Chee Soon Juan speaking on the issues of NKF and CPF at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park in 2006, two years before the government liberalised the park to allow for microphones, protest and demonstrations.

bigger issue is the media because the media was prepared to talk about this issue the information gone out to Singaporeans right but what I'm saying is that we have to be very careful don't let the media use us again just to focus on the end cap because it's the matter it's not just the end care reissue the friend our statement a few days ago saying that the end cap is really a chip off the old block like father like son right the father all right it's a system that we have here in Singapore the GIC if you want me not precise and if you do a comparison between the two you will see the similarity we posted up some Internet cousin has done this this comparison between the two the PAP and and cash somebody sent it to us I thought it was very well thought through posted a few things that I mentioned you have this huge huge reserve going on and then the leaders of these organizations say we have to be paid so much money because we are so good and then they don't account for all the fun how they use them let me give you a few example a few years ago I remember reading had written about this in my phone this guy was an assistant associate professor and us whether he still there I see there is give the public of precise accounting of how it uses public money this is the situation that we're in and I'm not talking about GIS CCDF we're your voluntary contribute donate the money this is your wages your savings that you're going to have to depend on when you retire many Singaporeans still don't know this but our CPF is in crisis whether you like it or not most in the porins when you retire but five years time will not have enough CPF tied you through 20 years of retirement and then you ask the government where is the money where is the money that the CPF funds go into the GIC that the GI season uses for investments abroad you don't make that puff and it's your funny I'm trying to talk this better and look at it from the perspective of what's happening right now with the end here if the people if you right now is listening to this I so outraged by the matter and care you must you must be having nightmares about what's happening to your CPF fun and I can tell you that anything would happen to our reserves believe me don't have this dream that somehow okay we'll make enough she went quite at that time and then we would not be able to recover the money once it's gone believe me ladies then you're not going to see it again that is what we have been saying the Singapore Democratic Party has been saying we hear your problems about the CPM we hear your problems about jobs we hear your problems about the foreign talent taking away a job the high cost of living the stress that you're going to but let me tell you one thing without any kind of your fundamental freedoms of speech Association assembly you can never believe me you can never hold this government accountable you can never then bring this government to the negotiation table and say look this is a problem we need to solve this out anywhere else and let's not go too far let's even hope I use Malaysia you'll find people gathering outside India office and demanding for account you're not going to get in and you can remember what find you he was the founding chairman of the pap I think at that time for everyone running was the first Deputy Prime Minister you cannot have a more serious indictment of a system here you know what you said he said I don't believe the statistics put up by the government the man in the street doesn't know whether he's on thin ice or solid rock can't be back in Indonesia is having a lot of problems correct do you know what happened after that just for your information tiny banger then have with the private back ok long exposures at Malaysia Indonesia Thailand South Korea amounting to one 1.16 billion dollars billion hey what happened Capel back payment well but obvious that when we have these ones in Suffolk that we have the absolute right demand from the government that they tell us after all the eggs after all the pushing and both officials at the end what is 4,000 right let's move on seems to be the problem other favorite face praise today and then everything is back to normal again what I'm fighting together what we've been trying to tell our young Singaporeans through the past few months is that we must empower ourselves to be able to take action to demand transparency to demand accountability from the government because if we don't the government is going to let them together speaker's corner they're gonna say a few words and after that everybody you go what are they going to do Bob we're asking you to come together president falling for you it's only by standing together that we can be strong and that we can begin to demand answers from the government the PMP what are we going to do when we come together let me tell you this the piece of you dick it's willing come on and say look I will spread the news why people how many people are going to be able together all right and so that when we call for action we would have ready channels for people to spread the news because I can tell you with me here the national media is not going to report on any of it at least the preparation for four have four action we want okay and this is why I continue to advocate nonviolent action in Singapore what is nonviolent action nonviolent action is when for example you take you want to sign a petition right that's nonviolent action peaceful means of telling the government that no I don't agree with you I want something to be done because I am a citizen of this country and I have a right to campaign for those actions okay now I'm just talking about one form of action signing a petition the government has sent many petitions and they've not give enough food about what you said biggest example is one casinos in it they've got this whole grand scheme of a having a casino and then they come out with its wire we have to debate right and then the decision is and whether Singaporeans agree with not in it or not Singaporeans wanted to have a protest JB Jireh and I wanted to organize a protest march no this is where we come in as activists people who are concerned about the future of our country nonviolent action tells us that we need to take peaceful civil action to compel the government to listen to us this has been done many many times in very different countries all over the world I won't go too far again other regions because they wouldn't say all culturally but they're very different I'm gonna limit myself just Asia and believe me you know about Nelson Mandela you know about Martin Luther King you know about the Mahatma Gandhi but I'm going to limit myself in East Asia right whether it's Korea whether it's I want whether it's Indonesia Malaysia even Hong Kong people are saying look we have the right to gather together stage a peaceful protest I keep emphasizing on the word peaceful because that's where the world non-violent comes from okay under the Constitution which the government has even signed to the Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations we have the right to be able together not just at speakers corner but even outside Parliament to demand action from the government the demand that the government responds to our voices our question and this is where I'm hoping that all of you I know that many of you are visiting our website and you know more or less about what we're talking about when we talk about not one come come learn more about it I've done it talk about freedom of speech when I made that speech in raffles place and at that time the government said No but we must not let the government continue to tell us what is right and wrong because at the end of the day these laws are put in place to support to make sure that the government supports itself and to make sure its oppressed on citizens voices like dogs what we have done was brought up distribution our view of our us registration forms dsdp what say that you want to be part of something that's positive take concrete positive proactive action rather than just going on the internet and just being anonymously identify openly the more you fear the government the more the government will try to bully and intimidate you stand up stand up because this is your country the money in GIC is your money the savings in CPF are your savings and if you care about yourself and your family you will be happy to come out and say I want to become that I want to be part of this get in touch with us if you don't have access to the Internet we have forms here sign up if you don't if you prefer to do it through the internet come because I can tell you the 40 or 50 of you here maybe even more than that gather here together if we begin to organize ourselves mobilize ourselves you can be sure that you will can create internationally and that people will begin to see gets their ass in the forests that are willing to take positive action with all this government I come this is what we so don't walk away today again Nikki that this works that's another speech that I've heard come make a commitment we will be in touch with you leave with us your your contact so that when we call and in a bit on the bigger picture with the GIC CPM so on and so forth demanding transparency and accountability from the government so please sign up with us give your contact to us so that when we get together again you all will be here all right thank you very much thank you back home and if you have seen the person taking this wallet person can explain why deposit mr. doorman at the NPS bracelet as well color and that power because by I right anybody evening everyone my name is cheese option and I'm a cc or CC my brother yes please when news broke about this and Calif weather and SPH saga early on last week first thought across my mind was that how did it break how I said that we got know about it very simple it was because s pH straight strikes let the people know about it it's because the s pH straight times meter decides what to let the people know they decide which is symptomatic of the government as well what the people should read how the people should make they also decide what you should do with your CPF money they decide where we can gather to talk basically the government does all the deciding what's important

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  1. This siao gao… Plaintalk and then later kena sue alr then kpkb say no democracy LMAO… This type of person still want to go contest in elections… Really siao gao

  2. What he's saying is consistantly the same direction in 2006 till now, demanding the PAP Government for transparency, accountability and democracy for the citizen

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