Halloween Special – PART 1.
In this video myself and Elliot embark on an organised ghost hunt at the famously haunted and England’s first ever prison: The Clink. Opened in 1144 until 1780, this medieval prison was a place of torture. Poltergeist activity has been reported here, as well as cries and chains heard, plus figures pacing around the Bishop’s room.

Nothing is fake, pre-planned or any of that bullshit. We want answers and through making these videos, hopefully we shall get them.

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right boys and girls it is now the first of October 2016 and tonight me and Elliot are going on a ghost hunt at Britain's footnote England's first ever prison jeez now unlike our other exploring videos this is an actual organised ghost hunt now this is like the real shits gonna be like Ouija boards and shit I like make well I'm not even joking is not touching a Ouija board now I'm joking oh this is the closest we could get to tonight somehow getting possessed but you know I mean like this real real shit and like this is like almost the best opportunity we've had so far to work out where the ghosts are real or not so god this is a very active location and one that we returned through time and time again due to the level of paranormal activity encountered on our overnight ghost hunt weights have a encounter it quite a lot yeah like these it's not just reports like these people that are going find it old are not and that's the thing they I don't actually never want to do this lovely daily series basically anyone that was in this sort of prison were absolutely dirty rapists pedo killers yeah but we just got like killed it would be like beheading in on the streets or like hanging like they did public executions and stuff mate I don't think if we're not touching anything if we're not getting involved by who show yourself or any of that I think we're safe a shadowy figure has been witnessed pacing around the bishops room footsteps heard and cries coming from the all belay Donal eyes we have even experienced poltergeist activity during one of our ghost hunts here which terrified all who took part yeah in a bit oh god we've arrived pull over there in the absolute distance you can see the kilink prison what the next six hours oh my god yeah you worked I'd actually just fellow alright so those geezer reckons he's got a photo of me dabbing in a swimming pool in I'd be fun there you go then looks pretty legit okay hi it's just a bit weird to be a lot more sullen okay this is the kind of thing they do not what they'd actually do that potentially some of the ghosts that we find may have been victims of this yes that's Cal 3z Sorry mate we need to seriously catch up with everyone actually Jesus sorry right so the first thing I made us do was go to the most haunted room of the prison they turned off all the lights made a stand in a circle holding hands followed by this so on a real note the reason why we do this in darkness is apparently when you take away your sight all your other senses get heightened so your smell your hearing and as well apparently spirit energy could show itself in light form okay can you make yourself known to Eliot for me please can you push him right into the middle of the circle okay I bloody has to stop it there however sorry to keep butting in I am gonna have to because obviously you can't say anything but pretty much a boy in a go of both just said something has just brushed past their collars I don't know but we're now gonna move on okay the Ouija board we toured started life in eighteen hundreds after this one day long to help their family together as a parlor and they'd have a goal of communicating with their dead relatives also it is you putting your energy into an object and getting supposed to use that energy to communicate okay so some interesting things that this geezer said firstly the Ouija board all right that word Ouija we think of some evil sinister cursed word however elite really just means yes yes in German and French it secondly the Ouija board itself is made by the same people that made monopoly apparently you can literally use any object communicate with spirits as long as you're giving energy into it they can feed off him that outside of the Ouija board is pure purely in my opinion comes from Hollywood if we thought they were dangerous at all it I wouldn't have these in their house all right so this was it boys and girls do we be pussies do we waste our money even going on this ghost hunt to just sit there and not do it or do we do it for the boys what don't I know if Victoria Leslie believed of it a spirits were drawn to red lights all right so they would always do a seance with a red eye okay so guys that blue flashing light in the corner is an electromagnetic field detector it flashes when it senses there's a difference or change in the electromagnetic fields and it also makes a little high-pitched clicking sound so stay tuned for that hi I am Sarah hi I'm Joseph hi I'm Elliot okay so all these look people have introduced themselves so what we're going to do now is we're going to show you where yes is we're going to show you where no ways we're going to show you a clip is we mean you no harm or disrespect whatsoever we just want you to come forward if there's anybody in this room moved towards yes would you like us to leave do me a favor guys I should take your finger off the class oh no no that's knowledge it wait there's anybody moving this you like a girl if you let if you like the girl is talking to could you move to grass back and towards yes again just for some bass in the middle first back to ya and now ask the question do you prefer to talk to the girls absolutely mental yeah are you a male okay if you're drawn to one of the ladies in who's touching the glass can you put the glass in front of that maybe that you drawn to I'm not a lady the only spirit in this room with us yes or no yes or no maybe spelling out words yes don't stop on either Hey I'm so how do we spell your name why and see linked link h-hey yeah that's my in second name that's your second name Lynch who's this girl right here what so is your surname Lynch no no no no oh my shit the absolute bed at this point I am saying I am 100% convinced that we are talking to a dead person lie and believe me I am watching their fingers very very closely they are hardly touching that glass are you related to me oh my oh my what is your first name can you spell your first name for me please are you from England see how the energy shift are used a lot quicker now are you from Ireland yes are you related to this lovely lady on one side of the family yes or no yeah I know it's laughter are you related to honor that side of the family what is your first name d you and annex see you and everything ends with AK maybe she's Meza is a kiss is it a kiss it is ex kiss did you die when I was young no did I'll meet you in your living form no are you a great uncle you child Wow it's amazing are you my brother did you do before you were born do you know what your name is D a-and turn Dan little boy Dan is that it or you say your name is Dan Lynch how many brothers do you have the numbers are down here three everything's over Wow can you speak any other languages he says no this is no you uh tonight do you know your father no have you met your mother he died he died before he was born turkey Sri yes maybe 24 I never met him I only phone a few years or that it happened wow that's amazing do you like football huh are you annoyed that Jo about his football question it says nope well thanks Dan I respect you and love you goodbye I did a kiss kiss I apologize sorry dad sorry big then goodbye bye then turn it over wow that was but it's absolutely incredible believe that wait how does that feel Phillip insanely not emotional laughing like I'm emotion I do it mate if we absolutely just it was just leave all my film I both talked to that guy we spoke any iron severely and not I don't know if it picked up on camera but obviously I was looking to see if they were like they were moving but they will hardly touch in that glass they will literally me especially though he was actually saying this stuff me he's feeling that he's feeling that it's busy is it wrong if I film this way I'm gonna try this way they're absolutely going to town sorry sorry we're all those hands going then let's oh good oh gods they've been doing this for several minutes now all right boys it goes it is now the morning after was it even real live like it was that just a little big bullshit production I just don't know contacting a unborn child called dan how does he know how to spell things and not only that how did you know the x-men kiss is it all just a bull's-eye I don't know I feel like we need your freaking another one but make the thing is is every time the ghost would move shit that very little blue light went off nothing can make that go off Potter if we put like batteries next to it and sewage worm and the thing is as well is the actual organizers said or we never get involved with any of the practices purely because they were like well if we do that and something happens what are you gonna think yeah it's gonna think it's bullshit I think we stick by this thing mate of we're not fully convinced until it happens to us mmm shit that is the the clink prism investigation complete and it's now time to move on to our next one so see you there yeah bang this looks like it should be scarier than the mental asylum probably the kitchen which you got to do that supposed to be place hunting rights in California you

46 thoughts on “Communicating with Ghosts in Haunted Prison (WARNING)

  1. All an act, the Irish woman screamed in the original room and said she’d been pushed and then took control of the ouija board and everything was based around her – 100% an actor!

  2. The 2 other fingers are straight touching the class, the Lynch womans finger tip is bent which means she is applying downward pressure in a sort of "grip" on the glass. She's moving it.

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  4. `proof that the ouiji board is fake
    the spirit said that its name was dun, he was a still born and therefore never had a name, also it said that it came from her mums side which, well kinda makes sence but biologically incorrectt
    plus spirits are seen to only stick to one location -maybe a location treasured when it was alive or a place where it died/was born)

    plus this girl is probbably trolling everybody

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