Ep 80 Zero Waste Shopping | Day Trip to London | Silverstone

I didn’t think we have done much this week, but it turns out we had done quite a lot.
Glenn has a day out at Silverstone, which he really enjoyed. We both went to London to see the Emma Kunz exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, we then went to Harrods where we enjoyed a look around the Food Hall and paid a visit to the Ice Cream Parlour in the store.
We went out for the evening and drunk too much and paid the price for that the morning after with a headache.
One of the highlights of the week was finding a zero waste market stall in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. The stall was exactly what I have been looking for and was really happy to visit. I also got to meet the founder of Suds, who makes Vegan, Hand made, Palm oil free Bath and shower products.
We also moved the boat to a new spot in Campbell Wharf Marina.

Links to the zero waste market and suds

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hello and welcome to a life full of meaning my name is Lisa and this is good and together we sold a house we got rid of all of our stuff and we moved on to a narrow boat called that show here we are here we are I have to say that mrs. Warren wasn't this quite as happy a mini ago but she's managed to dig deep dig deep we went out last night I drunk I don't usually drink too much alcohol vodka and then today we've had Mia silent for long time that's a serious right P beer last night either I think we've done surprisingly well today considering anyway enough of our tired hungover states he is how the week unfolded excuse me mr. goose what do you think this is when you're a VIP how's the VIP no no I had to rent one of these bands and then it was upgraded to a green one because we I was a more special you have a great day yeah I've got a bit footage for you the sun is shining and it is set to be shining for a few days 50 days whoo so what's going on today guys shoot off to the office I've got to meet my friend at the police station nothing bad obviously you know go to a parish council meeting as on behalf of the police oh I'm gonna do my work this morning I'm gonna go pick my mom up she is symma dad today who's still in hospital and I'm gonna then pick my mom up I'm gonna come back here no mom the new marine I'll have some dinner and then I'll take a home by the supermarket so she can do a shopping are you gonna fix my bike today claims having a bit of a tidy up out the front here so we can enjoy this gorgeous sunshine Oh nicely done love it so pick me mum up say hello mum alone we're gonna go to Waitrose buy some yummy food go back to the boat and eat it for me that's the perfect afternoon good evening it's been a long day it's been good to catch up with my mom he's been be feeling fed up so it was good to feed us some good food and and try and cheer her up a little bit not sure if I did that but I did try anyway is about half past eight market not good Glen is still at the parish council meeting is gonna be chuffed it was open to be home by now but anyway I'm gonna unpack this bit shop in I'm gonna put my feet up and have a cup of tea good morning good morning it's Wednesday nice not it's Tuesday um so we're moving the boat today oh not far um farms like it's going miles for pontoons down to earth Lenny's nervous it's a bit of an angle this morning and it's been dreaming about moving the boat so I said let's do it we're moving to the corner let me see if I actually if I can show you at the window in pontoon down there will be worth it because um we won't have anyone next we won't have anyone next to us so uh yeah so yeah do it Glen do it I'm pret myself okay you do that I'm gonna find the tripod and we'll set the camera up and record your your excellent navigation yeah yeah yeah we'll see it's a bit breezy today mr. Warner this is the spot down here it's nice and cool in a spot here yeah he'll do that fine he always get so nervous moving I don't know why he does really well it's pushing off when you look at it it is a bit of an odd angle is he gonna make that pontoon no [Applause] so you remember Mike our handle was broken yes it's still broken and when I used my car yesterday admittedly I hadn't used it for like over a month while would be now on the car anyway I get to the hospital to see my dad I park in this little space and go together can't can't get out so I had to do the whole wine the window down put my arm out I couldn't do it it was it was not good anyway mr. W is promised he's gonna fix my car this afternoon so we're not gonna do it here so we're heading over to Northampton got some stuff to pick up from the office and then he said he's gonna fix it yeah you got an exciting day tomorrow mrs. Warner's taking me to the big smoke when exciting gallery there's one in your life is being married to me just a rollercoaster of fun and exciting things I'll leave you to it found it this this is the table that's broken basically this little ABS that they go that was that my elite force under fuel my hefty hands yeah just giving it too much in the large so now got one route that cable through that with all which is really tight okay back to this handle refit a new one and then reconnected and put it all back together okay well done I have the strength to snap tables okay could happen to any of us tie is it all fixed now it does is filthy here we go here we go here we go well done you excited I'm excited and I'm going to London and I've got new shoes on I'm thinking is this a horrible mistake we'll find out because we drive down the m1 to stand walk and jump on the tube and then head to Kensington which i think is gonna be one of the nearest stops to the serpentine gallery we've arrived at the carpark and there's people queuing for spaces we're looking for someone who's popped very badly so we could spit the Smart car into a space next to it my dude Circuit of the carpark and there are no spaces not even one tiny tiny one we're gonna go here and then here she'll get the ice cream so we're in Hyde Park which is one of the Royal Parks is absolutely beautiful right we've done the the gallery we now wanna hit two habits Thanks sorry for not be basking boy this one it smells amazing we'll go through here I'm not there from a dad something a bit speck no I feel like these I'm gonna get these for me dad we feasted on delicious ice-cream we've had a look round the food hall we have well basically my feet and our it's rush hour so we like why sit on the pack train so we've just found a bench Kensington Knightsbridge yeah we just come out Howard Bromberg bump to mode and we just gonna watch the world go by so we're outside the Victoria and Albert Museum my absolutely favorite Museum but Glenn Warner as Pete's foot down I will come back to here with my friend who will appreciate such gloriousness we got on this train and it was like standing room only it was so squash and now we've reached the end of the line and it's like our own personal train he my feet hurt in lots new shoes to London bad mood hello good morning it is first day of work this morning my feet are so painful I am NOT gonna mind too much I am kind of my moonwalk actually yes I am got my sandals on today Oh my blisters they are flipping whoppers so today my dad potentially might be coming out of hospital today dude look the door so that's great what were lucky you have purchased a whirligig what is it what is it show us show us tiller and then you put over Brawley funnily enough which is why it's a body made simple engineering which makes British made and then what I'm gonna do take the just the bottom of this and we're gonna have this world so what was your tumble dryer cheese last week all about drawing wow that's an impressive addition to our boat yeah Glen or is it just loads of it it's all under the tank and everywhere just have a feeling it's gonna be damp down there I don't know what made me look and it is don't tell me sorry it's like half past 8:00 at night and grand sight I just wanted to come to here I've just got feeling it's gonna be wet and then he finds what looks like unload a mud under there maybe it's like rotted wood I don't it didn't look like what it is rotten wood so it's now 8:30 at night and Glen is now aware of this situation and now he's found the tanks got a leak just what you need on the Thursday night at 8:30 when we could have been sitting watching telly can't know where the waters come from there it's not like I'm talking about isn't there's there's gallons of it father feels of it the bottom the hose pipe of the bomb yeah is feels it's wet so it's over the connect times beer through driving for now next time the thing is the pipes got massive kink in it as well the tank sitting on bricks yeah and under the bricks the slats of wood that so Ron I I'm just on that corner it looks like it's been likened you know not hot but just don't understand when we was just about to sit down well I thought you know what I'm going to pull that out and see if it's leaking just wanted to say something I just want to say think about good morning good morning it's Friday it's Friday love I love Friday's weekend is stretching out ahead of us Glen has gone to see Harry and spend the day with H I later today we are going out to celebrate Sarah's birthday very excited about that I feel I feel there will be cocktails there will be there must be there must be it's the only thing I'm holding on to today so I also managed to get Glen and Paul tickets to see Eddie China for what's that car show he does or used to do ah it's a car show Glenn loves the car sure I can't remember what it's called it's where they get like a really knackered car they do it up anyway a China used to be one of the presenters on it it's a mechanic so he is got a book tour going on and coming to Milton Keynes tonight so I got a Glenn and pull what tickets for that plane he's super excited about that and then they'll be joining me Zara who will be drinking cocktails somewhere in Milton Keynes so that's planned for today special people my key was he like this is the worst one look at that good morning it is Saturday and after every great night out there's the morning after so first things first let's make some coffee no coffees been drunk feeling slightly more human this morning so what we doing today on this gray rainy Saturday well I've got Mir today we have an action-packed day ahead no it's not I don't know why um I don't want to so really sure it's not action-packed but what I have found is that there's a farmers market going on in Wolverton today and there is a zero-waste store got a gathering of of empty containers this empty so I'm gonna get some washing liquid I want to get some white wine vinegar if they've got some I'm taking along these containers in case I see anything else a fancy and I've got the cloth bags gonna join us home we just gotta put some weights on him should we go and have a look at the farmers market first things first is gonna be washing laundry liquids okay so I'm going to wait everything yep [Applause] six friends making me feel okay yeah and then yeah yeah I'm gonna it is then the laundry take with you that's it top you to where you're stuck is he feeling it out we need some oregano or as beckii and Santa from the sites would say oregano that's into contribs so so tell us about sods is all vegan friendly it's all handmade palm oil free plastic ring is as you can see all packaged in frame with the exception of the little recycled paper band that goes around it everything's got all the ingredients on the back so in case anybody has any allergens and I'm also updating my packaging so that all new packaging will have the scientific names of all the ingredients on the back as well just because some people are given their allergens in the scientific name right which is generally their Latin the Latin name that nobody knows yeah okay no the I NCI names on the back of everything now it's all open teammate I am part of made in stonee so it's made at my office down in Stony Stratford and yeah it's just there's no nasties in everything it's all completely natural all incredibly good for you lovely yeah that's brilliant sort of about 3/4 full would be brilliant thank you yes but just sitting there quiet Oh wah wah this is it so we've got a shop in didn't we yeah so I'll show you where Yaya's boat is so to come out for a bike ride it's now pouring with rain so we're going to take some shelter under some trees that's very dramatic clouds ahead [Applause] is it good captain been a week not much not much on the narrow boat I moved it you got that video yeah I moved it yeah they would have seen you move in the boat man he was masterful even a passerby applauded it honestly you did well madam often the word fleet coming everything was was in my favor yeah no you did it very well so we may have just covered a little bit that you found a leaking on the water tank I'm a bit sad about that and I know whether it's the top pipe or whether it's the pipe at the bottom the pipe at the bottom I've seen is a is a bit of hose pipe which is falling but not ideal so I think I might do when it sentencing next time I have to get four off a bit of water pipe and you gonna have to pull all that out and I'll just replace them what hose pipe with a proper piece of what about all the leaky stuff underneath that so yeah yeah that's me I don't know what I'm saying though that might know if there I might just do that first guy might try and get some of it out you know but okay okay it's a big job I mean really and truthfully I should be taking the tank out and doing underneath it because I'm concerned that it's wet on my tank so he's that sitting on brick so it should dry but there's a lot wood to buy looks of it under there looks like it's right out I thought it was like mud buying it soggy would you anyway that's that's something oh yeah I'm gonna stop you I'm gonna stop it leaking I'm gonna do that in a minute oh no I'm not gonna get dragged around controls not the link okay okay well that is it for this week and we will see you next week for another exciting episode of an awfully meaning or a meaningful of life not a duck confuse people we will see you next week take care bye

9 thoughts on “EP 80 Zero Waste Shopping | Day Out in London | Visit to Silverstone

  1. That’s a tricky pontoon, I think once I was settled I would never leave it! However, Glenn as always was a star both mooring the boat and fixing the car handle. Now he’s got the tank to sort, no task s too big for that man! Thanks as always for sharing your week.

  2. Hi great job moving the boat glen I hope you both enjoyed the Icecream as it looked so yummy great filming Lisa I thought the vlog was great I can’t wait till next week and I hope the water leak hasn’t caused to much damage to the timber thanks guys cheers Barry

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