Two students from the City of London Academy (Southwark) report their Academy’s great A-level results this year.
The Academy has celebrated a 100% pass rate at grades A-E with 71% A-C grades. They also had an excellent set of level 3 vocational education results. City of London Corporation is the sponsor of the City of London Academy (Southwark).

hi I'm Charlotte and I'm Michael we are students of the City of London Academy Southwark today is the 18th of August and this a level results day Sol and I are going to talk to the students and teachers to share the great results that they have achieved this year what great TV achieves today I've achieved to a stars of two A's and I'm really happy with my grades I got this star D star and a D for history and I'm ok with my grades along Cochinos faster all right graduations what are your favourites periences at the City of London Academy I'm so I've been here for seven years now and I've just enjoyed all the experiences I've made along the way and the friends I've made and all the teachers that have helped me as all I've got to a stars and a yeah I'm very happy I'm really happy I got a a in maths a B in chemistry and B in music technology today in Health and Social Care my achieve the ANP being biology and being economics I'm really happy with these results I got a star my textiles a level a distinction star in my business B Tech and I see my photography the Academy has celebrated a hundred percent pass rate at grades a start to e with 71 achieving a start to C grades we've had an excellent set of level 3 vocational education results which were our best ever around 90% of students achieved or exceeded the results required to secure their first choice University Place but the last year being supported through the clearing process what is your reaction to the a-level results today I'm really delighted I see for our students delighted for the staff and delighted for our community it's great to see that we've matched our best ever results and it's great to see so many students making fantastic progress getting off the university going into the world of work and celebrating their success and it's real news demonstrating amazing social mobility in seeing the success from Bermondsey and from Robert hive and from our students progressing on – they have amazing futures how have the teachers helped you to achieve your goals the teachers that Academy have really helped me through like difficult times help me get work experience which I think was quite important in getting into love for to have that experience are you happy with the results that Joe has received today yeah unbelievable so Brad he's worked very hard we know how hard he worked he put a lot of effort schools been fantastic and couldn't be prouder really really happy because I got the grades I've worked two years for what I've teachers don't help you support your dreams in ICT my teacher Miss Moore Ashley helped me a lot with my coursework for example like building like designing website building a website from scratch the teachers were always available like during break times off the school and you could go to them and they will give you extra support extra work the teachers of the Academy guided me through my textiles courses and my photography if I needed help they would help me but one thing I learned is to be independent so one thing I had the balance of having the guidance from there and being independent within my work even though this variance of a levels is one about independence I think that when we were able to go to them and ask for help they were really able to just give us any type of help that we needed even to give us more than we thought we needed and they were able to push us further in higher what do you think architect successes well Cola we have a very diverse community we have people and students from all walks of life somewhere many different challenges that they face so key to our success is really recognizing the individual and what their needs are and working with them to support them to realize their ambitions well the City of London Corporation a sponsor of the Southwark Academy Roo are really delighted with the results we're very proud of all the students and all the hard work that they and their teachers have put in it's 14 years now since the city sponsored Civic Academy and it's been wonderful to see the school develop with a lot over that time and we're really privileged to be involved with the local community in Bermondsey and we really hope that we can continue to partner with Southwark Academy to help the young people here develop all their talents and abilities and we hope maybe we can help them find work experience maybe even jobs into course on behalf the City of London Academy we would like to congratulate all of the students today on their results and wishing the best of luck for the future also a big thank you to all the teachers and families who have supported our students throughout their educational journey

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