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Welcome to Life With Ashley! My name is Ashley Sellers! I am a 24 year old college graduate and a newly employed Flight Attendant that is obsessed with traveling and sharing my daily life journey! Follow my journey as I travel the world and experience new things!! NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY!! #LIFEWITHASHLEY ! SPECIAL TRAVELING VLOG EPISODES WILL PERIODICALLY BE RELEASED ON TUESDAYS! #TRAVELTUESDAYS !


Goal is to visit 15 countries by 2020…New or even revisiting! This is the 7th country of the year! All together I have been to 15 countries and 22 states!

PS- I just got this camera btw so bare with me, trying to learn it!

Welcome to Travel Tuesdays!!! A series in which I will release my international traveling vlogs on Tuesdays!! Which Country should I go to next? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!! #ASHLEYWORLDTOUR #ASHLEYSUMMERTOUR



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hey guys is ash welcome to a lifeless Ashley and yes so today we have another world tour episode I told you guys I am NOT playing we are taking off to two countries a month this summer okay so today I am in the United Kingdom and I'm so happy to be here because fun fact if you don't know I was born here and United Kingdom consists of four countries Scotland England Ireland and Wales and I was born in Scotland but today I am in London I never been here before but my mom said I did have to get eye surgery here when I was younger from Scotland like we had to drive over here or fly whatever we did and I had to get surgery on my eye and a doctor promised her I have 80% of my vision and my vision is actually perfect so they had to put me in a straitjacket go and do the surgery I was so young but you know that doesn't really counts because that's all we did we came back so I had to start you then we came back but it's so weird cuz my dad says that never happened that intense I don't know but now I have officially been from London so country number 15 is the seventh trip of the year the goal is 15 see I make sure you subscribe and watch the other World Tour episodes if you have it but last week I was in Iceland so I was videos links are in the description um yeah so let's get into it so London was a very cheap trip for me as a family trip my stuff daddy's here which will come on his birthday trip so I actually been here two days yesterday though I didn't want to be all social media ish I'm vlogging there he is right there it's his birthday sort of one way to live because you go down live to the fullest hoorah yeah he's lived his retirement best life but yeah so yesterday I kind of just wanted to be in the moment so I didn't vlog a lot but I am one of all today so yesterday we were on the outskirts and I gave a tour of where we're staying at so that could be on my Instagram and the majority of today is gonna be on the vlog but yeah so we're staying with my god sister Lina so that actually worked out because you know usually we do an airbnb x' and also if you want to Airbnb discount my link is in the sketch for that but yeah so we stayed at her place the tours on Instagram and it looks so these are like they look like little cottages don't they massages yeah the cottages and she said they're like this is like a village so they're like the cities are like village so it's really nice and they're like you guys got to go to my Inn sit down and what else does it like townhomes chick videos keep it bring the master there you go oh yeah and mr. Rogers was stationed overseas so pretty much were you in the military you get stationed overseas so that's why they here but it's perfect because we got these benefits so hurry just a little too okay so we're just waiting for Alena I'm pretty sure you guys know Lina like we grew up together in high school with me Ashley jazz Taryn and Lina caught us on chill AJ team but yes she went to the military so ever since Mike I went to college she hasn't but she has her own YouTube too so if you guys are interested like UK vlogs and stuff but she's here playing three years follow her she been to Spain and stuff so you know her link will be in the description so subscribe to her also and it's so crazy y'all because like the inside like the houses here in London they don't have air-conditioning and I'm on the I sleep on the top and they and inside the cars don't have air-conditioning they have heaters that's not but no air-conditioned but luckily I was fine last night but you kind of could see how it's set up it's like really nice like a look look how how and the UM so the huh can you guess where the frigerator is in here doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo boom right here open it voila we want the grocery store yesterday that stuff is on the Instagram also they have this really strong beer it's a really strong beer is so good it has to peel it it to a lot of their food does not have seasoning on it like I don't like I don't eat pork anyway but I got ham cuz I love being sliced ham to the stage you know it takes playing a lot of food taste gland here because they have free health insurance but they also want their people to be healthy so everything is extra healthy and this is what I have fun I tried a little real London is like Lena's husband said I look like I'm from here and that was the fault okay guys so we are at the train station waiting for the train it comes every I guess 30 minutes we missed the first one because we had to scrape up some pounds for parking the train riders like a hour Mina so the train rides like an hour and it cost us for all four of us 90 pounds yes that's a good deal and so we have Melina Antonio kidding mrs. C okay Lina tell them your vlog it's Alina in what kind of videos everything as right now so is a UK boat that's what I said earlier yeah it's a little-bitty UK blogs and then just my life mm-hmm in a nicer husband Tony Oh what oh we had amazing breakfast bed eggs and shrimp and grits made by daddy so you had a train ride wasn't that bad it was an hour but we were asleep mr. Raja was knocked out and it's kind of weird cuz it's the fourth of July but you know like hey I'm celebrating here so happy fourth of July so my fellow Americans why do you laugh every time I love look at the busses like the movie so yeah they drive on the opposite side of the road you can't really see fit yeah so never try this was weird but Lena number basically accustomed to driving like that so the Queen lives here and they take the Queen very seriously with America you know but here with the Queen they're like all hail the Queen all hail the Queen like on her birthday they get a day off when Megan was born I mean when Megan is the daughter I mean when Megan's baby was born they had a day off she is here she lived but on the summer she's not here most the time to see Cleveland stop where I was born watch ela video and some work yeah this is nice and honestly like we can only go of it you can only do tours what's not here see there yeah oh so when the flag is up she's there that's cool OMG you see the guys it's been a real Steve I'm no they hot alright this is the market with the street food the church people oh okay which one is good try this but it's a mushroom on truffles okay this one yes you like it it's good but the texture texture we're all right we're in a taxi find out this ticket how you feeling today I am doing awesome currently in London arrived in a taxi was one of the most wonderful people at America yes hi I do a perfect well – so tell them about the taxi thing so Leon we had to wait in the line for the taxi what about it yeah they started to text I use taxis all personally by the person who driving taxi yeah so but attack they're still the biggest thing outside of uber okay all right so funny I was going to show us how to yes go ahead now you didn't let it good okay about two minutes however you like well done medium-rare I got the fishing show the gear up dish what else do they know ha Europe Leena get it when you finish it it's not a raw though which one your does you cooking Oh what you thought we was doing hungry you gotta stop British okay oh my gosh I like the Fisher chips then I got all fast food Tony oh you like to state I did it was amazing Lena sensations great Barry had to say was you wanted a sea bass and it tasted good yeah yeah I was banging it look literally like they just caught it very much fresh Donald Shawna dog toy oh my gosh I'm with it the London high yacht y'all sure gonna a couple day on there actually probably it probably is I just didn't have you so disappointing well in a limb you we hittin everything we and everything everything over here right here all the hot spots so that's Big Ben but it's under construction nice so then we have a London I'm looking to get shot real quick so now I'm gonna go to the gift shop I'm a little upset because my phone phreaking died I don't understand but I got everything I just got to get this picture of me on the Tower Bridge and that's it London you legit Cotuit and a half today so I wouldn't plant just a trip to London I might get more into that later so miss Roger last night you being here with what year 1995 that's that was one years old we didn't know existed and I was in the same country I mean I was in the same UK everyone says Tower Bridge that's mr. Rogers been talking about that says who's on a plane so we got our souvenirs I got my guy baby some stuff for that birthday whoever birthday come up they get from whatever country that is you know because once they have the kids it's all about them not the mama you know that's how I be mine can't come on July night I'm being there I'm being there like Papa gonna be fair you know Beyonce go be who we are gonna be gnarly so pasa daughter right uh-huh yeah wait about the daughter's birthday no you want some bakery Lina yeah like you memory the jungle book I'll show you the trailer I show you the trailer true yes so you can see what it looked like yeah they're gonna be like relaxes yeah yeah they did a Latin how Genie all right this will mr. Roger been waiting what does it cost yeah gotta wait oh yeah we never get these get it like we never seen a bridge up close like yeah because when I come I don't play about the hot spot okay we did it all in a day because yesterday we stayed in the Cambridge area so I will see you guys the next whore destination we're going to Asia one of my Instagram to see the next country destination is in my bio make sure you subscribe because we're on the world tour and more videos come in and the summer tour live your best life thanks for all the support make sure you coming on they want to get on the vlog we in London by best people wouldn't be the vlog you no good Spears here there people are pretty cool here I mean they don't really come up to you but I guess they're pretty forefront we get shut up to the UK yeah so my first kids my friend say bye guys say bye Tony Oh Tony I'll say bye London I had an awesome time with my favorite looking okay okay guys so I am back from London and yes I wanted to add this like sit-down part you know in this video because a lot of guy a lot of the guys in my Instagram hunt was like hey you didn't really record that much on Instagram because you don't know all my country that goes to like I do highlights of each countries so people were like Dan you didn't record that much so it was London fun is it worth going to so this claimer my friend gots us the only no the one in this video who does YouTube videos shot here subscribe to her um I've known her since I was like 12 she warned me that there is nothing to do this is from her spirit because she lives in London she's based in the military all that so she warmed me oh is nothing to do in London or whatever and I'm like you know I don't really care I just got to go there to cross it off my bucket list it was my step dad's birthday so it's kind of killing two birds in one stone you know we could just stay with her I could see London because honestly outside of me getting my eye surgery I really never been there and I want to go to the UK because I was born in UK although it was in a different country Scotland they all four all four of those countries Scotland Wales Ireland and London make up UK saw one of those of UK signee really care um so yeah you know we first got there we we explored the outside of London the outskirts and that part was on my Instagram and we celebrate fourth of July and stuff even though we were in the US and then the second day we've seen London downtown in my experience because I have been to 14 other countries in my experience London was boring compared to the other cons I'd been to UM like my time was important I had a great time I love family time we were laughing everything was fine but I'm saying as far as doing stuff in the country London was kind of like it was nothing to do okay like she was right nothing to do there but I loved it because you know sometimes I need those chill countries where I can just relax in another country and just see like Iceland it was really fun that's like one of my favorite countries but we're on the move all the time so many things we had to do and see but London it was so it's a good family chill time so I would say like if you want a country Rica just chill and enjoy your family and not really be like exhausted with all those things to do that's London but what I pay $1000 plus ticket so go to London know like if anything what I would suggest that you guys do is I would suggest you guys maybe you know okay if you want to go to my dentist in London coz you can literally do London in the day literally so say if you bought like a wheat ticket you can get on a bus you can go to Paris you can go to you can go to Amsterdam you can order all these other countries in Europe for a treat from the bus ride so that's what I would definitely would say about London like I wouldn't spend an entire week in London definitely not it's the easy country to accomplish and yes people who are from London um we're telling me oh you didn't goes to the right places to eat oh you didn't do this yeah that's like the people like London is is it London is a place you have to know where to go you have to know the local spots you know to have fun it's kind of just like um just like start as sick as you go to like you have to you know you have to really be from there to know the hot spots because I was saying I don't really like the food because they have free health insurance there so in return all the stuff is healthy though like their food and the restaurants in their grocery stores sugar free all this stuff and not seizing and I don't like food like that so I didn't really enjoy the food which was bricks me because in Iceland which is also in Europe the food's really good to me but my friends plain to me that the UK in the Europe is completely even though UK's in Europe is the view that you can't countries are different from the Europe country so a lot of stuff was different like even the charting when he came to charge my phone stuff be different so you know you just gotta keep that in mind and I wasn't saying all the food in London is disgusting because I know you have you can go to your Caribbean places in London you have your Caribbean night lives you know it's different things to do in London but I when I go on my trips I am telling you guys from a tourist aspect when you go see London all the tourist stuff that you do is not really a lot to do outside of just seeing the London Eye seeing the Tower Bridge seeing Buckingham Palace outside of that is really not much do ya beautiful architecture and stuff yeah it really just depends on what you as a person like to get out of your childhood space I'm more of like I like going on adventure and the Scourge ins and stuff like that and so that's why I tend to like Caribbean countries more or I like seeing the wonders of the world like Iceland you know I like doing stuff like that I'm not a type of person who only likes looking like at historical buildings and historical figures like I'm not that much of a history person um but yeah I still had a good time I love being with my family I think those trips aren't important I'm going on a trip with my mom next month so yeah I have a lot of different country destinations and at the end of the year I'm gonna do like my top favorite countries in my least favorite countries each type of country vacation you know sometimes you got those countries that are just for a girls trip you got your vacation trips you got all those and I'm a spirit being with all these different types of ships this year so I'm glad I want a trip but all-in-all yes in London is not a lot to do there it kind of is a boring country it's kind of like I didn't feel like I was really like lately when I went to Iceland and some of my other countries even Paris I felt like I was out of the country but London I really didn't feel like it that much because it's just kind of like it wasn't that much different I started like their rules and regulations though which I'll get into more that a little bit it wasn't really like wow I got the country but like it felt cool because I was with my family we were laughing and I needed a a chill Vic anyway I didn't feel like being exhausted so it all works in my favor but I would definitely say if you're booking the London trip you can do it in a day so make sure you take a bus or a plane because it's very cheap to other countries so you guys actually you're like my friend from training before she was a vice in it she went to London she was isolated how you know like you could go to all these places I definitely recommend that London is very chilled the people were cool they can kind of be a little like standoffish but that's not gonna be a rule that's just their culture but they're really cool they're really cool people um yeah because I don't know if I told you guys when I was in Paris the Parisians can be a little you know what I'm saying like but I get tonight into the end when I get to my favorite countries and stuff at the end of the year but yeah the people who work or and I'm getting to the fun facts now you don't you don't tip you don't sit there the fool was um I had fish and chips my friends didn't like it but I kind of liked it but it wasn't as good as Iceland but you can really tell whether stuff really be healthy like like you know I'm saying um that's pretty much my Instagram I didn't won this even like things she didn't even care about London but it really was chilling most of the time so it wasn't like jam-packed all these excursions and stuff but I needed that um yeah like I said just research these countries cuz it all depends on which light you like some people might like all that history stuff in London must be a make will be amazing or if you're somebody who hasn't been who haven't had like a lot of out the country experience in London is gonna be amazing to you because one of my friends have been to London and I was like his first time out the country and he loved it and it was like this breathtaking experience by oh my gosh I gotta travel more and I really think it's because that's I won his first country's because when you see other countries you like thing like oh now I see that this is nothing compared you know what I'm saying like so it's just a pencil and who you are and how much experience you have but like I'm never gonna be a little like going to London like like you definitely like go to one in like I got in market I love this I go there so yeah you know is it depends on what you like but that's it I don't want to get too much likes about rambling and stuff um and make sure you subscribe we are going to a country in Asia next go to my Instagram to see that country's on my page view all the world so our episodes in a playlist link in the description and I have highlights on my Instagram page make sure you follow on stuff if you want to travel with me I could travel me girlboys subscribers you don't have to know me a person follow my travel page um all that good stuff is in the description my Airbnb discount and off thing bye guys you


  1. You can take the Eurostar train (not bus) to France, Amsterdam, Brussels and cheap flights to countries close by in Europe like Spain. Glad you still had fun with family 😘

  2. You hit all the key points that everyone needs to know before they get on anybody plane. Lol growing up in Atlanta then coming here was a HUGE culture shock. After a while you get tired of looking at nice buildings 😒

  3. London, England is my number one place I have always wanted to go on my bucket list, that and Derbyshire National Park near the Peaks and Lake District. Lately I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about African Americans in London and visiting England and it seems like there are a lot of black people who live there. Very cool. Also it is really cool you can say you were born in Scotland that is very unique. I was born in the US but I like hearing about different people born in different countries and their travels. Ashlee I love your travel videos, your life is very exciting. ❤️

  4. I feel like it's what you make it.. if you wanna have fun you can make your trip fun. I travel every month and everywhere I go wife my wife we have fun. Life is what you make it. Also London could be a very romantic place but like I said it's what one choose to make it. Safe travels and take care !! : )

  5. Not much to do in London! Maybe more to do with your planning. I have heard it all now. It is like me saying nothing much to do in New York. You are the winner of most stupid comment of the year. Well done.

  6. You are so dope. Love watching your videos and they give me a good look into all these countries we want to visit. We headed to Madrid and Barcelona in 2 weeks and we can't wait.

  7. Some facts were wrong 😂 brits dgaf about the Queen (Well some do) & black cabs are expensive, and have a history of not stopping for black people so we stick to normal cabs/ubers. Hope you enjoy yourself

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