Why are YOU tired? Let me know using the new English vocabulary you’ve learned in today’s lesson!


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You want to say… "I wanna sleep,
I'm very tired" and there are many different expressions that you can use to say I'm
tired but be careful each expression has a
different feeling and a different meaning behind it let's look at those in
today's lesson you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Papateachme you'll get extra English practice and you'll see London life so why are you tired? They are tired for different reasons This guy has no more energy he woke up very early then went to the gym at 5 a.m. Seriously who does that!?
That's stupid! After the gym he went to work He had lots of work to do lots of meetings It was a very long boring day at the office then after the office he went to play tennis for two hours Ridiculous! Then finally he went home so he has no more energy That's why he is tired She however is kind of like me she just wants to sleep all the time So there are different expressions they can use let's look at some To wear something out means
to use it until it's completed until it's finished But you can also use this to describe that you're tired That something or someone has taken all of your energy maybe playing sport, the gym, a very long
day at work or school or a very boring person has just taken your energy In a present tense, you can say
"This WEARS me OUT" This thing or this person makes me
feel very tired have no more energy For example, you know those people who are like… "Oh my god so next week we're gonna go skiing, and then after that we're gonna go play Tennis! and then we're gonna go hike a
mountain!" "Why?" "Because it's so much fun! Then after the gardening, you know what we're gonna do?" "Karaoke! Just me and you!" That type of person who's full of energy
and takes your energy you can say "Oh my God, you wear me out! Stop talking!" but it's very common to use this as an adjective I'm worn out pronunciation you link those together "wor-nout" The N joins the next word, "wor-nout" Say it with me: "I'm worn out" Good Another way to say I I have no more energy I'm I'm finished You can say "I'm spent" But if you are like me and her you just really enjoy sleep You can say these things "I'm sleepy!" It means the same as I'm tired
-Oh yeah… I didn't mention the pronunciation of this A very common mistake I hear is "I'm tiRed" Don't pronounce the R it's more like a Y Say it with me! Another common expression you can use is I can't keep my eyes open Pronunciation: You can say this in two ways:
With the T… Without the T… Again we would link that "S"…
it's actually a "Z" sound to the next vowel sound So "my eye-Zopen" "I'm going to bed I can't keep my eyes open" Some expressions are not specific to
this situation or this situation It's just in general "I'm tired" "I'm knackered" or
"I'm shattered" These are both very British expressions So to learn the British pronunciation is the best way Repeat with me "You look knackered" "Shattered" This is only two syllables Say it with me Again, both mean "I'm tired" but if you say "I'm knackered", for the older generations This means that you're tired because you had lots and lots of sex but in modern English, no one uses it like that,
it just means I'm really tired and they can both say these expressions the same with… "I am pooped" It's not related to poo, it just means
I'm very very tired this is more of an American English term but we use it too so it's fine and the last one you want to say "I am EXTREMELY tired"
You say this… "Exhausted", say it with me… There's one more… "I am tuckered out" This sounds old-fashioned, so if you say it today it sounds funny For that reason, you won't say this in a serious way would say in a friendly funny way So if you want to be funny you can say this… "Tucker" is a verb, and it means
"To exhaust" to use all of the energy But, the only time you will hear that word is in
"I'm tuckered out" This is where it gets really interesting We can get very creative when something or someone exhausts you, takes all of your energy You can use that thing or that person like a past tense verb, and put "out" This is sounding confusing, I'll give you an example… Let's imagine that all day they have been watching Netflix All day! He is happy to continue, but for her
"No, that's that's enough! that's enough! No more Netflix! Too much Netflix!" She wants to say
"I'm tired of Netflix" She can change this to a past tense verb
and add "out" like this… "I'm a bit Netflixed out to be honest" Now this specific expression, it's not common but this is an example of how you can be creative with that structure "To BE somethingED OUT" You have had too much of this thing Change any noun or any person's name into a past tense verb Example: All day you have been studying You want to say: "No more studying! that's too much! I'm finished! I'm done!" How do you say that?
You could say… I'm studied "To be honest I'm all studied out,
I don't want to study anymore" So you can use this for anything Be careful though
this is not formal and it's not standard In a written English exam I wouldn't recommend it However if an English student in an exam said this to me, I would think
"Wow that shows a native understanding of how English works" So in a spoken exam, probably yes You want to show that you've had enough
of something you can say that and like I said, if you've had enough of one specific person, Make their name into a past tense
verb, and include "out" For example all week you have been hanging out with and talking to someone called John and you want to say: "Uh! No more John!" "That's too much John!
I don't want to talk to John anymore!" How can you say that using that
structure? "I'm a bit Johnned out to be honest!" it's an odd expression so don't use it too much Don't use it for everything,
but sometimes it's fun to be creative! Let me know your examples of
the vocabulary from today's lesson in the comments! and if you want extra extra English practice you can join my Patreon page or join this channel as a member you'll get extra English practice in the form of worksheets which I upload and debates which I participate in and moderate So we can debate we can argue
in English and you'll be supporting this channel and helping me make more videos and if you already do that like these people do, thank you!

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  1. You’re the greatest! I have been fluctuating between Intermediate and Upper Intermediate for so long now and I’ve been looking forever for a channel that helps with Real Life English! This has helped so much! I binge watch your videos on and off and I try to keep it as a habit, minus the binge :’D. I wonder if anyone knows a similar channel for Spanish that would be of great help!

  2. i'm going through your videos and is all anti american english and pro british english. all of my friends that i help teach english prefer american english. it's more universal than british english lol 🤦‍♀️

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