Working on fire alarm systems on the London Underground and Network Rail. Fire Systems Ltd, have a management and engineers with the required experience to work on our rail networks. Working on London Underground is a specialist field when it comes to designing and installing fire alarm systems.

working on the farm systems on London Underground and Network Rail for our systems limited have worked on numerous projects on the London Underground and Network Rail some of the projects we have been involved in include the high-speed rail link stations such as Kings Cross obviously in Stratford international situations the work carried out on these stations included design installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems to be considered to work on sorts projects London Underground and Network Rail required fire alarm companies to have a very high standard towards health and safety to be very competent and knowledgeable in the design and installation of fire alarm systems to ensure the expected high level of safety and skill levels are maintained at all times London Underground and Network Rail have in place a rigorous and continuous process of training and assessments there are numerous amounts of training courses that have to be completed before you can work on the Underground you must have a Health and Safety CSCS or ECS card to be allowed to attend the training sessions the assessment card that everyone must hold to be able to enter onto a London Underground site is something called a Lucas card this can be obtained by attending a London Underground training facility totus such as the one in Stratford and the health and safety course is undertaken to ensure you fully understand all the basic open safety requirements and working on the underground Rivera Lucas card you cannot work anywhere on the underground another important card to have is a site person-in-charge assessment the works are usually supervised by a site person in charge of I systems limited have staff that are both trained and hold Lucas and person in card assessment cards because of our experience working in this environment for sisters Limited is currently working at an Eastern demo up grain project on behalf of King fell engineering and Angie Bailey working on such projects enables for our sisters limited to be at the forefront of the fire alarm design and installations on the London Underground the levels of health and safety management systems company competency of the engineering and management staff must be a very high standard to label the company to perform at the high levels expected on London Underground and Network Rail in the past we have also carried out fire alarm servicing and maintenance inspections on behalf of Siemens on the Piccadilly and the northern lines for alarm servicing is carried out during non operational errors and this will involve starting at 11 p.m. and completing all your works by 4:00 p.m. to hand the station back to the station supervisor it is very important that the fire alarm is back online at this time or the station will not open therefore the engineer is working in this field have to be trained to a very high standard having experienced working within this field is vital as all the farm equipment must be to Lu a blue standard before it can be installed therefore our farm designers are fully conversant with London Underground equipment an approval list for alarm panels our Eva contact were advanced and are red in color the protocol of the addressable systems and food devices is hijiki our engineers are fully conversant with London Underground's procedures and equipment we are able to provide the fire alarm designs carry out file Army installations commissioning and farm servicing to the standards required by London Underground and Network Rail if you require any further information please contact our office on Oh 208 five four one five six four six or visit our website and complete our contact page

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