Short news footage reporting the high’s and low’s of Leeds Pirate Radio station Frequency 88.1fm.

back on the airwaves the private radio station which is defied the authorities who try to close it down now have you ever listened to an illegal pirate radio station well the chances are there's one operating near you maybe even from somewhere in your street yes sir regulators managed to close down one of the biggest in Leeds radio frequency but within days it was back on the airwaves well this week Leeds magistrate's convicted DJ Jason Taylor for his part in the station's illegal output but he's adamant he did nothing wrong last year our cameras gained exclusive access into the underground world of illegal broadcasting and found him at work at Reggio frequency and these before the studio was shut down this reports from mark witty this site in arm Lee formerly business units which had been recently demolished was the secret location of radio frequency studio last year ITV Yorkshire cameras gained exclusive access to a world rarely seen by the public three months after we filmed Ofcom officers supported by West Yorkshire police raided the studio and confiscated all its equipment one of those caught up in the raid was DJ Jason Taylor he was arrested and earlier this week admitted five charges under the wireless and telegraphy act in connection with illegal radio broadcasting today despite a fine in the imposition of a three-month nighttime curfew he was defiant if I wanted to go appear on the radio again I could do it through the daytime you know so to confine me to the you know my bedroom our home or whatever you know between the hours of darkness to me it's a silly punishment at what's particularly criminal about playing music you know it's not it's not I'm not a threat to society that I need to be monitored in fact and I'm aware about known and stuff flat-out because I've not done a crime that's nature that's violent or anything like that you know to me I don't regret woman over it and you know for now I've hung up my skull and crossbones or everyone call it you know but I wouldn't say that I wouldn't do it again you know given the opportunity in a statement issued today Ofcom said illegal broadcasting is a menace causing serious interference to communications used by safety of life services as well as legitimate radio stations they also said they'll take swift and firm action against those involved in this criminal activity setting up an illegal station is dangerous as these pictures show the transmitters and aerials have to be placed in line of sight of the studio generally on the top of tower blocks radio frequency was back on air a day after last year's raid and is still broadcasting illegally from somewhere in the city

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  1. Bought down because it interfered with safety and emergency frequencies!?
    Brought down because it wasn’t monitored and those operating the station had the privilege to play and say what they wanted.

  2. Reports like these are a perfect example of the government propaganda that is often trotted out by the UK mainstream media to try and control us, with false claims of harm and interference. As we say in 2018, fake news!

  3. How the fuck can it interfere with emergency services when they are all on digital encrypted frequencies these days like they used to say the old am cb radio would interfere with a pacemaker so key up the mic and give some poor fucker a heart attack half a mile away ffs..its jus offcom taking offence to the fact someone is oporating a radio station without paying them some money the greedy system controllers strike again

  4. I like this station. Is there any evidence to support the allegations that broadcasting on 88.1FM interferes with communications and emergency services? Radio 2 is 88-91FM and it doesn't even interfere with that.

  5. ..cont. the advertizing revenue would not only help keep the station on the air but would help offcomm maintain the transmitter for the area.this would be run a simmilar basis to how itv works. simples.

  6. ok here is an idea for the spectrum planners at offcomm to think about."time share air time" it could work.if within a given area (say leeds) there are black holes between radio stations,using limitting bandwidth techniques,you could make available a transmitter where each small station could feed into for a couple of hours.then another one could feed into it after that and so on.each station would pay a small fee for the link to the transmitter and would be allowed to run adverts to….cont..

  7. what a load of bollocks it is for offcom to state that pirate radio stations cause interferance to safety of life services.most of the three main emergency services have now gone over to tetra digital systems which are ultra secure and cannot be interfered with cross modulation from an analogue transmitter.they(offcom) just want to make money from any station that can afford the gear.

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