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Dapur is a small Malaysian restaurant located in Bloomsbury in the West End of London, that has been vouched for by no less a personality than the woman at the heart of the infamous β€œRendang Gate” controversy which took place on last year’s BBC MasterChef cooking competition, Zaleha Kadir Olpin.

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this week were at that board halal malaysian restaurant if you at the British Museum this is the place to go as it's located only a 5-minute walk away we find there just off redline Street in between land conduit passage now let's hear from the owner herself hi I'm Theresa and I owned a poor in Hoban and typically some Malaysian food and it's all from Sydney hello each other we have been in operation since March 2014 so Davao is open from Monday to Friday 11:30 to 3:00 o'clock we close at the weekend well I'm quite happy just being here because even it has the lunch time is perfect I want from the beginning when I say that you know I'm only a targeting lunchtime crowd the same thing with the menu as well I've never had plans to have a fixed menu because I think it can get a bit boring but for me what I cook every day is on a whim it all depends on me really what I what I fancy cooking I mean I do only make Malaysian food that was the aim anyway to community to introduce Malaysian food it in London for us we're just doing the national champ all kind of things the massive shampoo means like your eyes and all the dishes that's what you have in Malaysia you know like the street street food kind of thing and whereas most of the Malaysian restaurants in London are like your typical restaurant sit down you know with the menu standard menu and stuff and we're not and we don't have that all malicious normally would have nasi lemak for breakfast we eat a lot of rice basically in Malaysia if it's not rice it's probably noodles but NASA lemma is very very popular in in our countries it's basically rice cooked in coconut milk and then you have you know find your fondant leaves and then a bit of ginger onions and all these kind of things and then the typical compliments that come with it will be the chilli Samba the sauce and then you have your fried the fried little fishes anchovies and peanuts and also cucumber slices and boiled eggs you can also find if you go to Malaysia you can also find nasi lemak comes with fried eggs instead of you know boiled eggs if you if you want to go a bit more fancy then you do the fried exhibition yeah so and then the beef rendang written down normally we would have for special occasions normally during Eid we suffer and down and it's quite if you have written down with nasty lava is quite special because it's the time it takes to make rendang is just like for everyone but the main question is is a chicken rendang supposed to be crispy hell no no never never never I like your rendang flavor that's like a coconut sweetness however the chicken skin isn't crispy it can't be eaten but you can't be serious you cannot be serious but all the sauces on the skin are carne my grandmother will be turning in her grave yeah if you make crispy chicken right now because then ever happens it's just ridiculous because it's the sauce so you can't hide you can't have chicken curry with crispy skin basically it doesn't make any sense whatsoever so but then again here you know just because what's his name Brett Wallace is a master chef judge doesn't make him you know the expert in Malaysian cuisine so okay the noodles is just typically our plane we normally we do two types today we do the egg noodles so that is just egg noodles with a bit of soy sauce and chili and onions and a bit of tofu and enjoy some try some is the Chinese greens and that's it but but because I mean certain food is just it's so like hot warming right it's like so it reminds me of you know things that I eat back in Malaysia when I was growing up this is what my mom would typically cook for breakfast normally she would do this kind of thing for breakfast or if my dad ever go into the kitchen this is what he do late at night like for you know like supper in the late-night supper so yeah that's why I want to again just to have a bit of variety on on a daily basis because on Mondays you know me have the Sakura so today normally on tour on Wednesdays we have the small doodles the rice vermicelli but because yesterday was eat so I do some I did something special and the yellow noodles do today so yeah tomorrow we'll have massacring just one of the things I mean we just want the wiki to give our customers a little bit more choice is there any dish that you do really everyone that you that would be an extra-special one that people might might be forward to if they were to come down I don't know I think people who came down here would be looking for what they Dorinda hyung I don't know why but that's why they they they go for they just want to have the ran down with the nasi lemak you know all these dishes that we have here in Malaysia people would eat it with plain rice rather than the NASA llama or the coconut rice because with plain rice that you can you can you can taste the different you know the the dish itself

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