TfL announce 24-hour weekend Tube from 2015, more staff visible to help passengers and stations staffed at all times.

hi my name is Mike Braun the managing director of London Underground in 2012 London's underground carried over 1.2 billion passengers around the same as the rest of the UK national rail network combined however London never stands still and with the city's population growing rapidly in the future the underground will have to do more that's why we are rebuilding many of our major stations to make them fit for the future introducing new trains and providing more frequent services it's all part of London Underground's plan for future stations services and standards that will see further improvements to the reliability and capacity of London's tube network across the coming years our customers want the tube to operate all night at weekends reflecting the fact that London is now a 24-hour city launching in 2015 the night Tube will give passengers an integrated service throughout all hours of Friday and Saturday night's the night Tube will help support London's thriving nighttime economy providing jobs and opportunities for thousands of Londoners whenever services are running at a station day or night that station will be controlled by London Underground staff this means if there's a train at the station London Underground staff will be controlling the station currently 97% of tube journeys do not involve a visit to a ticket office in response to this we'll be bringing more staff out into the station where you can see them and where they can offer the most assistance with our growing Wi-Fi coverage we'll also look to ensure all our staff have the right technology to hand when helping customers find the best fare and route to their destination every journey matters to us that's why we are so passionate about these improvements and so committed to delivering a better 21st century service Londoners businesses and visitors can be sure of and proud of this means I'm now making five commitments to all Londoners and visitors to our great city from 2015 I will introduce a new 24-hour Tube service a weekend's we will further improve the reliability and capacity of our services all tube stations will be controlled and staffed while services are operating we will make journeys easier for our customers supported by modern technology and we will provide the best possible value for the fare you pay thanks for listening you

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