Two projections by Martin Firrell onto St Paul’s Cathedral and The National Theatre celebrated the ability of people and places to overcome adversity.

Part of the London’s Burning festival of arts and ideas commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

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Artichoke works with artists to invade our public spaces and produce extraordinary and ambitious ephemeral events that live in the memory forever, transforming people’s lives by changing the way we see the world.

this work is a Diptic called fires of London fires ancient & Fire's modern buyers ancient is on the dome of st. Paul's Cathedral and it looks at the past and fires modern looks at the very recent past on the flight hour of the National Theatre and it looks at basically civil liberties I believe that art should be deployed to push debates forward and if enough people talk about something then change will happen for me my work should have utility it should be about social benefit normally about inclusion diversity a fairer kinder world from this kind of work I would hope that the audience would take away the fact that there's something to be thought about and the more people think about things and talk about things then change can happen now I don't think we can change the world we have one piece of work but we can fuel the debate I think it's incredibly valuable to look at history but not necessarily the history that we all know very well so this is a wonderful opportunity at the 350th anniversary of the fire to look at other less known histories and shine a light on them what we need to concentrate on is the fires we need to fight now and those fires are about inclusion and openness and diversity we are all better off and richer when we are open to everything

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