Barham Court, a magnificent Grade II* listed (architect Benjamin la Trobe) English Country House is now offered for sale. Currently used as a business centre and serviced offices, it has many possible uses: a fabulous family home, country hotel, events venue, medical centre and many more.

Based in Maidstone and set in acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, it overlooks some of the finest views in Kent.

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18 thoughts on “english country house for sale

  1. And who the hell are you to tell other people where to live and how to spend their money? I bet the owners of that mansion have contributed more to charitable causes than you ever did in proportion. Go fly a kite, you ignorant troll.

  2. Hardly anonymous given that until recently you sported some long-winded fictional name on your page, which thankfully has now disappeared. I happen to know a QC and he tells me that he knows of no such person. Incidentally, I'm an author, not a planespotter. If somebody openly brags about their status (ie. 'fit for a QC') then they can expect to have their claims researched very thoroughly… if I were you then I would be a little careful before indulging in such role-playing activites in future

  3. I know exactly where this is. There's nothing wrong with having a lot so long as you share with those who have far less or nothing at all. The wealthy today do very little in the way of charity with their money and extra time other than those few large cheques they might give to an organization of their preference.

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