sorry guys so just scooted little bit let's go everyone looking in the figure if you just want to sorry so you can say for the man I wasn't wasn't bringing everybody out if you maybe go behind the figure just we can see your eye lines and if you're just looking at each other kind of talking about the that's funny looking up at yourself Basco let me just get you to come sorted behind the figure [Laughter] brilliant thank you yes yes whatever you wanna do if you want everyone was surprised as if everyone squeezed didn't know us until I'm Nigel do you minimize they would have made put it thank you let's go around it yes yeah what do you think what you have to say I I should make my Nissan pickup yeah I think whenever you're when you're here shooting for 83 and you miss me too much [Applause] oh you're right now and if you just come in sitting on I'm starting to figure if s alright in this design sir perfect okay thank you signing out bye

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