One curious seagull spotted on a London traffic camera is getting international internet fame.

the latest viral sensation is seagull seagull clearly excuse me seeking the limelight you can see here blocking a London traffic camera kinda seems like the bird likes being in front of the camera look at him this eco is racking up thousands of likes puns and jokes one verse is speculated that the seagulls traffic report might go something like this we're still waiting for confirmation that the chicken has indeed crossed the road yes I'm still fighting a cold and that is a neat Sego hello you go up camera time just like David Bowie yeah he's an all-pro like me

2 thoughts on “Curious seagull appearing on London traffic camera goes viral

  1. Hey! London, this is your "fair weather" reporter, Sully the Seagull. today's forcast is, dreary rain and dence fog. Don't blame me, I'm just messenger, I only report the news I don't create it. Lol

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