Eddie Mair 11 April 2019

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Oh Dan you are an incorrigible delinquents at times yourself an a live lied to college green at Westminster where David Jones is waiting thank you for your patience he was a brexit minister he is the Conservative MP for Claude West are you warm in our LBC tent it's very snug yes thank good good I'm glad we're looking after you who will you go as at Halloween Theresa May or Donald Tusk the question is whether we ever get to tell a Halloween Politico we'll get to Halloween well we guess but politically speaking what will happen before then and I think quite a few things are likely to happen I think one one thing that is more or less certain to happen is that the Prime Minister will have to step aside and be replaced by another leader and that of course will do a lot to change the game well if I may not that the post of Prime Minister isn't important but I think for most people listening interested though they are in that the future of brexit is is probably more important you you're not saying which party by the way you might vote for in the European elections actually I did okay I've made it clear to you referring to the BBC Wales report yes yeah I I went on BBC world this morning made a point I've never voted for any party other than the Conservatives and what would I ever do so will you definitely vote at the European elections if they happen yeah yes but on that point I think is extremely important to to point out that this is an exercise that's going to cost 108 million pounds and it's very lovely Chris Grayling could get dozens of fairies but it's it's also very likely that those who take up their seats if in fact we have that election we'll probably be sitting there for a maximum of four months and I think it's quite unreasonable to expect candidates to slug the streets for several weeks in order to be elected to a parliament in which they will probably not be participating evil will make that choice won't they why do you think brexit hasn't happened I mean there'll be many reasons for it but principally who's responsible for that do you think I think frankly it's a lack of will on the part of the British government the the the legal structure is in place the Commons passed all the necessary legislation including the withdrawal Act which prescribed you'll recall the 29th of March as the date and then it became very clear that the government was getting cold feet about leaving without a negotiated agreement even though that was what was provided for in the act and is now doing its level best to ensure that if we do leave it's going to be on the softest terms possible so you think it's the lack of will on the part of the British government do you think that levers who made during the referendum campaign have over promised and ultimately under delivered do you think they bear any responsibility for brexit not yet happening no I don't think so because once the referendum process was completed then became an issue for the government to deliver the government of course has been hampered by the fact that we had a fairly advised general election in 2017 which of course wiped out the overall majority well before we come to the election let's let's look at what was promised during the referendum Liam Fox coming to a free trade agreement with the EU should be one of the easiest in human history John redwood getting out of the EU can be quick and easy Boris Johnson there are plenty people who now think the cost of getting Ike would be virtually nil that was all nonsense wasn't it do any of those people and others who said similar things bear any responsibility for brexit not yet happening well well look you're obviously asking me to defend things that other people have said but what I would say is that if I'm asking you whether those people and others bear responsibility for brexit not happening no I don't I don't think at all because as I say once the referendum was out of the once the legislation was in place it was up to the government to deliver brexit and there was no reason why they should and in fact you probably recall that the Prime Minister made a speech in January of 2017 at Lancaster House which was probably the best speech that she's made on the issue of brexit in which he spelled out a vision of a free trade agreement or of a good relationship with the European Union that wouldn't impede our trade in good relations with the rest of the world and to get back to that election after the election of 2017 that stopped and I think that that was where the lack of will crept in well I want to press you further if I may on this question of responsibility because in my experience when you ask arch levers in the Conservative Party why brexit hasn't happened and what's gone wrong it always seems to be someone else it's never the BRICS is supporting brexit ministers who were in charge apparently they were all who'd linked hoodwinked by a a cabal of remain supporting civil servants it's not the brexit secretary dominic arab who confessed in November he hadn't quite understood hi reliant UK trade in goods is on davekeli it's always those pesky Europeans leave us told us EU countries would fall out during negotiations and succumb to leave demands or or even recently given at the eleventh hour they haven't have they and I just wonder whether they the promises of it's all going to be easy are part of why this hasn't worked Eddie I you you recall that I haven't blamed the Europeans at all during this conversation what I have blamed is frankly a lack of will on the part of of the British government never the levers well the government comprises levers and remain errs you know you can't actually fractionalize a government the government should have been proceeding with a very active process of preparation for leaving the European Union they should have been publicizing the fact that we're doing that they should not have agreed to the sequencing of the talks that the EU insisted upon in in other words they didn't stand up to the EU and I I'll be frank with you it has not been well handled I'm not complaining at all about the European Union but would you complain about some of those levers I've quoted I would I'm not personalizing people but the limb foxy is in government but you know John redwood is not in government he he is not responsible for the conduct or the negotiations he's responsible for what comes out of his mouth though yes but he has an opinion as we all do um leave Tory you broke electoral law and was fined 70,000 pounds leave dot EU and an insurance company owned by aran banks has been fined a hundred and twenty thousand pounds over data law breaches do you think the referendum was crooked no I don't I I was involved in the referendum campaign really from the beginning of 2016 I saw no evidence that it was crooked by the way about the evidence like well I own the alleged Commission's find well just a moment leave dot EU was not you'll recall the designated campaign Erin banks was not part of the designated campaign yeah I mean it was a complex campaign and the Electoral Commission has come to certain conclusions I agree with some I will accept the conclusions of the Electoral Commission but what I can say is that I saw no evidence at all of any wrongdoing and I was very closely involved with the campaign for many months so we have all of the promises made by some of those levers I quoted we have leave dot EU breaking electoral law who were not the designated campaigner well that that that difference may be lost on people who were reading the messages on Facebook you think that they're not lost on you Eddie and you know the difference and what's the difference to people reading the messages well if the designated campaign was vote leave as you know and vote leave it was nothing to do with Aaron banks he had no participation in their activities at all so we have the we have the promises made which have not been delivered the promises made by leave supporters we have what happened to during the campaign and now all we hear from some hard brexit conservative MPs either it's really time to get rid of Theresa May nevermind the millions of people and businesses who are whose lives are on hold let's change the leader do you think millions of people in this country those people who sincerely want out of the EU do you think they deserve to be led by something better than a bunch of cheatin chances right for their own political and financial ends again that's your characterization which I don't accept at all and in fact if you'd like to say which is the cheating chance of it you're referring to you know maybe I could comment did we just talk about what happened to leave dot EU well we did and I reminded you that leave dot EU were not the the designated campaign nor a leave dot EU anything to do with government I have made it clear that I think that the difficulty was a lack of the part of government a lack of preparation poor above the poor agreement of the sequencing of the talks that were demanded by the European Union and I'm not blaming the EU at all but what I am saying is that we could have been better led look it will be better led by the leave the leave side before during and after the referendum is really my question because the obsession with getting rid of tourism a continues and brexit still hasn't been delivered is it not time to chafe or thanks people to change the subject forgive me I'm not I'm not obsessed with lives at all if that's what you are actually suggesting what I'm saying to you is that I think that tourism a who has I think attempted to deliver what she thinks is in the national interest is not really going to be able to take this process very much further because she stymied and I think that now is the time for the reset button to be pressed and for a new leader to commence the negotiations in what way she stymied would you say because quite clearly she will not be able to get the withdrawal agreement through Parliament reversion well the issue is that Teresa Mays withdrawal agreement is not going to fly I'm not suggesting for a moment that that withdrawal agreement will get through the House of Commons at all because clearly it won't it's been defeated three times once by the biggest majority in British parliamentary history and I think that is time for a new negotiation with Europe Union that is going to result in something that is far more likely to fly than the withdrawal agreement which I don't think will who would do a better job well that's a matter for consideration and you know my and colleagues would no doubt be considering that Theresa maze made it clear that she wants to step down soon she says she'll step down when the withdrawal agreement has gone through well maybe you should have some idea of who should take over I just wonder for you I've got some private views but I think is frankly premature for me to to share theirs now you're urging the country to press the reset button on the Prime Minister but won't tell us who you think should take over what in due course I will but but the fact the fact is that at this particular stage I'm not prepared to share it well this comes down to my suggestion that there are some people and I'm not accusing you of this but there are some people I'm suggesting to you who are using this national crisis for their own political ends no I I firmly reject that I think that that is completely wrong I'm glad that you said that I'm not doing that because I certainly am NOT I actually would support the withdrawal agreement if the Irish backstop can be removed the Irish backstop is what destroys British sovereignty it what it's what potentially removes Northern Ireland from the Union and I'm not prepared to sell down the river you wonder why during the referendum campaign Boris Johnson dismissed questions about the Irish border well you know you're asking me questions for the people and really those questions would be far better directed of the people you your query thanks very much for taking the time well thank you for sitting in our warm tent and if you're a politician thinking about which program to appear on bear in mind I warm and cozy the global LBC ten days on College Green that was David Jones who was a brexit minister he is the Conservative MP for Claude West

37 thoughts on “Eddie Mair destroys Brexiter MP over Leave Campaign crimes

  1. When you calmly take some time to examine all facets surrounding the Brexit phenomenon, like the nature of the UK (including her people and her aims and aspirations), the nature of the EU (including the aims and aspirations of each of the countries therein) and also the nature of the wider world, how it operates, where each of the resources that we all need to live are located and how each country acts and reacts with each other, then we can see that Brexit is not a good idea.

    GB is in the midst of an existential crisis at present. Many Brits seem to believe that She’s a major world power that can dictate the pace of life both at home and abroad when in fact, that hasn’t been the case since at least the 1920’s and 1930’s. That’s almost one hundred years ago! It also should have been obvious during and just after WW2 that militarily, GB was a busted flush. And the Empire had crumbled under the weight of millions of people looking to reclaim their territories and their countries from British rule and occupation. Back in the 1940’s, if not for help from Russia, the USA, Canada, Australia and all the other European allies (that didn’t want a new Nazi empire rising after the British one had eventually fallen), then GB would have been crushed economically and politically as well as militarily. Not enough people actually realize this!

    It’s probably quite telling nowadays that most people who voted to exit the EU are in the industrial north of England, while more informed and affluent people are in the south ( the south also being closer to the European mainland). That’s the fault of the education system not properly preparing people for life in the modern world. But equally, it’s also the fault of politicians that were elected by people who have no choice but to work with the English political system. Local domestic politics in England has failed for a long time to act for and properly represent these people. That’s not the fault of the other 27 member States. I’m disregarding Scotland and N Ireland here in this comment because they seem to understand the real issues (except of course the DUP members who have a completely different agenda altogether).

    The fact is, Britain will find it very hard, surviving outside the EU. She might well manage it alright, but who wants to just manage or just survive? And if She does somehow manage get back on her feet (a very big if) in the decades to come, lots of Leave voters and campaigners will be dead. And the main movers and shakers will be gone/retired from business and politics. That will leave the younger people, most of whom will be able to see correctly that GB should be in the EU. And guess what? They’ll get their politicians to reapply for membership, which will have made GB and Her politicians nowadays, a right laughing stock in historical records.

    Finally, there is a very good reason why GB hovers between having the fifth to seventh largest economy in the world. Yes. You’ve guessed it. The reason is EU membership. There can be no doubt that will plummet after Brexit, with less trade within Britain as well as into and out of Britain. Scotland and N Ireland will be ok. The Scots will achieve independence and with North Sea oil in Scottish waters Scotland will thrive. N Ire will reunify with the rest of Ireland to make a new Ireland, like Germany did in 1990. That leaves just England with her principality, Wales, to be the UK. That’ll be interesting to see, for a short while anyway.

    Nothing ever stays the same. History has taught us that countries, borders, lines on maps and people are always moving. That’s the nature of humanity.

  2. The shite that come from the mouths of these arsehole Brexiteers is unreal . Do you think the leave campaign was crooked , no i don't . So how come most have been fined for being crooked .

  3. All I get from socialists, liberals, lefties and social democrats is insults and judgement about my character. You hardly know me at all, so why call me horrible names without making a valid, intelligent point? I wish I could change that horrible photograph of me.

  4. Boris will become PM with jacob being chancellor of the exchequer. All they need is may to quit now. A sly tory making sure he covering his own back at the same time trying to open up the reporter to being in court. ERG lot are really the enemy of the working people.

  5. What a fraud, lies, damn lies and fake statistics.

    The electoral commission itself admitted bias, that would have been enough to rerun it if it had been binding.

    The withdrawal agreement probably won't go through opening the probability of never ending extensions, a new referendum or the MPs just cancelling Brexit.

  6. We're I not in Hospital I could have sent Mair copies of correspondence between this mp and a constituent {me} that would suggest he is very skilled at lying through his teeth.

  7. So, he recognised that May's snap election reduced her majority, which hampered her brexit deal. So he would have been quite happy to send northern Ireland down the river.

  8. Is this the SAME Eddie Maire that was kicked out of the Beeb because he wasn't a gay woman or another ethnic minority? Yeah this nation has gone to the dogs. I wouldn't put us in the top 35 nations to live in the world now. Well done Honduras you've pipped us to the 35th

  9. Paraphrasing: "It's time for a new leader who can go and negotiate a better deal with Europe". Europe have said repeatedly that they are open to extensions but that the withdrawal deal is not up for renegotiation.

    "I'd agree with the deal if they removed the backstop, it risks losing NI from the union". No conservative (or other party for that matter) MP has provided an adequate solution to the Irish border. The Good Friday agreement is very very clear on what checks might be allowed at the border. None. You'll hear idiots talk about a technology driven solution.

    Even if such a system could be developed, it still fails the Good Friday test. Just as bad, a tech based solution would be open to abuse. Because there can't be physical checks, you just bung all your contraband in the back of the lorry, throw in some English Immigrants and declare on the website that you're carrying gruel for orphans.

  10. It wasn't just leave.uk which were found to have broken the law. Vote leave were fined too and referred to the police for illegal collusion with other campaigns connected with leave.uk. it was all one sordid campaign snd Eddie should have pressed him given that he seemed happy to throw leave.uk under the proverbial 350 million pounds bus

  11. It is a odd experiens to hear a man who has been staring the ship into the rock saying that he has no responcibility, it is the captain who took over after the ship that should take all the responcibility for the wholes in the Shipp. The precent captain is totaly usless since the former captain said it would be easy to stear the rutten sinking Brexit Shipp.

  12. Notice a pattern re the approach to replacing the leader?
    "Let's get rid of May"
    "Who will replace her?"
    "Let's worry about that later"
    "Let's leave the EU"
    "What deal will we have with them afterwards?"
    "Let's worry about that later"

    Typical Brexiter shyster tactics.

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