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Hosted by Patrick Macnee (TV’s The Avengers) and Susan O’Leary, Ghost Stories attempts to unearth the truths behind the dark legends.

23 thoughts on “Ghost Stories – The London Underground & Beyond – 4654

  1. Erm….the reason Henry VIII created the Church of England was so he could divorce Catherine of Aragon, his first wife. Therefore he could have divorced Anne Boleyn. The Catholic Church was no longer relevant. Anne was beheaded due to a supposed affair with her brother. Just an excuse to get rid of her.

  2. the host said Richard III ordered the deaths of his nephews, the princes in the tower. That has never been proven. He may have had the motive, opportunity, and the means, but the 500 year old mystery has never been solved. There were other suspects, including Henry VII and the Duke of Buckingham.

  3. Poor Suki, she is obviously still waiting for her lover to come and take her away to another, much more wealthy life. More disturbing is the story of Satanic worship and sacrifices in the aptly named Hellfire Caves ! Rich, obviously jaded people, selling their souls to the dark side. Did they get the promised fortunes and luck in their lives, but forgot the ultimate price that had to be paid ? Are they now with their master, but burning in purgatory for the evil deeds they committed, or are they now the evil spirits that haunt our world ? Suki isn't one of them and maybe she even escaped, in a tragic manner, being sacrificed by her lover and his evil companions in the Hellfire Caves, if he was indeed a member of this hellish group ? It is time that she ascended to heaven where she belongs and forgot her former lover – she has waited in vain for far too long. RIP dear Suki.

  4. The sad story of Adaleida shows that rich people have one greatest fear in life – to lose their fortune. That is why billionaires are never satisfied with what they have – fortunes often amounted by their ancestors, and often not legally either – and always strive to earn more and more money, and always terrified to lose it all. Like to swap ? I sometimes think it's better being a poor Joe – no fear of kidnapping or losing money – on the other hand….? The poor woman was murdered because of her money, so apart from a comfortable life, it didn't bring her any luck in the end.
    Now to the haunting of the house on Poppets Way – what a lovely name for an area built over a graveyard !!! I believe everything that was reported by the couple – why should they make such stories up ? It doesn't raise the value of any house to tell prospective buyers that a violent Poltergeist is sub- renting the premises !!! 👻 😵 O, but as we heard in the footage….people don't listen to warnings anyway, do they ? 😕

  5. Anne Boleyn's ghost is most probably staring out of the window from where she possibly witnessed the beheading of her brother, also wrongly accused of incest with her and sentenced to death for treason. Or she is watching her traitorous father leave the tower after being freed, he had washed his hands of his own daughter and son to achieve a royal pardon. In her case, I would have haunted him to eternity !

  6. I lived on the east side cliff in Santa Cruz CA. The appt stank like rotten flesh when I came home one day. I told the Spirit to get out that I lived there. A few years later we found that the Indians had a graveyard there.

  7. There are some well used to be some good ghost shows on TV paranormal witness my haunted house a haunting paranormal survivor this was a good show as well I am fascinated with ghost stories I'd like to visit a haunted house just to see

  8. The Mexicans are superstitious as all feck . I have lived in South America and it the same . They are religious and gulluble when it comes to the paranormal . They bwlieve any claim they hear . We had a house keeper in Brasil that believed in werewolves and wood elves etc… They all have a ghost story or two . I think it just became an accepted part of their culture .

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