Hi Everybody, it’s Sienna Rawlings back again with a new travel vlog. This is day 1 of my epic vacation and I am exploring London, England.

I hope that you enjoy my 2019 travel vlog it is a perfect summer vlog and an epic vacation. This video will make a great addition to my travel diary. This was one an epic summer 2019 vacation and should be a great travel vlog for all of you to watch.

As you all probably already know I love to travel. Please watch the whole travel video and come travel with me. I hoped that you enjoyed traveling with us as this was my first travel day to start off this epic travel vacation. I think this is a great holiday vlog and should be very scenic.

This is my very first time visiting London, England and it was such a great experience. I really hope you enjoy this London vlog. An come experience the United Kingdom with me. If you do not already know, I always travel with my family and sometimes they even get involved in my family vlog. Take care all of you and thanks so much for watching.

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hello everybody this is the start of my Europe vacation and you're in the Gatwick Airport in United Kingdom well you're lost I say hi to everyone why are you doing that you are at so we got all their banks in like the baggage claim so now we're just waiting to go get our rental car so he just got our I'm gonna rape what do you call it I don't know sweet talk like I don't know the words for it anyway so like basically to get to the car place thing we have to take a shuttle and apparently takes like 5 minutes so we're going to where the shuttle is and then we're going to get a car from there Oh yeah my rental car and we're trying to fight wait I don't even know where we're going me neither give me my GPS so we're finding our GPS and we're gonna find out how to get to the place we're going dirty money and it's a really nice car is luggage and we're doing in my breath we're playing games on my phone playing the game is very fun game I'm stuck on this level so he's helping me trying to get past it I don't know how long the drives gonna be today I know memes are illegal in the United Kingdom suppose supposedly they are cherry Pepsi here's daddy strapping enough left side of the road and there's the kids that would be me you're not watching straight you're in their money and 20 we're doing an 23 yeah yeah Rocky oh you have to search oh cool bathroom okay I can't you have to hold the door oh okay that's bathroom this is shower there you go Oh totally oh you're gonna leave your Cardin that is one tiny bathroom well I think that's just a toilet that's what I know this is a shower okay this is okay I don't know about all of you from the united kingdom but your everything is small maybe Canadians are overweight or something cuz everything is tiny and the funniest part is I don't know who's ever taking a long flight before but take a look jet lag setting in right there if they're both going to bed we just got we're in London England in her hotel and both the kids are going to sleep already it's only like 2 o'clock in the afternoon yeah UK time and then here's the other one for you guys I don't know if we brought our plug I know we did but I don't know if it'll work but anyways I guess we can always buy one if we have to and yes this is our very tiny room and what do we have here well ok it's got a fridge was this the closet oh I found the closet well it's got it safe that's what we were hoping because we unlock up those passports so there's a closet definitely always want to make sure you have a hotel room with a safe when you're traveling yes passports are somewhat irreplaceable and look at that TV I don't know but we've stayed in a lot of hotels in the US and Canada and all the TVs are a lot of not autofocusing anyway it doesn't matter why isn't it focusing Santa's not focusing how do I make a focus okay so now we're here for two days and then a nice mural there let's see a review and see if there's a view oh no we have a view of a roof and it looks like they use a lot of solar panels so that's always good good for the environment too anyways and that's it for now you

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  2. "memes are illegal" πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ they're not illegal it's just if it happens to contain copyright content websites are expected to actively filter for the content and block it. and it applies to the entirety of the EU. So meme away! 😜

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