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good you are an incorrigible delinquent at times babe yourself man polling day is just 25 days away whoever wins is going to be a new face in City Hall the gun is finally about to fall on the Boris and Ken the era of London politics remember we've only had two mayor's in the last 16 years over the next four weeks we're going to be putting all of the main meryl candidates through their paces what are they offering you over the next four years and how would they pay for it now let's begin with a candidate who can justly claim to have as big a public profile as either kennel Boris may be even bigger George Galloway made headlines for his trips to Iraq for a barnstorming appearance before the US Senate and of course that leotard in the Big Brother house he was expelled by the Labour Party in 2003 but twice has managed to defeat its candidates in parliamentary elections this time for the respect party now he wants to be the mayor of London and her crime has been out on the campaign trail George Galloway this week was on the Whitechapel Road sharing a vision of the morning of the 6th of May his first full day as mayor of London George Galloway for one more gun I love them for all the George Galloway in this election has got one central message that he better represents the party he used to belong to labor than their current candidate Sadiq Khan he says his closer to Jeremy Corbyn politically and if you believe in socialist labor values George is your man and the one who stands by Jeremy Corbyn my opponent supports quad-band as the Rope supports the hanging man it's a claim as you might expect but utterly rejected by labour George Galloway isn't a member of the Labour Party and quite frankly we don't really want him in the labour party so he's not the labour camp candidate by any stretch of the imagination but labour or not what does George Galloway actually want to do on housing he's promising a 50% target for all new homes to be affordable and under a definition that means what it says he also wants to introduce rent controls and to compulsorily purchase any property left empty for over a year without war he calls a good reason on transport he wants to cut the number of managers at TfL and crackdown on uber and on policing he says he wants more action on racism really what it's about is you know an anti banker anti fat cat auntie 1% kind of candidate which you know will have some resonance but in the end people will judge you know make a judgement about that as to whether he's really going to get into City Hall and have any chance of doing any of this so what are his chances actually like the respect team asked to meet us here in Whitechapel which is the area where George Galloway used to be an MP he's definitely getting a warm reception but just how well is the campaign going in the rest of London well as a clue if you look on your phone on Twitter he has quarter of a million followers no doubt helped or in the constant supply of tweets now that makes 90 tweets in the last day alone or one every 70 minutes where does all that actually get you for example George Galloway has tried to raise money online but with little success setting a target of 100,000 pounds but only raising three in a bit this man is the only man that will deliver the rest of them they're not bothered about you indeed it's worth remembering that the lost IP tried to win a London white vote standing for the London Assembly in 2008 George Galloway only managed to win 2% of the vote and came in 8th place after crime reporting George galleries with me welcome to the Sunday politics six years since you last held elected office in London as an MP the polls recently suggest you're really struggling to make an impact in these elections what's gone wrong that's a bogus Paul you know because my chain knows what they're both bogus not my name was not put to the respondents in either of those pause so you're saying that shows support levels for respect not for George Gallup well not even that it's others in one case and respect in the second case when you've got that you'd have to have much more impact than that so you just said we're getting a very warm reception not just in the places I used to represent but in Tooting yesterday a hero's welcome and my rival is the MP there so we'll see look polls are somewhat discredited the institution in any case we'll see what happens on the 5th of me and I can argue with the real poll which was the last time when you try to run for the London Assembly you made there was no real impact there I mean I just wonder what to change given all so you've been away for like a hundred years I got a hundred thousand votes in London twelve years ago we got a quarter of a million votes in England when we were on it 12 weeks old my name my recognition factor is quite big and we'll see what the voters think no baby not a race money a parent oh that's just nonsense I mean I don't know why you didn't ask me that I could have said well I can ask you can ask well as you saw from the boss and so on were not struggling to raise funds that was one of many vehicles that where's the money coming from if if is that it's not were individuals who are making donations not through that particular portal some of those go for a million Twitter followers maybe quarter of a million Twitter followers half a million followers on Facebook 1 million in social media as a whole I don't think you would argue that my name has disappeared from public discourse it hasn't and we'll see what people think I think the bookies are right and third-favorite every bookies and I think I'm in third place the odds aren't very good there well they said I would well third favorites I mean this 125 to 1 and this is a contest as you know ok fine you're 16 to 1 but notwithstanding it's no good to be third you've got to be in the top two or it doesn't count well you say it's no good to be thought it would be a very considerable achievement given I've been kept off all the televised hustings and so on and an attempt to black out not by the BBC I must say but to black out my very existence in this race if if I was not here today no if I was in third place with a substantial six-figure vote and was elected to the London Assembly that would be a very successful operation and that so from your point of view actually the Assembly election matters the Assembly election matters a lot but of course I'm in it to win it let me ask you a couple of things first of all you have talked about this being a desire we saw it in in Andrews report on the bus to make this a London for all Londoners and so not have a London run by the rich for the which you talked about for everyone not not a London that's just for those dripping with gold do you think Londoners will be comfortable hearing that message from a man who has himself been financially so successful I think they're flocking to it Panama gave the miscreant Prime Minister George Osborne the part owner of a very successful firm that doesn't pay any corporation or joslyn's name is mentioned in the Panama paper not in the Panama papers but his company his family company hasn't paid corporation tax for five years as well is that cuz he isn't here to talk about himself but this kind of London where the richest people shelter let's use a kind word shelter their wealth and order that they don't have to share it with the rest of us in public services through taxi can I ask you directly about that because Jeremy Corbyn said on the Andrew Marr show this morning that he thinks actually this disclosure thing should apply slightly more widely than just members of parliament when you were a member of parm you required to disclose your interests in memory still and in 2014 it was reported that you were I think the third at the end people the third highest earnings outside of Parliament I think it total out of a million pounds much of it paid through a company melaka median of which you were the direct measure would you have paid the 45p top rate on all of your earnings well the earnings that I made you yourself just alluded to it that I was successful than I am successful makes my political case all the stronger I'm saying that people like me people like Cameron like Osbourne should be paying far more in tax and we mustn't hide any of our wealth in order to avoid the tax man so been paying right little corporation I bid a very very great deal amount of money right tax exactly as I was required indeed so the point you think you should pay more actually pay more people who are successful should pay more so that our pensioners can be warm in the wintertime our disabled people can have proper disability benefits and so on that's the difference between me and Panama Dave on policy housing that's quite an important point do you focused on you'd like half of all new homes to be categorized as affordable and a definition that you think would be more realistic than the cars or 50% annum what about the view that it actually has a chilling effect on development well you know luxury development we have more than enough of and if a luxury developer is going to see that my mayoral policy will stop and building yet another block of luxury flats I'll say hallelujah well you know that'll leave a piece of land that we can work to develop with council housing it my main housing policy is that we need hundreds of thousands of council houses Democratic renting fine but a you don't have the power as mayor of London to do that in current powers you accept that but also what the house building Federation among others say is look all that has happened when can introduce that target was that the number of new builds fell well they would say that well if what you're saying is they're going to go on strike 320 local authority hands will start in the eighth year in the eight years ken was mayor 3030 in the eight years that was actually only 80 vehicles didn't get rid of 88 zero council houses were built in London last year when two million people are in the private rented sector almost always with landlords who are only in it for the money which by the way they get a lot of the money from the public let me ask you from the tax system we heard about your relationship with labour we heard Jeremy Corbyn criticised the taxes he used against the Labour candidate in Bradford he said they were appalling he was shocked if that's not in a newspaper and he hasn't said that okay well maybe you last Nicholas it also said that you would run in the Tooting by-election that would be caused if Sadiq Khan yes very well does that mean that you're saying to your supporters use your second preference vote the city I haven't decided that yeah if they want to talk to me about that I'm ready to listen but I've said very clearly I'm running for mayor I hope to be elected to the London Assembly and I will be a candidate in the Tooting by-election which I think will follow swiftly after the mural George Calloway mayoral candidate for respect thanks very much for being with us this lunchtime Oh

27 thoughts on “George Galloway's struggle to be Mayor of London

  1. He should've been elected Mayor, The Respect Party should've won landslides in every election since their inception, and he should've been invited back into the Labour Party thrice time over, shame on you Dawn Foster for that stupid statement of yours and shame on Corbyn for not having the balls to have Galloway back in and having him as his shadow foreign secretary.

  2. He can have my vote anytime Everytime.He says everything that I like to hear. But he wasn't allowed to win because the elections were rigged and now this preplanned disaster with Sadiq Khan.

  3. I swear by my life oneday this man will rule its just matter of time George Galloway is a wonderful humanbeing i will never lose my hope for him and if good people dont support him then they clearly aren't good people. Only the sincere and humble will support him and all the genuine people will

  4. Galloway says I am in 3rd position… the real world he came 7th ha ha ha ha ha…..As usual Galloway was on another planet. Galloway should of spent less time defending terrorists, less time fronting rogue leaders cases and less time back stabbing the UK and being a snake and an enemy within.

  5. Kicked out of Bradford West despite being a safe seat for his party. How on Earth could he lose in a majority Muslim constituency? Bloody rubbish absentee MP, bloody rubbish absentee Lord Mayor. He let me down very badly and broke promises he made in front of about 50 witnesses. Bradford won't be fooled again but there are some thickoes down south who obviously are.

  6. I have to laugh at some of the left-wing contributors belittling the BBC as a right-wing organisation out to destroy this odious creep.   The BBC were right to question and expose the views of this left wing bigot.

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