Are you craving something Chinese but you don’t have the chance to travel all the way to China and you are stuck in London or will be visiting it in the near future? Chinatown in London is a place where everything there is Chinese and it is mostly about food – they are all Chinese restaurants there.

One of the things that add to the beauty of this place is its location, Chinatown is located in the heart of London so it will not need a traveling distance which you will need to cross just to experience being in a part inspired by East Asia. Chinatown is close to Regents and Oxford Streets, so when you go out for a walk or to do some shopping in any of them, you could then come to this place to experience something Chinese.

Even though the restaurants located in Chinatown are the main attraction for this area, there are also some shops, bars and cafes, entertainment places, health and beauty places and other things which offer some services for the people which are all forming this area – this is considered the getaway place for the Londeners who are bored with the ordinary places which they are used to go to.

In this area, you will find supermarkets, bookshops, seafood shops, cinema, karaoke places, medical services, cafes and bars and lots of other things which would bring you a little bit closer to East Asia without having to go there in real. In addition to being a place for all those Asian people who come to visit London and try to search for a place which they would eat what they are used to, there are those Chinese food and services’ admirers who also head to Chinatown to find what they might be searching for.

Back in time, the name Chinatown was used with different places but now it is the name given to the neighborhood in the City of Westminster that is occupying the area in and around Gerrard Street.

The first area in London that was known as Chinatown started because of those Asian people who were living in London and most of them were concentrated in the Limehouse area of the East End of London and who opened some restaurants and shops there, from that point the idea of opening a Chinatown was planted and kept evolving with the years but moved through London and was not always kept in the same place.

The present Chinatown did not start until the 1970 with all those restaurants, cafes and bars, and the different Chinese shops which kept opening throughout the years to reach what we see today. What might be different now is the entrance gate which was added in 2016 that was placed at Wardour Street that was opened by the Duke of York, Prince Andrew. This gate was made by Chinese artisans and was assembled in London; it was made in the style of the Qing Dynasty.

For those wondering about how they would reach Chinatown in London, it is actually close to some of the key attractions of London city, such as Leicester Square Theatreland and Soho, making it easier to be reached through some underground stations or else through taking some buses.

What should you expect to see in Chinatown? While walking through this area, you will find the streets decorated with the famous Chinese symbols such as dragons and lanterns, you will find the street signs which are written in both languages English and Chinese, there are stone lions, contemporary art sculptures and Chinese gates which are all placed in this small town in London. All these different decorations found in Chinatown will bring you closer to the religion and culture of the Chinese world, especially if you intended to visit it during any of the famous events celebrated there, like the seasonal celebrations. These seasonal celebrations include the Chinese New Year which is celebrated between mid January and February (this will differ from one year to another according to the Chinese lunar calendar). There is also the International Dragon and Lion Dance Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, and others which might change according to the year and the events taking place in the Chinese world.

Who out there is not dreaming about traveling to London and visit this old city and see all those old English buildings that grab the eye so easily and quickly? Almost nobody! You all want to go there and check all the attractions of this city that stands on top of the world in different fields that include education, fashion, tourism and much more.

We have been to London several times before but from those places which we managed to bring you some videos to check, we have brought to you a tour through Coca-Cola London Eye ( and we have also brought you an experience in the Natural History Museum which is also located there (

London is always different with its experiences; we just love this beautiful city ❤

A different experience in London and a place where you will feel as if you have traveled elsewhere, are you excited to go there?

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