BBC News – Minicabs including Uber to pay London congestion charge

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Wednesday the 19th of December 2018 congestion charging yeah that's title or is it this way I never know anyway congestion charging okay sin the news today you may have read it but as of the 8th of April 2019 private hire vehicles the majority of them are going to be subject to congestion charge payments yeah and the payment currently stands at eleven pounds fifty per a day to enter the congestion charge in Zone in its own one okay what does that mean for private hire drivers it means that we will essentially have to spend over two hundred pounds a month if you are if we are entering the congestion charging zone Monday to Friday I mean every week for four weeks yeah so you know given month you can be spending well over 200 pounds I think the total that's the total Monday to Friday over four weeks and yeah a little bit concerning so it's going to be an additional cost and that private hire drivers are gonna have to absorb and it might make it this line of work not viable for some people now there are exemptions one exemption is if you drive a zero emissions car such as an electric car as we know it is a push for electric vehicles to go on the road and this is one of the ways they're trying to push for it previously hybrids when they first come out they were exempt from the congestion charging zone and now the bar post is moved so now we have electric models that are going to be exempt yeah so if you've got an electric car and your private hire driver you ain't got nothing to worry about if you've got a hybrid or diesel or any other petrol vehicle you're going to be subject to the congestion charge payment of 11.50 per day Monday to Friday okay there are other exemptions if you have a vehicle and it is it's a wheelchair accessible vehicle then you were exempt yeah and that's how the black taxis are exempt because they all got a wheelchair access yeah if you drive a VW Caddy or a galaxy and you've got a wheelchair access in the back of your vehicle then obviously you're going to well you're gonna save a lot of money because you're not gonna be paying the congestion charge in zone to gain the congestion Jordan zone I am one peda back hybrids another fuel-efficient vehicles being taxed unfairly what is the congestion charges own anyway you know okay that mean is it even fit for purpose because the congestion charging zone was supposed to come into effect to inevitably reduce congestion in central London hadn't done no such thing so I think they're trying to call it a low emission zone there move away from the congestion charge in issue although there is obviously still where a fee to pay if you enter the zone so if you've got an electric car if you've got a wheelchair accessible vehicle you're exempt yeah so polluting diesel taxis which are the probably 15 years old and older they probably still going to be in a very little bit longer you know chugging away at train stations but may as well it is in taxi ranks you know sitting there especially the winner you know keeping the engine running to keep warm more fuel efficient vehicles are going to be subject to this congestion charge okay but most important thing anyway cuz I'm kind of waffle in here I spoke to my accountant today when I read this year thanks to milling boys because he kind of highlighted me on the newspaper article which is right here yeah and I'll leave a link below and this is just for the BBC website anyway okay but I spoke to my canon today about this congestion charging and he said that the congestion charging fee is tax-deductible yeah so if you when it when it does come about April and you are having to pay the congestion charge if you are not exempt from the fee create an account with TfL to pay the congestion charge yeah put it on auto pay and you'll be able to obtain receipts yeah they should email you receipts every time you pay yeah so you collect those receipts we print them off and you um give them in with all your other receipts end of you receipts yeah and it'll be tax deductible and it will be the cost you pay are going to be deductible from your tax bill yeah so bring your textbook down again and quite considerably if you pay an over two hundred fifty pounds a month yeah cuz I sounds like more than a couple of grand a year okay so they today um it's going to be more of an expense in terms of running costs but overall at the end of financial year the cost of this congestion charge is going to be offset against your tax so over the years not going to make a difference on the day to day basis you have to find the money to pay the charge upfront okay I hope that helps and I hope it alleviates some concerns for some drivers we've got tight budgets and if you've got any questions and comments as always leave them below and this is the gig guy London sign an app peace

24 thoughts on “Congestion Charge for PHV

  1. how many p h drivers left their mini cab firms selling their souls 2 uber in search of more money and now realise u made mistake because u r now slaves 2 their lies and when all mini cab firms are gone uber will really have u by testicles and u will c how ruthless they are good luck suckers

  2. It was in the news yesterday – a vast majority of roadworks recently done to cut congestion have actually increased it.
    My local council spent a million pounds on congestion "improving" roadworks – that involved cutting two lanes into one; adding a bus lane and a very thick cycle lane. The cyclists still use the road, not the path (as the cycle path goes out of their natural "run"), and the congestion means traffic queues back so far before the buslane, that even the buses take longer.
    If they really wanted to help the environment and cut congestion; the people responsible for this utter turd need to be fired and their pensions used to do it again.

    Are they really this incompetent or are they doing this on purpose? Purposefully increasing congestion so they can implement a charge?

  3. * IMPORTANT *

    Remember if your vehicle is eligible for discounts or completely exempt make sure to go and register your vehicle on the TfL website otherwise they will fine you it's a complete scandal and corruption.

    I believe a hybrid vehicle you only pay £10 for the year for registration but if you do not register you will be caught out and you will be fined £80.

    The system is completely corrupt you have a qualifying vehicle that has lower emissions than most other vehicles i e a Toyota Prius hybrid and you accidentally go through the congestion zone because you are going to the hospital to take someone who's not well and you still get caught out because you didn't realise you had to register your vehicle.

    If the congestion charge was purely about lowering the emissions across central London then surely they wouldn't fine people for having vehicles that meet the requirements.

    The whole system is designed to make you think that you are eligible to go through the congestion charge for free because you have a qualifying vehicle but in fact it's a complete corrupted trap to catch people out.

    The entire TFL department should be ashamed of themselves from preying on vulnerable and the poorest in Society especially people on benefits.

    I know someone who tried to get a payment plan to pay off the fine but TFL refused this which is utterly disgraceful.

  4. good content brother.. just quick question i just submitted my PH application i did everything apart from topographical test.. should i wait for outcome of application or should i go ahead book myself on a test ? the website says wait for tfl to let you know if you need to do one or not … let me know your thoughts brother thanks again..

  5. black cabs are part of london the drivers have earned.the right to work with the knowledge private hire are trying to do a similar job without earning it I have a spanner and screw driver can I do same job as a.mechanic. of course not there for ph drivers.should be thank full they can imitate drivers by paying c.c and earn money.

  6. Crazy thing is. When is this gonna end. Drivers will upgrade their Vehicles to Euro 6 by April with money they haven't got. My question is. What will happen in a couple of years time when all of a sudden they'll introduce a Euro 7 restriction. Does this mean drivers again will have to pay or upgrade again?

  7. DIsabled access vehicle are only exempt when carrying out a pick up or drop. Black taxis still get away with it. And in 20something even electric vehicles for private hire will not be exempt. This is a tactic to wipe out the industry.

  8. You're better off doing the knowledge mate. I know it takes a long time but it's definitely worth it! Check out BKS (Beginner Knowledge School). It's run by Everton Thomas from Channel 4's The Knowledge: The World's Toughest Taxi Test. Come down mate and get involved.

  9. Charging PH Drivers is absolutely ridiculous this make no sense at all. We do the same job as Black cabs if not better, cheaper & reliable service.

    If disability accessible vehicles is the reason why, then I believe TFL should speak with the manufacturers of our cars to provide these assisted vehicles. Not only is our cars used for work its also our own personal car

  10. I think I will not pay congestion charge because of Euro 6 vehicle if they will see me be in the zone I will just say I’m at work that’s should be like that until 2021. Hopefully I understand that properly that time when I bought it.

  11. Will hopefully be getting my licence by February and given the latest announcement by the mayors office, I am now strongly considering an electric vehicle. Will you consider selling your hybrid and getting an electric vehicle? I read that some latest hybrids with zero emissions for a certain mileage amounts may still be exempt from the congestion charge until 2021?

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