Have a taste of a delicious feast of Japanese Food in Chisou Japanese Restaurant located at 4 Princes Street, Mayfair London United Kingdom W1B 2LE

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hi guys I'm Christy and this is a big review TV did you know that you can experience some of London's finest Japanese food just a short walk away from London's Oxford Street well now you do it's called cheesy Japanese restaurant under food is amazing coming in Chizu japanese restaurant is the perfect place in London to enjoy beautiful Japanese cooking as soon as you're walking you are greeted with that authentic Japanese charm gorgeous interior which is simple and elegant lots of various Japanese touches have been added to really add to that gorgeous authentic Japanese feel one of my favorite places to be here is at their sushi bar it's the perfect place to sit you can see just how fast paced their chefs are working to create fantastically fresh Japanese food but if sushi or sashimi isn't quite your thing don't worry there's lots of places to sit and enjoy other Japanese classics these guys are specialists when it comes to authentic elegant darling you will love it I'm Kristi and you've been watching big review TV be sure to download your big review TV mobile app so you can upload your own review other using IO microphone cheese the Japanese restaurant I really recommend coming to see us if you're looking for authentic Japanese food in central London

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