Exploring an abandoned London Underground station, you can hear the trains thundering past but you never see one…

Check out my newer video exploring an abandoned underground station :


40 thoughts on “Exploring an abandoned London Underground station

  1. He used a camera stabilizer when he edited this, that's why it's got  smooth but weird feel to it. I think he used his phone, not sure. Nice work though. I'm looking to shoot a film soon, and was wonder if anyone can give a similar or the name of this station location.. Would love it…

  2. Fantastic!!! I love seeing the architecture of the subways there, the roundness, how clean it is. How wonderful for you to have been able to find a time when no one was there, so yes, for the time that you were filming, it is abandoned—which leaves the imagination of the viewer to see what is there, and the possibilities. Thanks for posting this for those of us who appreciate art/architecture/film, and who live in other parts of the world and enjoy comparing such places.

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