Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, featured in the BBC London News report on the security concerns that have been raised about the imminent release of the radical preacher Anjem Choudary by Home Affairs reporter Catherine Carpenter.

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the imminent release of the radical preacher Anjem Choudary he was convicted in 2016 of inviting support for the so-called Islamic state he is now eligible for early release with the BBC understands that police have prepared up to 20 control measures for his probation period our home affairs correspondent Catherine Carpenter has more details the London bombings on 7/7 the murder of Fusiliers each and the terror attack at London Bridge last year just three of the deadly assaults on the capital carried out by violent jihadists with links to the Al Muhajiroun Network now banned it was led at one time by Anjem Choudary a radical preacher from ilford years Anjem Choudary themselves managed to avoid falling afoul of the law but in 2016 he was jailed here at the Old Bailey for encouraging support but a so-called Islamic state group the judge described him as dangerous and calculating but now having served half of his five and a half year sentence his June release this week he was a very easy to get on with guy university and he's a person who knows how to deploy that charm in order to persuade people to follow a particular path David taupe studied law with Anjem Choudary he now works for a counter extremism organisation how much they were danger do you think it really depends on how closely he was supervised and how successful the security services and the police are at keeping him away from his existing followers and potential new recruits mr. Chowdhury is coming out of prison on licence that means his movements will be greatly restricted the BBC understands he'll spend the first six months in a probation hostel and today his assets were frozen I think the conditions that we're seeing him put under are you know potentially the most stringent we might have seen in this country for some time for someone who's not sort of being held in detention in a prison the a problem that will go on for a month or two months or a year this is essentially conditions he's going to be have to maintained under for the foreseeable future and the financial burden creates risk elsewhere according to one of the Mets former counterterrorism commanders when you place resources on convicted terrorists offenses when you have surveillance teams follow them around etc you're taking away the resources from more sometimes more hardened individuals who have making or plotting attacks there's a diversion of resources that you need to deal with the current threat at the current time the government wants to introduce longer prison sentences for people like Anjem Choudary but with his release imminent and others to follow monitoring old threats and new remains a balancing act Catherine Carpenter BBC London News

11 thoughts on “David Toube on Anjem Choudary's Release from Prison – BBC London News

  1. Our public services are struggling as it is yet we keep people like him alive and give them free houses, free food, millions to watch over him. Drop him off in any Islamic country of his choice and keep him out of the UK, I'me sure Saudi Arabia will take him off our hands.

  2. While i certainly dont condone the kidnapping, rape, defilement, dismemberment and the setting fire of what is left of anjem choudarys worthless corpse, I would not lift a finger to stop it.

  3. None of this has ANYTHING to do with Islam and what is written in the Koran..just because it advocates the subjugation and killing of non-Muslims does not mean it is not peaceful religion perfectly compatible with Western civilisation.
    Vote Gerard Batten and UKIP if you are sick to death of this suicidal bollocks too.

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