Fun things to do in Shoreditch | London Travel Guide

Shoreditch is one of my favourite areas in London. In this London travel guide I show some cool things to do in Shoreditch. Shoreditch East London is one of the hippest areas that you should check out when visiting London England.

Check this guide on my travel blog for even more cool things to do in Shoreditch and Brick Lane

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so hi guys today we are in East London in Shoreditch and it's one of my favourite areas in London and today I'll be taking you around charming showing you some of the amazing things to do in shortage and from our locals perspectives so why don't you so another thing to do in Charlotte is stop it Adina's for breakfast or brunch and is just right behind me so long Charley – inserts great Peruvian Street food so one of my so one of my favorite dishes to try and Adina is the Peruvian corn cake with the eggs but you can have that in your own way I don't like porch eggs ahead I had my egg scramble but this is delicious so guys one of the many things to do in Charlie do is visit all the vintage stores and shops that they had it's a great way to find really cool clothes at a bargain price so some of the shops are more expensive than other to definitely know correct guys another thing to do in shortage is visit human building it's filled with lots to do it hosts is the annual a brunch festival because I am a die-hard Rancher also it has a lots of markets inside it has the vintage mark sorry something is just hammer another of my favorite place in shortage is the dark sugars cocoa has behind me it has the best chocolate in London hands down and you can buy hot chocolate there they make everything by hand and it's basically West Was African cocoa that's brought to East London so I'll take you in to try out their coffee and try out some of the lovely chocolates that they sell inside this is the hot chocolate all made by hand and yes you can get very free hot chocolate in here as well but it's just fabulous I love it they're looking for Instagram spots in shortage look no further than Prince Knight Street I'm sure you recognize the house behind me is the pink house that you will see on every instant London Instagrammer this is where you find it it's imprinted in Prince Lake Street nice to visit when you're in charge it is the Ace Hotel it's a place that you can come if you're a freelancer you're working in London to use their Wi-Fi in their Lobby you can work also these are amazing coffee and in the evening they have a really good cocktail hour these are really good cocktail this is where spend most of my weekend in London working in their Lobby if the main things to do in Shoreditch is hunt for street art and one of the most famous artists around here is Styx and this is one of his most famous pieces and this represents the multicultural community of Brick Lane one thing that is really amazing is that the artist himself and annually cleans up the art so when other people jog over is or it actually comes and cleaned it up and redoes the sticks drawing and that's why this is one of the main pieces that you always see in Charlie's because they continually update the artists that you see behind me and I think he's really cool anywhere and this basically this figure is basically denotes the Bangladeshi and community in Brick Lane so another thing to add to your things to do in charge for expecially first-rate art is visit ten seven star yards it has some cool street art as you can see by behind me it's basically no car park what is filled with graffiti and street art so guys another amazing things to do in shortage is look for street art and one of the most famous street art well-known in East London is Bansky or Bansky however you want to pronounce it I'm probably pronouncing it wrong and you can find two of these original works just outside here outside the nightclub cargo is on Riverton Street and there's one main piece at the entrance of the bear garden and another one further built behind so make sure that you come and check out cargo to see Bansky but bat-skis original pieces also if you do any kind of street art or change in East London or around charge they normally stop at this club but if you want to do it on your own Riverton street in front of cargo

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  1. Wonderful video and amazing places ! I Love it πŸ’œ thumbs up for you !! πŸ‘πŸ»
    London is my number one city and brick land is an amazing spot

    I am a World Traveler and It will be a pleasure to stay connected !!!

    Greetings from Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

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