This comes from a video where Imran Ibn Mansur answers several questions where one of them covers Hyde Park and what really goes on over there in the knowledge of most Muslims there.

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look you have to understand sign given doubt to non-muslims is a cause day I believe so strongly about yeah I was gonna say we got the downturn right yeah and and we've been promising we're gonna bring that back for a while know who need to know how much it hurts me and how much pain I feel that I'm not doing that right now okay especially when I see so many people doing this and they doing it wrong did yes bit trendy now isn't it like for example we got the whole speaker's corner thing I don't want to talk too much about it but I would touch on it yeah it's it's proper I think I think I think we corny other things a bit a bit big cringy you know that stepping on eggshells we just talked about trash absolute trash yeah I'm seeing videos of this guy okay this this one like East Asian Far East Asian done I'm just glad she doesn't call it just shot in source it Sam I'm saying this is not a guy that you can never have a real conversation with but from mime you do an interview with him and put it on your channel it's just cause he was trending in a park are you only doing that because okay let me let me talk to the guy who's trending that these guys are all I did such doughnuts man I remember people in High Park we're not famous the only ones who are famous along with a Muslim into ad used to go there so there's a Muslim there you shouldn't give you a platform to people who are unknown because you're gonna make them famous and then they're gonna get a platform to speak and they're gonna drive people away from the game and not only to actually I see people that will like it who quality people out for debates and losing miserably so it's embarrassing and you don't realize that you're actually you're actually you actually harm in the hearts of these people so when I see people doing this and they're doing it wrong and he it burns me mmm I think I wanna cry light as in cuz I love this tower yeah I love speaking I lost because Christians and lost victory secularists and I know how to speak through my shop but the reason I stopped you kind of jumped out of that field for a while because I remember I'm sure most people do as well we you had those videos where you speak to people and lawrence krauss thing was just tell just one from many like you basically he's both today doesn't think it's not is literally a a throat like what's the word it's a red herring or something to that effect but I remember like for example spokes that Sikh guy he spoke to that Christian pastor guy a bit different guy thing was not really a debate he conversation with him Donnie guy these kind of things even hears Christians or that was doubt those those things really powerful so the the point is the reason the reason why I left was because really truly man right okay I'll tell you cyan't go on this is something that one Jehovah's Witness guy said to me he said this to me I know only the penny only dropped after I started studying he said to me bro cuz I'm boss chatting when I was just blasting him with a Bible he said okay what you've told me is that my Bible is wrong but you haven't told me why your Quran is right and he was that 4:8 and he was when he was in this discussion you've used my Bible more than your Koran you stood dependent on my book Wow and here's that because every time I speak to him about Islam he put out a verse from the Bible try to respond from the Bible yeah which means he knew about his book we knew about his book right I don't sure – Sandeep go on you know for a long time I was given that one I knew more Bible verses don't put on dresses Wow I knows the majority your brothers in Hyde Park take normal Bible verses in your addresses wonderfully a normal Bible verse in the Quran verses they don't know their book means I'm saying it's digital pirate fashion it's what you you pull out a little page from a book or a little section from a lecture or a debate and you use that as ammunition to call in and I didn't want to be that fit guy who who's claiming like I know about my team but I don't know about my team mm-hm does I'm saying that I'm out there trying to King's you book mm-hmm I'm like eating the Quran mm-hmm valleys I didn't know

31 thoughts on “"Dawah Man" Reveals The Truth About "Speakers Corner" Muslims.

  1. HEHEHE MUSLIM MORONS, that`s what happens when you follow a fucked up religion, and a man made shit book named Qur`an. One thing you are right though, Muslims CAN`T wine a debate in Hyde Park. Do you want to know why? Hehehe, all you have to do is to read real careful your shit book. Only then you will see all the contradictions, and repeat stories of other older books in it, claiming by pedo Muhammad that are the words of Allah. Hehehe.

  2. Hahahahahaha this is the most cringey, ignorant and embarrassing interview ever. This donkey is so fake and all the kids following him are donuts. Not even Krispy Kreme donuts either, more like tesco value donuts

  3. Dawah is dawah now muslims are judging each other as it’s only my way or the highway. Why can’t you accept dawah is done to different people on different platforms. Let people do what’s right and forbid what’s wrong. Why you hating or taking over.

  4. The comments are vulgar I advise everyone of us to fear الله and to respect these brothers who are giving daw'ah the way that the prophet (asws) did . They call to Allah with knowledge Wich is not the case of a lot of people 😔

  5. Dawah man you are a joke. u say you know how to do dawah. Here's what I have seen from your dawah
    1) U got smashed by the Sikh jagraj, whereas hamza tzortzis destroyed him

    2) U were the same guy who was chasing Laurence krauss on the street like a clown.

    3)You insulted an apostates wifes looks, insulting the way Allah swt made her.

    Those brothers including shamshi are bringing so many people to Islam.
    U are a liar if u claim mohammed hijab and shamshi know more Bible then Quran. They are both more knowledgeable and more likeable then u will probably ever be. You are a Brother who hasn't matured very well, I respect your zeal and passion. But guys like u end up doing more harm then good.
    How many people do u think may have left Islam when u released that video about yasir qadhis doubts. That video left so many unanswered questions, especially for the laymen Muslim who has no idea about the Qurans preservation. U seriously need to rethink and leave the public eye for a while.

  6. This guy doesn't know anything. Don't listen to him. He can't debate people in Speakers Corner. Insults Muslim scholars thinking he is one.

    Yet people like him say it's cringey when they're the most cringe people. They are famous for being idiots. 😂

  7. Dawah man is cursed. Look at his eyes. This is what happens when you say in your videos 'We Reject what Umar ibn al Khattab says'. When you commit Ghustake e Rasool and spread falshood. Those who follow him will suffer the same fate. May Allah guide him to the right path

  8. The more you wahabis try to cut sufism out of Islam, the more cursed you will become.

    Ibn Taymiyya regarding special hearing and seeing powers of Sufi:

    “What is considered as a miracle for a saint is that sometimes the saint might hear something that others do not hear and they might see something that others do not see, while not in a sleeping state, but in a wakened state of vision. And he can know something that others cannot know, through revelation or inspiration.” [Majmu’a Fatawa IbnTaymiyya, Vol. 11,p. 314].

    Imam al-Shafi`i said:

    faqihan wa sufiyyan fa kun laysa wahidan

    fa inni wa haqqillahi iyyaka ansahu

    (Be both) a faqih and a sufi: do not be only one of them,

    Verily, by Allah’s truth, I am advising you sincerely.

    [al-Shafi`i, Diwan, (Beirut and Damascus: Dar al-fikr) p. 47]

  9. Bro that's not bad that's God teaching you in your Hart. The Bible is the Word of Jesus soon to return. You know more Bible because he says.Draw near to me aid I will draw near to you. Congratulations your graduating.😁 Bless

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