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Attention please Chuggers! Welcome to our Official Chuggington UK YouTube Channel. We’ve created a world of Chuggington for you and your Little Trainees to discover.

Keep your pre-schoolers entertained and jump on board the exciting adventures of three Little Trainees; Brewster, Wilson & Koko. Enjoy free access to full episodes and clips, singalongs and compilations whilst learning valuable life lessons such as teamwork, learning to listen, perseverance, patience, self-confidence and building friendships.

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[Applause] I know just going for a wash did you find your special place so I ran out of time I'll have to think of my wheels sorry Harrison you'll have to come back later but I have to beat hanzou at 4 o'clock I'm dirty running late bite or is it special enough never pass my test don't worry I'll have a slot in 20 minutes a test would have started I supposed to bring my passengers here to watch me get cleaned up and that would be an experience they've never had it certainly seat Chuggington through new eyes wait a minute that's what Mutombo said to do stop the working wheels yard so ladies and gentlemen this is how chuggers start each day washing crew to platform 6 Jeep Luck's service for Harrison fees and here's where the rolling stock is kept hidden out of the way let's take a car and go on that journey most intriguing it is wonderful to see how Chuggington works thanks Peter next up for our cargo the drop and low yard and that concludes my tour it's been my pleasure showing you what goes on behind the scenes in Chuggington Harrison you have given us an experience we shall never forget oh thank you and it is my pleasure to say you are now officially a tour guide now we have a full load of scrap metal and lucky Brewster gets a trip to the foundry miss a movie it's starting to get dark I'm gonna miss the film hmm I could make it for the movie I leave my load here and come back for it tomorrow [Applause] he writing wounds shall I do what shall I do Oh get to see the film I have this pleading to clickety clacks just like a super hugger my fault the line is blocked and I've come back to clear it up I dumped my load here instead of taking it to the foundry I wanted to get back for the movie I see yes I was rather hoping to get there myself sorry I'll be super quick all done but if we hurry we might still make it I can I have to take this load to the fountain action chugger would be very proud of you Thanks it feels good to do the right thing Oh bumpers I miss the whole movie good news the film hasn't started yet action chugger is here I'm number one I'm hopeful I'm strong my get the job done did you keep them busy for a while quite out they hope you read it right time to get to work let's show everyone who puts the chugging Chuggington yeah Brewster is coming isn't he pee oh won't let you down your workshop now he asked me to tell you something what was it it's on the tip of news anyway your chip shop do you remember the yeah yeah it's way before your time it's sorry I'm late ah Brewster there you are I do hope you finished the film yes look at this who puts the chuck in Chuggington we don't like waiting around we like to keep on the moon things don't always go to port but there's never a dull moment we don't just think of ourselves we work together to get things done and no matter how hard the job we always finish with a smile ah dad so who puts the chugging chugging sand in your film was absolutely wonderful Brewster the other mayor's will be very very impressed how did you come up with such a chug tastic idea Brewster I love it it's like you said by making the best of what I had because the sky in gelatin we put the jug inside okay everyone for my line behind the machine please never move this it's too heavy oh this is it going to work I need to get my team to pull together what would Zack do huh he'd get us all going with a job good work Brewster Thanks I had a fantastic calling old Chuck patrollers we have a runaway chugger cook my Waco Iike I need to find something judgment Wilson and Callie gentlemen Coco's lost control and is heading your way oh it's up to you to stop her okay shut patronum we're in control good luck Chuck the Turner's oh it worked thanks Bree sir the bat has led me down and the task of my Vista wait a minute there are only eight cars here we're missing what I broke my knee to 501 maybe we could use something else like what I don't know let's look around maybe if I just sometimes you've just got to use what you have what are we going to cover it with we'd better go and find something rolling stock shelter we forgot about it they can't have gone far we better find them quick yeah you two go I'll stay here and work on the roof there you are glutes a frame but I've got nothing to cover it hang on [Applause] so bit dirty but it's better than nothing honking horns that yeah that's amazing I wonder how it attaches yeah thought so wow it feels great fits perfectly you better take them off little girl Wilson that's crazy I won't go far just up and then straight back down again nobody would know but hi have no fear action chugger is dead okay chugger I have control Thanks hold tight I'm freaking you in I was so worried do you know how dangerous that was you could have had a nasty accident I'm really sorry I just wanted to fly and be a super chugger like you you can't race before you can roll these things take time I know I thought I'd only need one lesson it looks so easy in the movies well real life isn't like the movies hmm and even super chuggers gets hired time for me to put my wheels up ladies gentlemen and trophies I am the magnificent mysterious [Applause] [Applause] and now I the Magnificent Mysterio's will attempt one of the most difficult tricks of all time The Vanishing allow me to introduce my volunteer as you can see Emily's wheels are tightly locked this chugga is going nowhere social another silence please this magic will require the utmost concentration you did excellent work today Wilson but on the last test you forgot one crucial thing first rule of chug patrol you have to leave the tracks if or close the line don't be too hard on yourself you're just starting out I bet you won't forget next time I hope not come on let's all go back to the chugga sonic speed track and clear up together are you okay yeah seem to have got myself oh but chip lights win suck I'm a bitch I'm tied up right now could you leave them over there oh this is nothing I'll be all right you should have seen me back in Oh what's going on this young fella got me out of a spot of bother no this is real and I see you remember to close the track yeah good job namor chug he's more chugging I'm sorry V I wish I could help Harrison but my engines frozen up I'm not going anywhere without a jumpstart oh dear I'll let them know no one else can help no one else can help jumpstart it's a way of starting your engine on a hill can we help with that actually you could I'll need a push now I'd better go and rescue Allison why don't you come too sounds like they need all the wheels they get there Wendy's a spoon c'mon chuggers one last ah it's just no use for Harrison thanks for the ride Sophie invention of Morgans is gonna make a great story hi Sophie come in to see the film Oh buffers this rags pass all never frightened now Oh a reporter straight up the left track plays action chugger we'll meet you there I was wondering if I could interview you yeah no probs so what's your favorite color it's oh oh there's been a rockslide sorry citizen someone needs action chugger gotta fly anything who said that we didn't finish our interview so I thought I'd tag along that could have been very dangerous citizen Tammy and now it's time for look look I wrote this that's me rag bounced of all Zephie thank goodness you're here I need my purse back Oh Hugh lost my press pass Rach I need a word you can't run the story about the track cycle it's just been crushed it must have been when I was flying with action chugger my tagged along on a rescue mission choo-choo Kate hold the front page so patrol and I'm ready to rescue don't worry Bristow we'll get you out on much longer we need backup I am Not Afraid of it I take control Jackman to Wilson new head G roosters in trouble get to the river fast over and done then you must use the booster I can't help you I have another passenger run only you can do this Wilson control fearless Wilson I'm not afraid you can do it he has mastered it great help Zack No No Oh dracky job Wilson I thought I was going swimming there would have been a different story if Wilson hadn't got here so fast yeah you were faster than the wind maybe you faster than Koko trouble in the tunnel ahead sounds like Chatsworth I'm chug patrol and it's my job to keep the track sake even I'm like they all will help dude yeah we can be your deputy chug patroller approaching chuckles TJ it's a long way to the other side you go Coco you're the fastest strength this weapon really jams come on I'm really strong we can do it okay thanks for a martini Coco Oh you should work for chug Patrol where's action chugger what you need him what a relief thanks for your assistance no problem just patrollers oh yeah let's help Chatsworth get this safely to the film set duty but only if you stop bossing me around deal hey Koko I know how you can clean up all that paper suck it up with the leaf blower we're a great oh yeah oh dear oh dear look at all those messy leaves neat and tidy that's what I like I'll have to come back later and pull them away having to be Bobby wants to know if you've made space for the new delivery plenty of space yes Wilson's helping me great I'll tell him right Wilson why didn't you tip the recycling into the sorting pit can I serving to be leaving now everything okay run knack serving I'm sure everything's fine [Applause] oh dear oh dear oh dear okay decent Drive II that's how I like it see I told you we'd have fun now go back Wilson back are you sure oh well I guess you can see better me I have a special assignment for you the mayor has arranged to go on a tour of tootington with some guests you must be at Buda bridge by noon sharp or they will miss their ride that way Koko there's a signal failure I don't know this what [Applause] it's quite magical train where is she with some Chi gentleman where's the tootington tall sorry Wilson shall command indicates had left some time ago Koko I'd like a word please schools your worship I'm so sorry you missed your special tour that was the most wonderfully exciting trip you just took us on I insist your tour becomes a regular event we'll call it Coco's Chuggington explore art all right Wilson time for you to go out on patrol while you're gone I'll set up your next lesson be prepared for an emergency call to come and put a fire I hear the new fire truck has arrived what's he like oh he's so woozy Koko you should see him use a hose he's 100 percent accurate even with his eyes closed sorry emergency fire or check with Zack but I think you need to find another way sorry Wilson you will have to find another route did you use any while you're on Patrol oh yes I did put it I TAS no stress a blankie smart-thinking chug patroller little war training and you are going to make one amazing fire chug special announcement vixx chugga is taking you on a tour Chuggington yeah this will be good every so funny I always could spot talent here we have only a bit partner prime what's behind your gears dude you're covered with grime oops pardon you and now we go to Hajj Eddie's good mate he's a bit clumsy look out oops too late I was just nervous because of the cameras I'm not clumsy I'm a hundred and fifty years younger the old Chuck around him is out puffer Pete he talks so much we can put you to sleep that serves ringing McCallister or was it good I think absolutely sweet enough it's time to eat Chuggington so I'll take a bow my name's Emery bye bye for now huh what are you leave I think you hurt their feelings but my jokes are really funny now that I think about it maybe you went too far oh no I didn't mean to special announcements this chugger wants to apologize what I should have said was Owen isn't ending with such style Grace and her job always puts a smile on my face if you want a great story if puffer Peter call Chuggington really is the best place of all I was trying to be funny but my jokes went too far having friends means much more than being a star please forgive me well seeing as you put it so nicely youngster action cut someone fix the light please we'll start again in a minute now's my chance I'm not leaving till action Tiger seems I can do but Coco clear the set sorry coke I I had to that could it be me you saved me that was really impressive you show great courage and tremendous skill I couldn't have done it better myself well I couldn't let my friend get hurt really confident see did we get that on camera yes I see we do excellent Brewster would you let us use that in our film my fans will love it funky horns really that'll be a dream come true chug tastic you'll never guess what I'm in this film what the stomach part you know we're in it to Brewster picks me up and carried me oh yeah then we don't perfectly on the next track Yeah right anyway maybe I can put in a good word for you I think they're going to ask me to be you except Coco Wilson aren't here we always watch action chugger movies together glad to hear it citizen ID Joker the very same Dunbar MV said you'd be pleased to see me pleased I'm just look for words how about we roll this film it's John tastic even if I do say so myself I really want to see it but could she just hold on slit to clickety clacks I'm a super cheddar I can hold on for 2,000 clickety tracks Risa was right what are we going to do we shouldn't have stuff like that yeah and we promise to take more time and do things properly yeah yeah listen the surprise is amazing come on I never known in Moodle so fast a new working great that's not the best part look over there draaga email in oh yeah we go way back hey action chugger greeting citizens anyone who's a friend of roosters is a friend of mine action chuggers going to screen his new movie for us so everyone settle back and enjoy the ride can you follow those instructions action chugger is fine another one there are only eight cars here we're missing what I broke this mine ito 501 maybe we could use something else like what I don't know let's look around maybe if I just sometimes you've just got to use what you have what are we going to cover it with better go find something rolling stock shelter we forgot about it they can't have gone far we better find them quick yeah you two go I'll stay here and work on the room there you are I built a frame but I've got nothing to cover it hang on [Applause] so bit dirty is better than nothing honking horns that hey rooster how about you teach me a chuggineer chance oh okay we are the delivery team rolling together right what we team pulling till we're done this is artwork can we stop for a breather we shouldn't really ever I'm tired oh okay let's just go around this corner first that's fun I wear it out your water tower I know I'm waiting see Hongki Lords it Oh fantastic timing fella ba-bam the tunnels not far now can you manage it Oh aye I've got me second window there you are soli job you too now let's get this tunnel finished thanks for putting the containers back you're welcome how about an easy job now hmm you could lows a hopper with gravel I'll be back in a bit ooh thrusters switched off there is action chugger we need to start I have to get to the film set oh don't worry Keep Calm but you're just ordinary chuggers with no superpowers [Applause] oh no what's he done now team slowly but surely [Applause] Wow you ordinary chuggers rescued me unbelievable hmm looks like I wasn't very good at being an ordinary chugger okay you weren't that bad but I've learned something very important from you all when it comes to chuggers there is no such thing as ordinary I'd like to thank the citizens of China for showing me that by working together we can all be super chugger yes I can Jackman where are you oh you gave me a fright sorry it's an emergency Oh Chuck patrol team sort of action we we need rescuing then I'm your chugger be right there ready over here Oh My giddy engine you'll have to get out Cormac hello wait a minute if you don't have what you need use what you have I bet I can operate that I'm brilliant with machines everyone yeah now let's see if you can grab one of those savers right he goes that's it now don't stack it over there on them all this that was really good for a first try a few more lessons and you'll crack it really I reckon now come on just a speedy needs of a rocky ridge quarry there's a lot of rubble to get out and the rueful knee propping right it's through there be careful crossing that bridge hasn't been used for a long time you okay I'm fine now back to the bridge not much left of it that's not good we need a big crane a really big crane oh how about the mega Chuck crane at the drop a load yard it's gotta be worth a go let's roll everyone back up slowly okay Brewster [Applause] justic great work sugar here ahead of you trainer you know I don't think you're gonna need much more training with that I hate getting my wheels way [Applause] special hello hello this chugger is out of service so if he went through the tunnel and got water in his engine he might have broken down good thinking chuck patroller that would explain why he's missing action I'm going to the forest I wish I could signal every semester no I'm here maybe I can oh thanks chug patrol Mougins will stand by their patient so soon have you fixed you got to do your rescue after all Wilson weird Patrol and you're in control mind if I join you sure Harrison don't you go much faster sorry you see the beautiful eyes of course we can go faster still making great time I say nine isn't great I'll never be a tunnel run like you if nine is my best time yes you will are wasn't nearly as fast as you when I was a trainee you weren't you won't go from nine to six overnight it takes practice and dedication but you will do it in time pace is Right practice is the only way to includes critical out will ya what's up some fun come on race with pace I'll never keep up with you yes you will I'm doing [Applause]

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