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of course they could end up where Elizabeth Rossini now is it's at Wimbledon what's the weather looking like down there Lizzie hi Victoria well yes you caught me in a little bit of a sunny spell here we've got plenty of clouds but also some Goods brightness arounds to add a little bit of sunshine as well as we head through the rest of this afternoon of course today is a Manic Monday which means that pretty much everybody left in the tournament will be on the court today so it's another very exciting day here at SW 19 and we've got your Hannah contest to look forward to on Santa court just over to my left here a little bit later on through the afternoon after then the doll match Serena Williams of course on court number one at the moment so what can we expect weather-wise for the rest of the day well at the moment partly cloudy the small chance of one or two isolated showers if we take a look at the rest of the afternoon and a bit more detail you can see that if we do get these showers they're more likely to pop up towards Western Home Counties perhaps as we head through the very last part of the afternoon and into the evening with looking at top temperatures today around 21 or 22 degrees Celsius and in general I think that cloud is going to come to sick and from the West as we head towards the end of the day this evening and overnight then plenty of cloud perhaps a few few Clara spells here and there particularly towards eastern areas it will feel quite warm and quite humid overnight tonight so lows of around 14 or 15 degrees Celsius just the small chance one or two showers overnight and again the chance of an isolated shower tomorrow too now tomorrow mostly dry rather cloudy things will turn warmer with again the chance of one or two showers on Wednesday and on Thursday with Victoria Chloe Lisbon oh thank you very much indeed

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  1. Welcome to Monday! It's official and a new week of weather awaits! Here on BBC London News, weather girl Elizabeth Austen Rizzini live from Wimbledon explains.

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