This is my first Urbex slideshow so please be nice 🙂 I have been exploring abandoned properties for nearly thirty years but only now have I thought of sharing my photos.
I am by no means a professional photographer but I love my hobby and want to share it with you.
This house was massive and the basement was the size of half f the house.
The first time I went, there was noone there but the second time I visited, I met a homeless guy who was living there and a guy with a camera who asked me to show him around the house. He did say he was a surveyor employed by the bank but he had no idea about the house and was more interested in the basement than other rooms.

The Manor House would have been a stunning property, it has a huge indoor pool, 2 squash courts, sauna and about 18 bedrooms.

It is a grade 2 listed building but I was informed that the owners have removed all the lead from the roof so that the place disintegrated and they would be able to claim on it. (If the owner is reading this, it was mentioned to me, I understand it is just heresay).

I hope you enjoy the photos, I did make a video too but when I watched it back, I kind of cringed at the sound of my own voice. lol

If you have any constructive criticisms or photographic tips, please feel free to comment.



  1. Hey great video Lady Urbex . I subscribed to you! by the way, if you (or anyone else) like exploration/adventure videos, new subscribers are always welcome on my channel. youtubers unite and support eachother! : )

  2. Did you get to video inside? I love urban exploration but I was disappointed not to be inside, also the wedding music to a slideshow was a tad irritating! Sorry. I want to see this house not a slideshow. Learn fron ObsoleteOddity!! 😉

  3. I had a feeling this would be all music rather than someone giving a little history about the abandoned places. So boring. Go check out Abandoned places with josh really entertaining

  4. One very poor video. A little commentary on the history of the manor would have been great, no just a few pictures and some loud music that didn't even fit the video.

  5. I always wonder WHO IS THE OWNER and what is his plan with the property? Why doesn't he sell for a symbolic amount with the pledge to restore and use it for something? I think I have to search on Youtube for "owners of abandoned places" I suppose.

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