Explore a wonderful 900 year old English castle with us!
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we're gonna problem and that's like I can't quite jump that so I think maybe I can do this yeah it's good that it's icy because I'm sliding right along about 37 twisting up in Yorkshire for a few weeks and getting kind of our relax on and getting some editing and things done and we're staying kind of in like the Ingres English countryside like kind of hardcore and we're staying in a little little village that is next to a little bit larger town called Skipton and the town of Skipton we've come to this morning and it's been a little bit icy like sliding along the roads and it's a bit cold out here right now and and we have come to a place that is going to hopefully have something that's gonna make us feel a little bit better we've come to a high shop that has been highly recommended by our hosts as a place to spend in Skipton since like the beginning of time I couldn't making these pies for a very long time and we've heard stories about how when you eat these pies like it just like runs down your face and it's like sounds like it's gonna be a bit of an experience and they specialize in pork pies and we also saw some other things on the menu that looked a little bit interesting so I think we're gonna try two different flavors the thing that we're noticing might be a little bit difficult about this is I don't know if you maybe can see our breath it's a bit cold out here and this restaurant doesn't seem to have a place to sit down and eat so seats so we are going to do something and maybe have to stay warm by letting this hot pot pie run down our faces we got our pies and can you hold that up so that people can see their size so I hold it to your head there you go it's about half a Katie it was pretty cheap though it was how much 150 or something for it it's 250 for to 250 for two so I mean they're not yeah they're pretty small and you might be able to eat more than one but we need that we can go back up and grab another one this is come out and it's not super hot because apparently they make them quite early in the morning and this one's been sad for not a long time but long enough that it's cooled down you can feel a little bit of warmth to it but yeah just I think yet I want to eat it so yeah I got a banana in my pocket but I haven't had anything to actually eat what are we what are we working with as far as the insides go this is the Apple one or this that's apple an apple import which is a bizarre combination like it's got it definitely has some liquid coming out of it which we heard about this jelly Li yeah he said it was a jellied kind of in a strange way oh it's that one's like solid pork it looks kind of like a minced pork it's what it looks like is that about right with what I don't know it's just kind of low fish doing like a loaf okay but it's incredible yeah that it says don't frame this on the other side it does say it's world-famous that's that's the meat flavor haven't had in a long time I'm a little disappointed that it's not like super warm because I think we're not getting the experience of like the jelly running down your face because it's been cooled down a bit but not just a point in the flavor at oh no crap there's some spice in there mm-hmm what just happened let me try the Apple one – whose apple and sweet that's what I'm interested him hmm get in the Apple and there's like a big glob glob of the meat and the apple is a bit sweet and the meat is a bit spicy it's kind of a fun combination it's like I was like a cobbler type of Apple but they've made a thing that I actually prefer the one without the Apple in it I think that that detract from the meat a little bit yeah but it's it's fun I'm glad we tried two different ones yeah yeah definitely eat more of these foods not healthy they opened at 6:00 a.m. would you get would you get up early enough to come over here and have one that's like Jo really like soggy and hot I feel bad waking up people that are probably willing to drive us that early but I don't want to make them dress even the small it's towns have castles and right now we're on our way to the castle I can't see it but we've been told that there's a lovely little walkway and we're gonna go down the lovely little walkway it borders like a little canal and this is like a part of the canal system here that I guess has been constructed that they used for like getting materials out of mines and mills and stuff before there was a highway system and train system and stuff it's very like it's very England that's the creek I think the creek is babbling but the canal is [Laughter] nice got turns out that the little path we're on does not go to the castle but it does come to this ridiculously English looking country road that we're now walking back into town on yeah he looks angry the girl the feathers are all out and everything I'm gonna pick my eyes out it's quite wonderful to have the chance to come out and check out a small town like Skipton and see that things that in your mind are touristy actually exists in places that aren't necessarily very touristy there's not a whole lot of tourism coming up here in Skipton maybe locally people come out here and check things out or at least come here for shopping but it's not like there's an international airport down the road and they still have got buildings that are quite striking looking like this church and I don't think that it is necessarily a church that is super super unique I imagine as probably clones of this scattered all over the English countryside but just has seen that things like this are actually out there actually existing in real life is kind of impactful in a way we've just been walking around looking at things been like well that exists wow that exists wow that exists and that's been a really rewarding part of just coming out to the countryside and checking things out in general we finally made it to the castle after a detour and turns out that this castle is an example like a prime example of medieval castle it's 900 years old and from what I understand pretty much all original structure with some nice things that happened in the 1300s making it even better pretty old before Columbus what I understand so far and it is beautiful it is huge it is real like that was one of the things we were just talking about it's a real castle and people lived in here recently I think people still live signs over there that say that there's private residents on the up side is finished you know I was trying to see if this was like a hotel type thing or we could sleep inside I think it is possible for a wolf almost fell down the stairs I think it's possible for us to sleep to the castle one night so that's one of my aims but this will not be the one what's your confidence level in scaling a castle wall and infiltrating a castle like you know defenses I think capability of being able to do that is as high as my thought that there are ghosts and all castles there probably aren't any ghosts and we probably can't scale any wall so we're really just gonna have to book it I want there to be ghosts so it's kind of scary but I have no idea what she's talking about but that's okay we're going inside the castle if you're gonna try to get in here you have to remember about these slanted skirts at the bottom of the towers because if those ghosts start dropping rocks at you they did it bounced off and all sorts of wacky angles actually what this leg skirt is for is like so that they could use it for defensive purposes and I guess the structural issues like keeping things a little stronger and even a wider base I got I got a tour thing for children for 90p and I'm doing the word find the archway that I'm under is 900 years old and is the same archway that soldiers would use to enter the castle which is crazy and this step here has been there equally as long I think and these this indentation is showing where they've walked and then lots of people be walking on this stone it's crazy that it's been pushed down that far in 900 years that's stone people and inside is the courtyard and I asked the lady who checked us out and she says this is her favorite part of the entire castle and this tree is pretty amazing and the tree was planted by Lady Anne maybe an inside is in cahoots with that and she's just promoting Anne's good works do you have an idea how long the tree was planted did anybody tell you that I just read it it was after the Civil War when was the war I don't know yeah I know about our Civil War I don't know as you can see behind me that's quite a few little rooms that come off of the courtyard and I'm gonna tuck into one of them and show you what's going on in here and this actually apparently this wall is behind me is not super super old it was felt like in the 1600s or something but it's not technically original however the outside wall which is what this is is original and it's like super old and the purpose of this was like a defense room so if you go in here you can see where you would be able to stick like a bow and arrow out or maybe throw rocks or something through this and there's actually a special little thing that they're referring to as a squint and that is this little hole right here and the purpose of this is that if somebody does get into the you are able to shoot them from here into the courtyard because you remember that wall there wouldn't have originally been there when the castle was built this is where they used to eat food you know how people say like it's like a sauna in here now won't when I'm cold in a building I'm just gonna go it's like a castle in here okay castle castles are freaking cold people draftees yeah so we're gonna banquet rude where they eat the food but we're gonna go where they prepare the food so they had to bring all the food and stuff up a flight of stairs to eat it and repair it so I'm assuming they would be like enemies and stuff yeah there's this huge area like full animals in there and put them on like a spit where they would rotate them so kind of kabob style and also they do cauldrons of stews and things like that which is pretty cool most interesting thing about the kitchen situation is one those little windows go directly into the banquet hall so it's really restaurant style and kind of like that yeah yeah and also when they're done with the food they go down into this little area and they would just chuck it into the moat so they just throw all the refuse down in there and by way something gives me a feeling that that's not all that ends up in the moat oh it's not come with me and also some other refuse is gonna go down there as well they actually call this the long drop [Laughter] watch back from that that's a horrible oh this flashback would be brutal especially like moat water but even if there's no this flashback right now there's quite a girafft of wind coming through here and it's coming through here so you would have like frozen danglers like for sure and the winter this would be a bummer correction before any medieval masters out there start getting on me these two little windows are actually openings to the ovens that they here over here this looks much more like the serving area this is the Shoney's area where you can come there we used to be a bell of some sort the castle structure looks pretty small from the outside but once you get inside it turns into a bit of like a labyrinth like it's a little bit like you're in a maze and there are lots of different little places for like little rooms and stuff off to the side of places and in this case we've got look at this little narrow stand although we've got and I'm sure that some of these stairs are worn down a bit but they're still that's a pretty smallest area so you come up with this really tight narrow stairwell and now you end up into the watch tower which has got a pretty decent view headed out for herself and that's where the city now sets of Skipton Emerald is here doing the word fun I've got like eight more words to write with every good castle there's the dungeon let's go down in like imagine this before there was electricity you know what I mean like this would be super super creepy this is hid yeah I thought it was gonna be a lot bigger but I mean you could put a lot of people in here stack them on top of each other she's got really ruthless leader who needs to creepy atmosphere the dungeon if you look on the walls there's just stuff kind of carved into that like just X's and things nothing make remarkable but it does kind of give you the feel that maybes and people in here we're gonna board our kids guide to castles has told us that we need to watch out for this little guy it's called a wavern and the people that used to live here the Clifford's they have a family crest and in their family crest you see three possibly more you should look closely three wave urns that they are half-dragon half-human duck feet the power of the Dragon and the what of the fish what was like the the fortitude does that do fish have fortitude that here in the courtyard you've got to like count a bunch of them is that with the global game is yeah you have to find as many that are out here in the court courtyard that you can how many have you found at least twenty yeah yeah but they're all on the drainpipes it says to look close so I'm looking for one that's kind of out of the ordinary but they're really nowhere else I don't think next to the castle inside at the castle grounds they have got a chapel and we walked in and immediately I was like whoa this really feels like a thing but I didn't say what it was and then you said oh this really feels like I think so I'm gonna say three to one and then we gotta say they say well we both think it is maybe it's the same thing okay three two one and then go okay on the go okay three two one Zelda yes it feels exactly like the beginning of breath of the wild because it's kind of tight yeah I guess you were apart in the same way and you have to climb it in breath of the wild and yeah it's really it's like right out of it like maybe a photograph this and put it in the game we were told that if you haven't been to skipton castle you haven't been to Skipton and I think that I would agree with that because that was actually a really cool little experience and we were like essentially alone in this whole castle at one point there was two other people looking around and then they left and then it was us four 90% of the time we were in there so it's like kind of like you just got to go like speak speak around in these little corners and like look around things and know is this a really cool atmosphere and I felt like the documentation was good enough to understand enough of what she needed to know and I don't know I thought the documentation was pretty good you had the game and the guide that was pretty perfect it's a very well done establishment and in the loneliness section there was no one around and that was the really cool was totally get freaky in that dungeon you want there's not a good place for that some of these words are words turns out the trees almost 400 years old 16:59 is when they put the little sapling in there and now it's much bigger nine feet in girth thanks for watching leave us a thumbs up if you enjoyed exploring skipton castle with us make sure you're subscribed to see our visit to York coming soon patreon is how we're able to keep making videos a special thanks to all our supporters if you'd like to help us make more videos check out our newly revamped patreon page and video linked below

23 thoughts on “Exploring an English Castle in Skipton, Yorkshire

  1. I went to the castle on a school trip, when I was about 10. It's about an hour's drive from where I grew up.
    They took us all down into the dungeon, and turned all the lights out, and all the kids freaked out.
    Fun times. 🙂

  2. Brilliant video. As a Yorkshire native from just down the road from Skipton it's great to see what visitors think of the area. Looking at the rest of your videos you did the UK right, London's good but you went other places. All the best!

  3. Ive just discovered you guys and im totally loving your videos , always entertaining – hilarious in places , but remember – cream AND jam on a scone , and plenty of gravy on a sunday roast !!! 😁👍🏻

  4. "This restaurant doesn't seem to have anywhere to sit down and eat" – In the UK, we have a special name for ''restaurants' that don't have anywhere to sit down and eat – We call them "SHOPS"!

  5. weathervane – last row from left; muniment – second to last row starting at third column; arrowloop – third to last row, starting at fourth column from right; portcullis – first row, starting at fifth column diagonally down ending at fifth row from bottom; dungeon – third row, third column, going down; yew – seventh row from bottom, seventh column from left; watch – second row, starting at fifth column, down; wyvern – ninth column from the left, starting at eighth row from top down; desormais – see first column from the right, starting at second row down; courtyard – third column right, third row diagonally down, leftward; cumberland – third column from the right, third row, same 'c' as for courtyard but moving left, or across; norman – seventh column, first row, down; clifford – third column from right, seventh row from top, down… not sure why i couldn't find 'banner'. it was a fun puzzle.
    did it haphazardly.

  6. Pork is fatty, and the acidity of Apple's cuts through the fat of the pork ,that s why the two is eaten together, and pork pies are usually pinkish in colour ,these are dark ,coz they mince everything up including the snout and add it the mix

  7. I love visiting Skipton and the Castle.
    Sadly, the Elizabethan part that was built for Eleanor Brandon wasn't open to the public.
    Interesting to me because of the Clifford family…. Black faced Clifford.

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