UK police launch an investigation after five mosques and islamic centres are vandalised in Birmingham.…

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24 thoughts on “Five mosques vandalised in Birmingham | #TheCube

  1. These mosques are radicalizing people, teaching wahabbism to people in Britain, and the establishment is worried about their windows, not the ideology of islamic supremacy being inculcated into the young, unbelievable.

  2. I'm glad to see people sending the message to muslims. They need to get out of the west. Their degenerative cult does not fit in with normal civilized people. It's time to move along before we force you to move along. You have worn out your welcome many years ago.

  3. Everyone should stay away from the Mosques too because most of the Mosques neither represent Islam nor the Muslims. Most of the Mosques are under surveillance of the US governments spying on the Muslims. Mosques are built and maintained by illegal money.

  4. You can go back where your from now Syria it is over now terrorist is lost build your city back and build any mosques in Syria you want not in Britain country posted be a Christian country and Roman Catholic we shouldn't let these people in the first place in the country that's why we want brexit we don't want any more these people in our country

  5. you deserved it you attacked us first and you stole our country and our cities and towns and everything else truth will come out I never forget what what you lot did did thank you that that person done that true god we'll be happy and you forgotten what happened to our people we don't know who he is his face is covered up we don't know what race he is might be anyone it is nothing to do with brexit or anything else

  6. Why do you think we created separate countries in the first place? So we could live separate…. We face WW CW thanks to diversity at any cost.. enjoy the future kiddies

  7. why are muslims not protesting the british government who ask the people for aid for starving muslim familys in numerous adverts for yemen yet supply the weapons which ruin their country and continue to do so

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