background so particularly with small areas can thoroughly Novacek emissary and so are they looking for so to define the train station or power think about really for you don't tend to put the group a problem on the bar amount because they were no more than about and also people google map on farming sports complex core 2 a.jpg so that's the problem with the arizona ave think you punish explore these photogenic and then printed separately so we actually sometimes have to take two versions of these problems with the google background google i plan on one without just for that reason as i said i will mention the Romans of us it's really useful we can have the page looking like a date secure page our main objectives overawed in terms of presenting data is that the bankers have between clearly easy to understand key analysis should be visual we got simple to color the day the software should be widely available about actually needed to download anything new I mean a ski season splash not absolutely I do somebody's car machine alone anything snow machines have a lot of MIT so that's one of the little issues we have and we like to promote at work by alerting right the right people to work mobile data set so we did what we tend to do is ones who don't work in status what loads of page rondo school we tend to do an easy mailings so our maybe mrs. really keen and utter we as per glass how we survive as people because their email addresses on the moaners without that we can't really promote I work we've had some feedback to our comes in service we our Manor flagship publication is called focus on Dodger comes out them every couple months it's simply a thematic report and it covers different topic I population housing poverty and skills so to say that these are regular reports that come out and they normally have an established rapport with them when we did our server back in June 15 responses to our server but we found a forty-one percent of our how users didn't you who haven't seen as nervous there's a bit bit higher than we would have liked actually a little bit concerns of us voting on sense that they couldn't access it and I've got much lower than we thought so those two figure the boats for us to us but those who did use it were very positive eighty-three percent and movies except as a diver excellent or good and notice that it's all very cool rich he doesn't know if I'm serving and we don't users for professional customers their own data analysts the 44 / 70 s customers we're brothers and he put together they extend we'll see more information and also many of those things more clear instructions on how to use it so there is still a no technical aspect of reports regimes are scared people off but everything which is truck fun when we make their to page layout as simple as we can bramley life download page because we're moving too many buttons buttons as we can this isn't a condom it's like the earlier book one we've still got six buttons at the top the page from trying to cut down on them so this cure is currently less clutter all the days of your life we always have on the right arm so on the left hand side of the page and their list of dates are available Callista indicators because if it's not there think you have to take the data but until then we realize there's more in there than then what comes up live on the first page and they think i'll ask people and click on it to always have released or all the names as well as know is that book I said listen early once again a person happy be alive darling but we tend to avoid putting our lives wrong with the Train later on it to others the bar chart and the tables here and in a book quarter we always have the source data link to the days go on and explore and metadata about the third strengths and weaknesses on the data itself so here's a slightly negative version more recent works from something we did you see his p.o box at the top is just a date in the filter get back to help of the month and the Brandon still there and we were sufficient to page up a lot higher so we're using more space at the top where these could be gaps at the top we know you like kind of using all the space on the page that's because basically because a small areas which is so much on the page and as an elections who was to do elections reporting from their elections the local elections assistance some of the similar reports that we do here I think which is wrong yeah don't everybody thank you go just cover other examples there whether it's a huge amount of details both the prime suspect think we have both internal and topic so customers internally receive on regular monthly basis police ambulance five gade transport for london which transport police incident data which we burned into its analysis as well as other visualization tools for both our internal customers as well as a large scale got 500 professional sort consequence clients data analysts with Community Safety interest Prime consectetur across London as one the answers we use which covers all our data sort of time Snyder's and that kind of thing on there something we're pushing now is sensitivity of crime data means they are not convene assimilated so we've been looking at but also in six months or so around any card extra can be this is quite an example which is useful mumbling point of view and internally about how its London sit for the risk of country this is something we produce quarterly to basic to inform for depth in air why war two little something for on the datastore website as well because the data is amongst data and insur supreme available very quickly tub we're going a little bit it's going to run preuss on the issues on the challenges we face if using a in status and their work in an environment we do care official companies already so I wouldn't labor the point judgmental pension the flash issues the google map sensible issues track the number of page wizards and feedback is quite and as for doing to a bad foot surveys no put the effort into creating galaxies you want to know you see any contract on by a pimple analytics for example is not all users claim to pull the data reporting to complete all the people the time we've always talked about the relation spreadsheet for may not trust the fact that you've done work for them who was it have a shoe or something across while on simply explained functions into wide range of customers said for customers from the depth in there right bruiser come to the public and it might appear to be product see it and get it all done and try to explain expression grisham inversion terms all the functionality is very difficult something changes with facing are substituted government environment club except Allah cuts on one side of this is that its meaning that our attitude actually get used more because it's tall the far easier way for managers to see data on that mask yourselves then flip side of that is be especially my experience in the police environment see Alison researchers the ones whose jobs are getting cut look a lot of cases and their offer once i'm sad it's not as the motion to report back to the cup to let managers so it's a challenge we face in terms of getting the information Ross obviously government-backed open data however much of the data is still heavily licensed or restricted or collections of distributions have been cut such international indicators however conversely crime data is becoming more and more than with the launch of the peaceful UK website and Home Office data a lot of police forces putting their own data on their website so is more scrutiny from our products for example the painters public tosin on tiles from the political environment which we were often my opponent you if I find an interesting data set which I would like to visualize selling that to politicians and are people that are remarkable about this will garden it may not fit may not be flavor month that time Lina fit their policy ideals despite it being reused from data from our point of view non tasked you get the politicians and other people talking we have some data visualization on this or know the dates not available or in the right format what you want says it's it's not always ideal completing audiences and pity needs this comes back to sensitivity of data of all the time dissemination a data caveat around data dealing with and settled answer to everyone's been to an unlikely to public you can't always come up with a product for see take one getting initial and continued sponsor vine and interest we don't have to have a problem selling an idea selling it in status but continued buying and monitoring the usage it's often an issue and with very transient fast changing priorities around the devolution of energy la london new function body being set up by the mayor's office elysium crime of the leg press campaign talking these people talk to them to make sure people do have some have interesting products you're producing feedback I've mentioned briefly so many customers potentially offends the public very markedly that engage members of interest and challenges in public accountability by fighting with all the time and pride data that will sleep deputy mayor croissant or two who covers crime London his health council daily content comes out and because of social media Twitter for example you can be held to account within five minutes of that day to come out so the products I produce there's a lot of pressure on those put in to inform him also to get map it's on you that also to make sure accurate to something to face them very often the very basis ok

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