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Capsule Hotel is a popular accommodation in Japan and around Asia. This Heybear Capsule Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan is a MUST-stay if you visit.

Sleep in a capsule hotel for a night during your stay in Taiwan! Best type of accommodations for Asia in my opinion. TOO much fun 🙂

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hello everyone coming to you from hair bare capsule hotel now what is a capsule hotel capsule tells I'm sure something really popular in Japan but the thing is it's usually a male only here in Taiwan this new capsule hotel is just open and it's co-ed what our capsule hotels they're basically air conditioned or Cod style rooms actually stayed here twice so my second time I was like yo I got a thermo tour for you guys so bear with me as we go on this tour it's pretty awesome let's go all right now it's locked everybody take a second and check out how dark it is Oh Mike and this if there's a TV we can sleep in peace during the day at night whatever there's a couple of light sources so check it out reading light we have a backlight mirror light hello little basket they say we have headphones nice be very nice and also the remote control for the TV now I think or I've been using this that's like a shower kind of basket to put all your shower stuff but I'm not sure that's what you do I'm a relatively tiny person so this seems very spacious to me I brought a lie down and show you how much space there is between a head and feet I'm about five feet and an inch I'm about five feet okay laying down here I'm laying down here is about as much space my feet is right here well that's nice yeah it's pretty spacious you can just roll around in here plug for the headphones we have a USB charger you can unlock door here you hear that here's a little plug Oh over here there's something and check this out if you want to go to sleep just press this button are you guys ready press this button and everything turns off this here is a little safe so you can also put your stuff in here honestly I think just this pot in itself is already very secure because right when you walked out in your close to door it automatically locks also this right here your conditioning this little ol bet so even if you fart in here it's gonna be okay the one thing that really impressed me is how soft the pillow and the blankets are check this out in a lot of the Asia hostels all you get is a sheet here like a hole comforter this is so thick you can just hear it check out this very futuristic capsule like ceiling you can even do your own makeup and everything here it's all good you don't even need to go outside there's also hooks on both sides all right and that was a tour my capsule market down the hall if you turn to the right you can actually get your own little Locker so every room comes with your own locker that you can access with a key card to use to access your capsule so right here is where you can put your bags bubbles I'm now gonna take a tour of the bathroom but I gotta make sure no one's in there because then that'd be weird not so great this is the bathroom it's bent l's heribert very clean very amenities that you need to get to shower room because it's very impressive kumar's i this is a shower their shampoo and shower gel and then you get a little spiral here as the changing room when you put your clothes or whatever miss necessities right here it's always nice when a hostel like accommodation have this type of shower so we're not in the shower all the way at trying to put on dry clothes how to separate compartment a little us so there are your dryers to actually i'm area for you to get ready pretty soon I think the charming part of this entire hotel is this was only fourteen or fifteen dollars a night I did get apparently super hot deal agreeing to a coda but last time I paid about fifteen might as well be careful about booking this on sites like looking calm or Airbnb because the price might be way way higher every try to call in and reserve via phone I love the fact that everything here is fair themed so there's little stickers for bears on that elevator has bears on I there's dirty signs everywhere there are street signs so every lane is a street and there are little signs to Cuba to such enjoyable stay seriously because this is my second time here I'm gonna check out now we gotta go you

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