A brief introduction to London ‘City’ Churches

there are quite a few churches in the city of london there aren't as many as there used to be whatever was the highest number reached that number was of course reduced during the great fire many were rebuilt though not all then during World War two the number was again severely reduced by German bombs however let's see what we have at the present time there is much information to be found both on numbers and information on them on Wikipedia I have found the site of the Friends of the city churches to be a comprehensive source of information opening times times of services times of concerts talks and musical recycles etc and I have followed their lead on the numbering of these churches this site and the organization which runs it are dedicated to the preservation of this incomparable and invaluable legacy so let's get these churches into some sort of order and see what we've got here are the first 14 in alphabetical order and as numbered by the friends and the next 14 taking us to st. Mary LeBeau now if you've seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy and also seen beginner's guide to English cathedrals you will already know that the answer in those cases was 42 when I add the last set of these churches you will see that the answer again is 42 spookier I'm hoping to do a short video on each of these churches and they will come up as glimpses of London churches

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