Bernie and Leepu customise a Porsche 944 for retired footballer David Ginola turning into a Beauty and The Beast creation.

[Applause] Bangladesh's car designer lulu earlier is on a mission he and loudmouth mechanic Bernie find me a building bespoke supercars four superstars from junkyard wrecks like these with the help of the best panel beaters and mechanics in the business so far they've made a gangster car for a hard man actor Martin Kemp some waspish wheels for rugby player lawrence de la leo there's a fantastic blown away a 1950s rover jet car for music man Jools Holland that's amazing rocket launching volcano car for cuddly comedian Johnny Vegas this time Bernie Aleppo rubbing shoulders with the well killed as they tried to come up with a car design to impress international football legend David Jamila it's nine months into ChopShop supercars four superstars venture and Bernie's onto a promising Continental League X Paula David janela he wants the Chop Shop to build a car based on a very specific model my favorite car will be a 250 GT California Ferrari I like the shape in the line of the car the design is obviously very important because I have a clear idea about what I want so if the deal goes ahead that will be the challenge for Bernie and leepu to come up with a top-notch car with a Ferrari like design Bernie can't wait to brag about their new potential client why you're looking so happy today tell me suppose David you know mine was damaged and Allah loves Ferraris Wow something really nice to hear about it but it's not gonna be 100% Ferrari we're gonna design around somewhere Ferrari he knows we don't do that because they all got have seen all replicas of flying out to meet in tomorrow ah beautiful we'll go over a few things with him see what he really wants a type of lines what sort of shape come back lay only funny in okay see what you want to do you promise me one thing please don't buy a car until I get back all right good eye that's good yeah so winged cumbersome ooh and a cup team nice one got that link boo Bernie said don't buy a car it's Friday Bernie's big day he's arranged to meet David janila in millionaire's playground can marina I'm Shirley I'd love to get his hands on one of these in karma got them choppin no bloody way mate his mission is to persuade Frenchmen daddy did you say a definite the way to an Anglo Bangladeshi car LR and clarify design details I'm very pleased to meet you besure is all mine sir this business meeting with the difference will be held in the Bay of town Genoa is clearly a man who appreciates the best things in life why do you want us to build a car for you my boy is 16 and a half and if you properly give it to him as a surprise for us all what a fantastic mean in the South of France because of him getting back to business mr. Gianelli sir you want sleek muscle how do you know when I make a lady cars with a big front you like you like a big fun yeah okay like Cobras lady yes yeah yep I would probably go for an American muscle car look like for example can my OSs yeah nice oops not a 1959 classic Ferrari then as he originally told Bernie he wanted but instead a design based on a Chevrolet Camaro super sport as a birthday present for his son Monsieur fantastic meeting you Bart Bernie's not so worried about this change of plan after wrong leepu's under strict instructions not to start any work until Bernie gets back with Genoa's design brief after the weekend coming up lulu steams ahead with the Ferrari idea to see the car without waiting to hear the new brief do you know the skin burning condition superstar French footballer David Ginola ello has requested a car in the style of the American Chevrolet Camaro SS the shape and the line of guitar chassis less is Karla Bernie hasn't sold leepu hear about the new camaro idea who's still excited about david's original ferrari brief I started in the wall of Harare I was going crazy all over the place leepu's dream could soon become a chop shop nightmare in spite of being told not to get a car as he'll burn his return leepu can't contain his excitement he's off to check out the classic car club in East London well I passed by all the time in my all garages down the street yeah I'm actually looking for something which is cheap in terms of has no price tag missing no price tag there is one car that springs to mind okay we're gonna have a look at it is it another Ferrari close close not quite a Ferrari but a bush there isn't it this one this one well the Porsche that name itself is no less than Ferrari to me I need a car definitely has to be cheap otherwise burning will kill me okay second very strong chassis it's got it and very powerful engine yeah we'd have to do anything with the Indian mechanical yeah maybe a little bit but just get on with the design work because I will design it yeah let me look I don't know what to do man that's all I got that's all you got that's all I got I'll tell you what I'll keep this here's your key enjoy the car done good luck with it pleasure doing business 2,100 pounds no negotiation no pricing but it's not gonna be happy I definitely know by hey who cares let's got a call right leepu is so carried away with his Ferrari idea that he's not thinking about what anyone else wants not even the client and in the South of France Bernie has decided to stay on in the Sun for someone earned rest over the weekend well this is the like it's a little bit nicer than better than green I'm really happy I've met David you know Leela then we've got over a lot of things I know what he wants but realists go here on me hold for a couple of days relaxing son see nice people good food anywhere away from leepu I'm a happy person and I've got a good book to read as well what the Buddha of Bethlem Green doesn't realize is that leepu has stubbornly disobeyed the strict instructions to hold fire until he comes back with gianoulis car brief leepu is convinced he can Wow Genoa with his posts to Ferrari style transformation [Applause] leepu's books is getting a lot of praise this is the first starter car the boys have ever liked it's been well looked after let's get the sculpture no moving parts been used on it and stuff on it you can never got one of the Porsche and it's actually Road worthy with full tax and MOT good thing about this is it shows a lot VW parts yeah I've used that room well and they weren't they yeah so after model tonight for fall it's got no rusts engines fine say I'm looking forward to the rain leaf is Benedict well done mate well done okay well hope to see what Bernie says this is it's a twenty-year-old 2.7 liter automatic Porsche 944 capable of speeds up to 140 miles per hour and with just one hundred and seven thousand miles on the clock leaper works straight onto the metal without drawing his ideas first he thinks his design plans and rarely shares them in fact his heads about to explode with ideas never quite know what Leif was gonna do even though I've been working for ages now he still amazes me what he does he still never predictably does Terry decides to leave the creative master to it it's set in the morning and leepu is so fired up that he's coming over the weekend to work on his new Ferrari design basically it's a Porsche 944 I have to get rid of the look of a 944 I gotta make a blank canvas still start something new here we go and the team is coming to help too because they want to surprise Bernie with an advanced design by the time he gets back on Monday this car is inspired by Ferrari California but I can feel I'm crossing the border to Arizona to California and I can see the hump all the mountains and stuff like that and then you go to California the Pacific Coast Highway and it just kind of blends in from the mountain and then you go to DRC its way from the mountain and then those would see that's all I can feel here is the major line on this body as I come up through here and go all the way through here following the line with the curve the back so this is a major line on this car no thank you here yeah back in the French Riviera Bernie's still unaware that they've even bought a car yet yes they've been stuck in the garage of better than Queen Amina and the South of France looking in a boatyard but you know look at them boats mega expensive that is the sort of equipment you want it's Sunday morning and the team's been hard at work all weekend now that the major lines are done on the passenger side Libra wants to ensure the driver side matches so he mirrors its lines using bangla technology to make a template this is a basic technique it's not a position but it works well this is kind of ironic you know them spend millions and millions and millions of pounds in the rnd to develop a product like this and for me just a lot of little piece of paper a pencil and just mark it over it making my design and that's what you call it art make everything by your hand that's what it are that's a product and these are what I'm doing now as an art I'm really happy that's what I'd like to do use my brain use my eyes and hands create something new I'm really happy doing it now it was an immaculate car it's worth more than 2,100 pounds but one barely comes in and see the car like chopped up it doesn't actually give you that feeling that this car were to live 2,100 pounds it's all up that's that's I'm really worried about he's guy said where did you spend 3 1/2 hour just before Bernie Lee's France he calls leepu to fill him in with the latest news it's important he understands that gianoulis changed his mind from the original Ferrari idea and now wants a car based on the style of the Chevrolet Camaro SS one of America's finest muscle cars listen down to business all right yeah make baby to NOLA all right is very very very specific of what he wants okay he wants things subtle but with class yeah remember the old SS with really really subtle lines anything is the sound of the exhaust he was at war oh that yep yeah I already bought a car what do you mean you bought a car what car it's the poor maybe for a post-war posh beautiful car mint condition what's apparently going to buy a car if you don't know what the client wants why I don't know of you mister don't know who else I know why he was okay be prepared our being tomorrow your mayor gonna get this show it out once afro burn all right see more than all right bye he was a car which is a cruiser basically it's all type SS sort of thing that's what Bernie says big he'd if this is the wrong car than I thought it's 2100 only pay for it and I wasn't a problem with Bernie tomorrow [Applause] well just like back in the UK from the signing table of fraud I'm just hoping the leave who hasn't chopped the he hasn't chopped it at least I can sell it and make a profit [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] how much you pay for it only 2100 down leave him he wants something which is placed on a kimono punished in the bloody boom of the car honey we'll be talking about Ferraris I've been dreaming Ferraris mystics are caballo ESS but the SS stands for stupid sod laid down a decade honey I was so far enough I thought it's a Ferrari sort of design I'm dying for two that will something like this I can resist myself drew please chop-chop we shop everything shop so instead of wasting the full car how about come up with a Ferrari and the Camaro blend design butch will resemble something which dude all I really want from you like that yes yes my life these are really precious deal agreed you know I get mad anymore I'll get it done burn it's gonna be a Ferrari Camaro blending softly well this can be a new breed of concept design which is blending Beauty and the Beast he usually where is the beast on the PD the car is to be a birthday present from David Ginola to his son as his birthday is only six weeks away leepu's up against the clock we're getting another roof somewhere from our scrapyard we can use the same roof bring it down here as a boot would be very quick easy yeah to save time he's going to make the sunroof of the Porsche into a boot lid but that means who need a second pulse roof to complete his design yes sir you know what that's a problem nothing serious but I need another roof for a mouthful of same same car whatever never post I fall for move believe I'm not made of bloody money I know what I taste our roof is there have been impossibility I might it might be better off just try and buy a scrapbooks or whatever if your parts car we can use some some more portable if you need it yes sir that yeah yes yeah so Bernie gets straight on to it story you should do one thing and something else's something else happens now a logic trying to get hold of a bloody car for further Fumero design inspiration bernie and the mechanics go to the hot rods night at the Ace Cafe in West London in search of David Genoa's dream car he wants that come on shake saint-lo so I wrote me Bernie quickly spots the 1960s Camaro the lines are that are beautiful right that sort of lines he wants like that it's got a very very subtle lines it does want any chrome on it he doesn't want any bling on it he just wants it subtly want you to make a statement but he doesn't want the car to stand out I think that's one of the reasons why he wanted like a classic Komara most important thing is where this comes out in the front that gives it like a wide mouth look and it's the bangs round here that's what makes it stand out so instead of being big and round like that or great big a or foiled it comes like this so it's literally this sort of show so it gives it like a like a wide mouth like that and because leepu can't be there to see the car bernie take some photos to show him later ain't exactly a David Bailey but I love a bloody could go let's get fired up that's the sound that they did you know the ones it's a flawed and throaty I think what would I have is it exhaust box about the size of at that speed now that they've seen the real deal they know they've got a lot to live up to steady on Bernie it's not yours they're car designs got to be a beauty and a beast the next day leaves up bright and early on a road trip to collect the second polish it's in West Yorkshire with a blown up engine just got back from the oddest field it's a bit of a mission really but it's a good car for a good price and it gives us all the parts that leap roommates hopefully it be happy so you can finish off the pulse yeah all this for a roof you never never sort of spare parts might need braking system calipers whatever I says play works out good in the long run but yeah a bit drafts they just for a roof of it this is the last project this year time this really tight the coal car the body will be very handy replacing the panels have chopped already as a Ferrari design so there's a good thing that they've got me the whole car and Bernie's getting worried that leepu's being overly ambitious that is one hell of a transformation you're making a push to look like a cross between a Ferrari and a Camaro even I think in my personal opinion leepu is gonna have one hell of a job doing that I think this is gonna be the hardest you've ever ever done coming up David you know that makes the trip to the Chop Shop to check on progress and leepu's left home alone but he really needs supervision French football star David Ginola once Bernie to build him a car based on a Camaro SS to give to his son on his birthday is sitting in a half and if he's thanks to cooperating given to one-footed leaping wood steamed ahead and started to build a Ferrari based car but has now fallen into line to make it more like the desired Camaro this can be a new breed of concept sighing witches are blending Beauty and the Beast his plan is to fuse the beauty of an exotic Ferraris lines with the beast of a muscle cars key features usually where is the beast on the baby but way before they can think about any birthday presents they have the road tests to get through first Bernie's feeling the pressure leepu is so fired up why you want it no one near the car I need to get all the suspension down low all the suspension but we can't get any mechanical work down whatsoever it's gonna start you I'm just gonna be like I work for once again leepu's body and Bernie's mechanicals are clashing to give leepu some creative space bernie takes the boys on a day trip to Cali to get a feel for their clients routes this is where David you know there comes father on farms we're building a car for David Seung it's important that the guys come over they see the French culture they could taste the French wine have some of the French food have a look around Biff and day out really nice they'll enjoy it they take a little time to adjust to the French ways back home with the Chop Shop leave who's suffering from created constipation he knows he needs to lower the roof but he's not sure where to start without destruction there's the creation so I think I might have to start the bag once the windscreens removed Lieber could chop the whole roof down so it sits lower the shop he's using the roof of the blue Porsche as a design template to see how low he can make the final roof line for me it is still a room I can go more down Wow have a nice hmm now he knows how low he can go leepu can chop the second push his red roof to the exact size required although Lee who looks quite happy working on his own having teammates around can be useful if things go wrong fire a stray welding spark has ignited the rubbish in the back of the car yeah stager will you work by yourself Lee this is how you need what you need you exist assistance do you need more eyes when you work on this little project meanwhile Bernie takes the boys to a restaurant take up with them digest all things French things just here please and to inspire them for the rest of the chart everybody follow me at least one of them know few me a few won't meet were smart I ain't one of them I'm already follow chips right I'm taking the boys out our best until green but you can't take the best little green out of the boys personally French wine French Snickers French perfume lovely French food back at the Chop Shop leepu's basic design is finally taking shape this tiny little gap but I have to met it together like this and this self situation muscle-car don't do anything to beat see this is source of all kinds of power in the whole world a hammer lined up right pieces together now then I'm gonna start the beauty work around it Bernie's day hasn't been so productive having failed with French food he's moved on to French art just trying to show you a bit of culture guy's culture my son and cold I'm hungry I wanna go in so as a last-ditch attempt he takes him somewhere close to home and to their hearts [Applause] this is what happened tonight alcohol would I do it these well coming over here was to show the guys a bit of French culture the ball bleep stupid they ate the fools as well so it's iPhone my son the next day Bernie and the boys are back in good old Blighty Bernie decides to give David Ginola an update on the cars progress but he's shocked to find out that David's coming to London later that day on business and wants the drop in a baby thank you I'm off for me I love the trains have been coming down is the moment already look like we've got a pass the guys polish if he walks away I'd be bloody devastated and it could do that word soon gets round about David's arrival but leepu is uncharacteristically relaxed as he continues work on his quarter panel I'm not worried I have to finish this car and when the whole car is done then I will prepare myself to get a judge by what we have done not now as David hits the hallowed turf of Bethnal Green is concerned that the car won't look like the Camaro based design he's ordered my fee is Benny told me that he would not copy a car because I want really the car to be as close as possible as the real car to be honest I'm a bit confused because I don't know what I will discover hello chaps it could surprise me in a good way and I hope it will be the case well first impressions I like the shape I like the car because it's very low and loop's very aggressive very sporty okay the wheels they must take the entire gap you know like the arch like the oh Sh yeah dude yeah you don't you worked over here yes we must be really you see with a very hard suspension I don't want the the the cars from the rubber in the states and more can over rock guy very good don't hold my breath so good don't count your chickens Bernie automatic or manual four-speed automatic when zero is 2.7 carry on 2.7 be honest we haven't done any mechanical work on it yet we went for the special shock absorbers to come down when for the world's to come down because you know what I can imagine the car finished she will look aggressive she will look fast so under the bonnet must be some some horses you know must be some loss is underneath this you know one more thing yes just surely because me I'm here yes great opportunity to to listen from here because we already have one one two three mm-hmm well we are we have an angle right so from there just to go yeah one piece one piece is a big art this huge art you know but like yeah it must yield back like right a big fat that would be nice that wasn't very nice painting the whole designer leepu didn't look very happy there after david not criticized but once instead of a three-stage step he wanted a single step for the top of white comes from the c-pillar downwards so in other words it's probably like that not so like that it hurts it hurts when somebody dictates all the way yes no problem no problem it really hurts you know you don't really accept I don't wanna I can accept that but the the quarter panels are really unique Scott please for the steps but it carries its different kind of light I know when this is done you know what yeah I'm six-two if we've got the basic therefore you believe me thank you that's so far very booster good good stuff thank you thank you very much nice to see you I appreciate okay give me our time you''re [Applause] so far very pleased I was a bit worried but I've no worried at all before come on flip oh and this seems to be really keen on changing a few things so can wait snap can wait we've left no green bow jollof rice this year we are building cars for stars they are specifically for clients and you know the lines are leaders that I think of great but it's not the baby's taste so yes it's gonna mean a lot more work for leepu but the thing is is what the client wants I'm not changing the quarter panel it's gonna stay as is there are only three days until the test-drive and four weeks to go into David son's birthday sup leepu cracks on with his bonnet scoop design which is very much in line with the camaro based brief unlike his idea for the rear quarter-panel it's gonna be long big scoop because of the character of the car character the car is it's is a very powerful car more power more air more energy but the scoop isn't just a decoration it should give the engine more grunt for the engines to produce more power it needs more air inside the cylinder and more power producing means more heat producing so it will cool down the engine it will draw more air through the scoops I love this scoop these are the biggest school I've ever made in my life beautiful the 19 inch alloy wheels to fill the arches as David you know the requested arrived I always because most important aesthetics to a car if your leg is not strong enough I get a hold of powerful main machine yeah well the front one is okay it's it within the wing wing and the rear one this first stick it out now modify the whole quarter film maybe the weeks as well my design was grandpa to my design they already finalized the design now I have to change everything that's that's that's the hardest part leepu certainly got his work cut out after a good night's sleep liebherr comes up with a solution to make his back-end more rubenesque cannibalize the ancient red Porsche of course all the balls are rusty the sparrow doesn't work it's only will it make it work with this this the little brother of Hema to save time leepu uses the rear panels to widen his rena widen the car this much if this monster cease to be the light and this is the this is what it is I've extended to this much I'm happy for now by eventually da bgallagh will be even happier than me yes but he isn't satisfied yet there's only two days till the test drive and leave he wants to drop the suspension so that he can see how close the wheel arches are to his tires the gap between the wheel and the tire start right I want to see the car how far it drops and then I have to figure out the arches the back end of the car it's the most important changing the suspension nice colors quite straight forwards on the fun it's just a favor the placement for the front shop is opening first and struck just one didn't the capsule take up the slack from the spring put it on the car and then set it up afterwards whatever level we want the old shocks are replaced by the new adjustable ones looking good already yeah that's what David you know I mentioned the gas to be very thin very low-key doesn't water that yeah yeah but at the rear of the car Lee isn't bad news a simple was just lowering a normal car we just changed his coat bring this was small once torsion-bar number one source in bars to take him out they got a spline in him you're not coming back to cut the splines you put them back in it brings the wheel wah in the arch upright the dampers and then the car has been loaded because this has been on there for a lot a million years this is all gonna be seized up it's gonna be a nightmare and from specialists respond so you can only blow him down an inch anyway this is not what leepu wants to hear to take ages to happen well he ain't gonna be done today no no come on it can't be done today shape that so only time I got tomorrow which is to build a body and go for a test drive day after tomorrow without doing the arts no point going tests or any cake okay started the whole car to the bank on the tire always somewhere down the line some of there's a big problem always always coming up will the rear suspension ever drop on it roll over and will the enormous wheels hit the arches when they turn David Ginola wants a car like a Camaro with a big rear end through his son's birthday he wanted to sit low so there's no room around the wheel arches the wheels that they must take the entire gap gluing the front was easy but at the rear there's a problem with the torsion bar suspension because it's been on there for a lot of million years which isn't gonna be safe that it's gonna be a nightmare yang could be done today come on it can't be done together Matt the road test is tomorrow and leepu is desperate to get the car sitting low so that his wheel arch design can be tried out that's the most important transformation after that for me he makes a bold decision not to mess with the torsion bar suspension okay let's see what happens so the mechanics just remove the old dampers and replace them with the new adjustable ones this means that the car might not drop to the level looper once but he's strangely confident yeah yeah done when the car rolls tires gonna go like that it will settle and go don't go more low perfect man this visceral push is now barely recognizable the roofs been lowered the rear widened the suspension dropped the wheels super-sized and the scoop stretched its road test day and although the beast has woken from its slumber Bernie's worried about its months than 19 inch wheels if the Wolves hit the arches and the tires ripped up the car could slow from one side to the other and if it's wet conditions out I don't know maybe the car could even turn over they need to see if the tires clear the wheel arches and if the suspension gives a smooth ride so they're after Bobby De Niro field to find out well we picked a beautiful day for it here's the Astro test of the year we've really got to prove through his paces as they are specifically testing the cars handling that line on the end don't ya that's it they've devised the slalom run to try it out well then skate goggles for bit of slaloming yeah let's go Joe suspension stirlitz really could snow body roll no nothing the Williams have passed the test very clearly our teas beautifully I see faster black Texas muscle call with my muscles not exactly the fastest thing in the world and the steering handles like a dream up the Beverly so the ride is fabulous but no one's impressed with the car speed so to satisfy Genoa there's still a lot of work to be done in the horses Department burn EPS handles like a dream the only thing I throw it likes you're lacking in power I understand burn he's got all the beauties but no beast let me get my head together see if I'm get at least another eight ten twelve brake horsepower of it sounds good yeah but seriously I am delighted and look at that car I love Italy but I'll give you mine on that side you brought bloody odd on those beautiful they've got just three weeks to make this beast roar and to be honest Barney 12 horsepower isn't gonna make that much difference next time on chop shop David Ginola wants his car to roar under the bonnet must be some some horses but leave who's too busy changing the design to they're burning near the engine so Bernie tries at max power solution a bolt-on supercharger

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  1. Oh dear just caught a glimpse of "Chop Shit Shop" rerun on Quest…What a complete steaming load of shite, every car leepu and his "team" touched in that sorry TV series was totally botched and buggered up. Leepu the self proclaimed "greatest car designer" ( ( my arse) as Jim Royle would say!!! )) didn't even use any plans drawings of sketches to design his "creations" , he used some weird fucking spiritual meditation shit, to get inspiration!! then cut and butchered the poor car up with a sodding air saw……ha ha…what a moron so laughable, and bloody pathetic , what a numptie. I wouldn't let him design a tea towel, never mind motor car. The man is an idiot. and Bernie is just a loadmouthed bald buffoon who knows fuck all about proper car building and restoration. His dubious claim to fame in the stupid half arsed series, was to "recommend" turning the front wheels back to front on their hubs to adjust the width of the wheel track on a car ?????? which totally screwed up the handling and self centering of the steering ..what a total plonker…, good riddance to bad rubbish it was the worst TV car programme ever screened in Television history .. ah well anyway, I'm glad I've got that off my chest now…ha ha!!!

  2. Indians and Bangladeshis like his designs? Just stick to being engineers guys. Design is clearly not your specialty. Leave the designing to the Italians.

  3. Stupid show. Stupid Leefu who never measures before modification. NO thumbs up for you trying hard guys. Why the fuck did History channel let these idiots fuck up its name. Fakes.

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