!Warning – Contains Bad Language and Some Bloody Comedy Horror!

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I know you're going to be knocking this place down in a few weeks time but do you feel the need to rub it in there's people here about their dinner you yuppie twat I really need to get these measurements okay if you don't sling Europe in five seconds time I'm gonna Ram that fucking clipboard so far up your Aris you're gonna have to shove your pen up your nose to write on it five four all right free turn right all right way this is okay if I sit with you you simply you're like sweet up so where are they sending you when this place closes Oh some place up north Bradford I suppose somewhere full of northern monkeys it's nice up north I wouldn't know I never been further north for more than stowed dog track and that's far enough for me on this one what you want out on him oh you tie that one you are we say are you going to the concert today what else am I gonna do while I'm in here sit around waiting for the Grim Reaper to come and put us all out of our misery got anything at stake just what you see my mate are you being disrespectful son Oh Darryl mr. Cooper is what you call me you wanna be careful what you say I could have you killed all your gangster mates are dead are you gonna get someone killed advertised in exchange what have you done and all I know people I do but go on hurry up stomach fix me apples and pears big cut your stairs an Enka no me I was in Paris me folk apples and pears made stairs tight no no zhelemie gets everything boxed up apples and pears cares cares and woes knows those amiibo throat don't you talk English system me Eric there you are

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